Monday, March 22, 2010

Run For Palestine

In "Palestine" (West Bank division), they venerate a woman who blew up Israelis on a bus. In "Palestine" (Gaza Division) they brainwash kids into hating Jews and wanting to become widdle shahids for Allah and jihad. In Toronto (Islamolefty division), there's a "Run for Palestine" whose stated aims are:

To bring together concerned individuals that are interested in connecting with their local and international community to simply:
RUN or WALK for Palestine.
• To stand against all forms of injustice and oppression in the means to educate, and encourage a positive healthy environments for all peoples, both abroad and in Palestine, beyond occupation, checkpoints, curfews, “walls”, regardless of identity, religious, ethnic, citizenship, historical or cultural differences.
• To promote a respected understanding of a self-determined autonomous Palestine for all Palestinians, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or colour.• To initiate creative, healthy conscious ways to support Palestine through all forms of physical exercise.
So bring you sneakers and your righteous indignation fostered by Jewish cruelty (but leave your sanity at the starting line), 'kay?


Marky Mark said...

I guess that's one run I won't do-although I wonder what the race swag is/what sort of tee shirt logo there is?

I also wonder what they mean by "Palestine?"

Marky Mark said...

I checked out the site--the issue of ambiguity aside, this is a good thing, no?

"Welcome to Run-for-Palestine runners and walkers group. We are a not-for-profit social group with the hopes of developing friendships and networks while raising much needed funds to benefit children's medical aid in Palestine.

Inspired by the vision of a peaceful Palestine, we started this group with our first event - a Run for Palestine held in High Park, Toronto, Canada last July (2009)."

It's not IAW-it seems more positive and you just have to get over the idea that Palestine doesn't mean Israel.

Dave In Guelph said...

I prefer "Jog for Jihad"

scaramouche said...

I prefer "Hightail it for Hamas"