Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Choo Choo Chuckle

For no other reason than it makes me giggle, I decided to give this one another spin:

Pardon me, boy,
Is this the ‘Human Rights’ Commission?
Section 13,
You know the one that I mean.
You can’t afford
To get aboard the kooky choo choo.
It isn’t fair.
You never wanna go there.

You’ll see that Jennifer the Commissar
Is doin’ her job.
Wants you to be wary of what ‘scapes from your gob.
Allahu Akbar, honey,
Blasphemy ain’t funny.
Shut yo’ mouth or it’ll cost you money.

When you read the Moon report you’ll know it’s absurd
To have a bunch of censors judgin’ your ev’ry word.
True north strong and free-ah,
‘Cept for the sharia.
(Gets a pass from the CHRC-ah.)

There’s gotta be
A lotta outrage from the public.
Both left and right
Have got a dog in this fight.
We’re gonna cry
If it turns out we can no longer scoff.
So ‘Human Rights’ Commission
Where do you get off?

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