Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who's Misleading Whom?

The Ottawa Citizen's Aisha Sherazi says Geert Wilders
appears to insult the intelligence of 1.6 billion Muslim people the world over, saying that the Koran is evil, the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is a terrible role model (to put it politely), and Muslims themselves are self-imposed slaves, against freedom.
Aisha appears to insult our intelligence by pretending that Islam means "freedom," not "submission"--or should I say that according to Islam freedom is submission.

She further blasts Wilders for supposedly misrepresenting the contents of the Koran:
Of most concern to me are the verses from the Koran Wilders cites as proofs that the Prophet Mohammed was also tyrannical. I took the time to look the verses up, and, in citing them, Wilders has misled people blatantly. There are no verses that say the prophet cast terror into people's hearts. That phenomenon is reserved for God Himself...
No verses, eh? If you say so, Aisha. (Of most concern to me is taqiyyah, the sacralized flim-flammery that sanctions fudging the truth for the sake of the faith, something that was a lot easier pre-Google.)

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