Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Decapitation Humour (the Gallows Humour of Our Time?) Gets HSBC Employees Sacked

In bad taste? Sure. But you know that what really cooked their goose was being saucy about the jihad:
HSBC has sacked employees who made an "abhorrent" video in which they pretended to be Islamic State militants carrying out a beheading. 
The video was posted online and shows a man dressed in an orange jumpsuit, while five other men in black stand around him - one holding a fake knife. 
The Sun said the employees were members of the bank's legal division in Birmingham on a team building exercise. 
The bank said it did not tolerate "inappropriate behaviour". 
"As soon as the Sun brought this video to our attention we took the decision to sack the individuals involved," the bank said. 
"This is an abhorrent video and HSBC would like to apologise for any offence caused." 
The bank did not specify how many people had been sacked. 
The newspaper has posted an eight-second clip of the video on its website in which one man shouts "Allahu Akbar" - Arabic for "god is great" - while others laugh.
Oh, no, laughing at "Allahu Akbar" were they, the cheeky bastards?

I suppose they should be thankful that such "blasphemy" is only costing them their jobs and not their heads. (Didn't they realize that "an abhorrent video" could get one in big trouble?)

Update: How times have changed--here's a mocking, "inappropriate" video of another era (when such "offensive" humour helped win a war).

Update: Another WWII-era ditty that's delightfully "offensive":
Update: Then there's this "abhorrent" video...:

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