Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Call a Lawyer and Sue 'Em, Sue 'Em, What Can You Do 'Em?

Mark Steyn's fab piece in the NatPo re how both he and fellow right-wing loudmouth Ezra Levant are being sued for defamation (Steyn by hockey stick eco-alarmist Michael Mann; Levant by former Mohamed Elmasry acolyte Khurrum "Don't Call Me a Sock Puppet" Awan) means it's a perfect time for this, from Guys and Dolls:

Update: Even though I know Steyn, a robust champion of free speech, would never do to Awan what Awan is doing to Levant (or what Mann is doing to Steyn), I think Mark may have the basis of a defamation suit here. It's from an '09 article in Queen's University's The Journal:
Maclean’s published another story by Steyn in April 2006 where he cited the Quran out of context and called Muslims “sheep-shaggers,” Awan said.
In fact, Steyn most definitely did not call Muslims "sheep-shaggers." He did, however, mention the Ayatollah Khomeini's definitive pronouncement re man-sheep intercourse, which can be summarized like this: if you have sexual relations with a sheep (that is, if you're a sheep-shagger), you are not permitted, post-coitus, to kill and eat the fleecy object of your desire.

Awan is lucky that Steyn isn't as litigious as he is, otherwise he might be on the receiving end of a defamation suit.

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Unknown said...

What's defamatory about being misquoted in the manner you cite? It's an inaccuracy not a defamatory message.