Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who Knew?

CASMO, the rather shadowy Shia outfit (no office, just a P.O. box number) that's in a spot of bother for posting KKKer David Duke's hyterical Jew-hating rant on its website (and that for some strange reason hands out clocks to certain "specialkafirs), is really big into "transparency" and "free speech."

Update: It's easy to see that CASMO, a self-described "grassroots" organization, hold loads of rallies to "protest" Israel's actions/existence and to support "freedom" in places like Libya and Bahrain. Tellingly, though, they never seem to rally to support freedom in Iran, for Iranians. One scratches one's head in wonderment at such an oversight. ;)

Update: That other CASMO--Combat Analysis Sustainability Model.

Hmm. I wonder if that's what Iran's Ayatollah uses to maintain his iron grip on the nation?

Update: Sorry I missed this CASMO dinner-and-a-show:
September 18, 2009 - CASMO Public Iftaar and Seminar

A seminar on Al-QUDS Day and Public Iftaar Dinner was organized by CASMO on Sep 18, 2009 at Centennial Recreational Center, Scarborough. President of Canadian Arab Federation, Br. Khaled Mouammar was the key speaker, who presented the detail (sic) history of Palestine and its occupation by the Zionists regime under the patronage of Western powers. He also shed light on the miseries and plight of the innocent people of Gaza who have been under the siege of the Israeli blockade since (sic) a long time amid (sic) the criminal negligence of the Civilized Western World.
And we're worried about the hyperventilations of that pathetic has-been David Duke? Seems to me these Muslims who've figured out how to play the angles in the "multicultural" game pose far more of a threat to the long-term health of Canucki Jews than a long-discredited ex-KKKer does.

Update: Local "human rights" rapper Babsy Hall and da CASMO Boyz. Also--Babs gets her CASMO clock but there's no clock for the cop.

Update: Girls just wanna have fun--a photo from the '10 CASMO family camping trip.

Update: Okay, this one's my fave.

Update: This one's a hoot too (lots and lotsa "bats").


Don Sharpe said...

Oh please . . ... these pictures at picasa are too funny to let slide without some comments!

scaramouche said...

The itty bitty boat one almost did me in. (I love it when Jew-haters bring props.)