Friday, February 24, 2017

Did the CBC, Unhinged By the Fact of Trump's Presidency, Just Commit an Act of "Hate Speech"?

The answer, hilariously, is "yes":
On January 20, 2017, producers for the CBC program Marketplace printed t-shirts containing racist logos and mottos, including "white power" and "white pride world wide [sic]," and hired a middle-aged white man to stand on a Toronto street to peddle the t-shirts and yell racist slogans. 

The episode is titled "The Trump Effect" and was broadcast throughout Canada, including Alberta. It remains as a monument to our public broadcaster's colossal ignorance on the CBC YouTube channel...
That's the real "Trump effect." He makes the Left even more unhinged than ever (and that's saying something).

How, Um, "Creative"

Swastika made of feces found at Rhode Island art school

A Cautionary Tale Re Free Speech (or the Distinct Lack Thereof) In France

Tablet has the très convoluted tale of Georges Benssousan. He's a French Jewish historian who is associated with Shoah memorial, and who is now being prosecuted for "racism." His alleged "crime": he spoke these words on the radio:
Today, we are in the presence of another people inside of the French nation, and this results in the fact that a certain number of democratic values that structured our society are now regressing. There won’t be any integration as long as we will not get rid of this atavistic anti-Semitism, which is concealed as a secret. Just let me quote an Algerian sociologist, Smaïn Laacher, who with great courage said as much in the documentary. “It is a shame,” he said, “to maintain this taboo that in Arab families in France—and everybody knows this but nobody wants to say it—anti-Semitism, it is suckled along with mother’s milk.
It was that "mother's milk" line--which was actually uttered by an Algerian, and which Benoussan was merely quoting--that sealed the Shoah memorializer's fate--and ensured his state prosecution. (It reminds me of the time Mark Steyn got in trouble for citing the words of a Norwegian imam.)

A few things to observe from this. First, France is screwed, and so are its Jews. Second, don't think it can't happen here, because every indication is that it can.

Finally, Jews cannot and should not count on Holocaust remembrance to inoculate the world against Jew-hate for the sake of "Never Again!"

Today, an "Anti-Islamophobia" Motion. Tomorrow, Sharia Councils?

Some years ago, the Ontario Liberal government of the day floated the idea of empowering sharia councils, bodies that would be allowed by the government to adjudicate certain legal matters (mostly personal and family ones) for Ontario Muslims.

Due to a concerted outcry from Ontarians--many of them women from Muslim lands who had come here to escape the sort of "justice" meted out in their countries of origin (rulings predicated on their second class status as enshrined in Islamic law)--the idea was torpedoed post haste.

In light of inroads now being made "anti-Islamophobia" forces, however, now might be an excellent, optimum time for pro-sharia forces to lobby for the reintroduction of sharia councils.

For the sake of turning back the apparently surging tide of "Islamophobia," of course. 😏

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Good Intentions and a "Progressive" Ethos Go Wildly Awry

What's happening in Sweden

A Little Piece of the Trudeaupia in the Arab World?

Did you know there was a "Canadian Bilingual School" in, of all places, Kuwait?


Neither did I until an ad for it showed up on, of all places, my blog.

(BTW, the two languages involved aren't English and French but are English and Arabic.)

Met Museum's Exhibition That Trumpeted the Glorious (and Largely Mythical) "Diversity" of Medieval Jerusalem, Blames Christians for "Perverting" the Concept of "Jihad," Turning It Violent

