Friday, July 8, 2011

'Sweet' Wahida's Unmitigated Chutzpah

Wahida Valiante, head of the Zion-despising, flotilla-boosting Canadian Islamic Congress, is miffed because a parliamentary committee looking into anti-Semitism in Canada restricted its study to, um, anti-Semitism. That simply won't do for our sweet Wahida, who tells the NatPo that that ain't the Canuckian way:
Wahida Valiante, national president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, said on Thursday that the process should have been more inclusive and not focused exclusively on anti-Semitism, since any policy outcomes could benefit other groups in Canada that face racism.
"Let's take a look at [the problem] in a comprehensive way," Ms. Valiante said. "Let us not exclude anyone."...
Hear, hear. Let's not, for example, "exclude" those who bear primary responsibility for Zionhass in our era--the malign alliance between Muslims who hate Israel and Leftists who hate Israel (many of whom, alas, are Jewish). I, for one, am certain that the CIC and Independent Jewish Voices would have added immesurably to the process, for they would have demonstrated that, in our time, it is insufficient to rely on old-fangled definitions of Jew-hate (the one found in the report, for example). As well, splitting hairs, as the report does, about the precise point at which "crticism" of Israel veers into authenitic hatred rather missess the point, too. The point being that the likes of the CIC and IJV drape themselves in a mantle of "human rights" and "inclusiveness" and all that other bollocks in order to snipe and carp and cavil and kvetch about Israel and only Israel. The point being that those who scream the loudest about "inclusiveness" want to exclude the world's one and only Jew state, so that it will go from being extant to becoming extinct.

Did we need an "inclusive" parliamentary committee featuring Hedy Fry and Judy Wacylycia-Leis to spend two years and oodles of moolah to tell us that?  'Tis to laugh.


Ms. Doubt49 said...

Got to give Wahida some credit. She lives up to her name. She is a valiant (e) Jew hater in my opinion

scaramouche said...

Too true.