Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CJN Touts "Pint-Sized Blogger" Who's a "Typical" Kielburgian

She "wants to change the world," screams the headline of this front page story about a ten-year-old named Hannah, a child who, we're assured, is thoroughly "typical":
But then, she starts talking, and suddenly, you hear a tiny voice saying very adult things: expositions on eco-friendly cleaning products, child labour, Earth Hour, eliminating poverty. It goes on, seamlessly. Poised and articulate beyond her years, Hannah is the brains and conscience behind the blog Call Me Hannah. While one could say the last thing the cluttered web needs is another pontificating blog, this one manages to cut through the noise with the sage and innocent perspective only a child could provide.  
Earlier this summer, Hannah marked her first “blogaversary.” Since starting, she’s focused mainly on environmental activism, but also on bullying, child labour, leaving pets in hot cars, and her week spent at Take Action overnight camp, run by Craig and Marc Kielburger’s world-renowned organization, Free the Children.
Les frères Kielburger? Oy vey! But since she raised the subject, here's some typical Kielburger "wisdom":
Israel-Palestine is often cited as a "regional" conflict. In reality it affects the world. It's one of the key reasons behind Iran's quest for nuclear weaponry. It was cited by the suicide bombers in the London tube. In Canada, it even led to a riot at Concordia University in Montreal.
Bollocks on toast with a large side of fries! Here's some more:
When he was captured at 15, [Omar] Khadr could have received rehabilitation. Instead, he received torture and an adult prison at Guantanamo Bay. Last month, the 24-year-old pled guilty to terrorism-related charges.  
Khadr will serve one year of his eight-year sentence in the U.S. before he can apply for transfer to Canada. The government has indicated it will accept. That's when we need to focus on rehabilitation rather than writing him off.  
Canada made a grave error by not intervening sooner.
Wrong again, Kielbraggers. If anything, they brought the hardened jihadi "home" way too soon.

Wee Hannah, alas, has been indoctrinated--marinated--in a Kielburgerian worldview. In that sense, I suppose, she is all too "typical."

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