Writing on the Mosaic site, Steven Fine describes how--and why--this sleight-of-hand/historical falsification was accomplished (my bolds):
How, then, did the exhibition reconcile the idea of Holy War with the idea of medieval Jerusalem as a multicultural beacon? First, as one moved through the gallery, the idea of “wag[ing] battle in the name of God against those perceived as infidels” became more limited and attenuated. The main practitioners of this form of warfare, it emerged, were the Christian Crusaders who arrived from Europe “to claim Jerusalem as rightfully theirs,” a campaign that ended in victory in 1099 “with the merciless slaughter of the city’s inhabitants.” And indeed, most of the artifacts in this gallery were associated with the Crusaders or invoked them: a 12th-century charcoal image of a military “saint” on horseback, a 12th-century marble capital showing a rider trampling his enemy underfoot, a 13th-century tomb of a French knight, a 12th-century map of Crusader Jerusalem, and so forth. 
The gallery “Holy War” was thus really meant to be an intrusion, an anomaly. The Crusader conquest of Jerusalem was, we were to think, a kind of one-off example of “extreme ethnic and religious cleansing.” But what, then, of the Islamic reconquest of the city, and what of the role of Islamic jihad in general? Strikingly, only one significant artifact in this gallery was associated with Islam: a gilded Treatise on Armor from early-12th-century Syria that “belonged to Saladin, famed to this day for bringing an end to European control of Jerusalem” and for “rededicat[ing]” its Islamic sites. Was Saladin, then, also involved in Holy War? Not according to the curators, who write in the catalog that it was the Crusaders who “fueled” the idea of Holy War, turning jihad—until then a concept of spiritual struggle alone—into one of military struggle. So the Crusaders not only introduced Holy War, they also caused Muslim leaders to distort their own religious teachings by adopting a kind of Holy War in response. 
If this argument sounds familiar, it should: a similar argument has gained much traction in recent years among those who regard 9/11 and other Islamist terrorist attacks as a form of deserved blowback for prior Western offenses against Muslims. Intent on its own version of this judgment, the exhibition portrayed the Crusaders as both the single exception to, and the primal cause of any further disruption of, the multicultural paradise of medieval Jerusalem. 
Well, at least, for once, no one blamed the Jews.

Then again, no one had to, for the message re the enduring importance of "diversity" in Jerusalem, a message which ignores how Christians have been ethnically cleansed from Bethlehem by Saladin's heirs, is both implicit and explicit.

Lindsay Lohan Says She Was "Racially Profiled" at Airport for Wearing a Head Scarf

"Racially profiled"?!?

Exactly what, um, "race" does she think she is?

Kay's Way

While some Jews (you know the kind) continue to push for the passage of the Liberal government's "anti-Islamophobia" motion, Barbara Kay, with this one pithy paragraph, puts 'em all in their place:
I do not wish to be told by a petition or by the recommendations of a study based on that petition what I must think — or say in a considered and thoughtful way — about any ideology or belief system in deference to the sensibilities of a specific group in order to earn a seal of non-Islamophobic approval from agenda-driven advocacy groups and their political allies.
You said it, sister!

Update: Jewish-Muslim groups asks Trudeau to defeat motion condemning Islamophobia

Judy Feld Carr Asks: Why Did Past Liberal Governments Refuse to Allow Entry to Persecuted Syrian Jews?

As Syrian refugees continue to pour into Canada, the woman who singlehandedly--and secretly--rescued Syrian Jews back when other Liberal governments were in power offers up a crucial history lesson. (It's condensed into a letter to the editor of The Canadian Jewish News. Since you won't find it online, I have copied it from the non-virtual version of the paper that came to my door this morning.)
Canada not a model state
I read with shock Mira Sucharov's column "We must remember that we were once strangers in Egypt." (Feb. 9)
I could not believe the praise this columnist was giving to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who tweeted "To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadian will welcome you, regardless of your faith."
The praise continues with Rabbi Dan Moskovitz describing Canadian immigration policy as a "model for the world."
Did she and her supporters not have any knowledge about the refusals of every single consecutive Canadian Liberal government to allow the admission of even one individual Syrian Jew into this country?
The Jewish community was suffering incredible restrictions in Syria, not being allowed to leave, being incarcerated in prison dungeons and tortured for even trying to escape, being watched and monitored constantly in their homes and synagogues by the Syrian secret police, the Muhabarat, only because they were Jews.
On behalf of the then-Canadian Jewish Congress, during the years when I was doing the secret rescue, I met with every Liberal minister of foreign affairs and immigration to ask them, literally to beg them, to allow a few Syrian Jews, some orphans and single young women to come to Canada and barring that, just to allow them to enter Canada temporarily for a few weeks until I could make other arrangements for them.
I was paying ransoms to buys these Jews. This took place not in the 1940s, but as late as 2001.
In the dozens of meetings with ministers and their associates, I was questioned about how I knew so much about the Syrians Jewish community and was accused on a few occasions of being an agent of a foreign government.
Nothing could be further from the truth. During those dangerous years of the rescue, I was able to quietly and secretly, with enormous difficulties and threats to my life, to bring out 3,228 Jews from the horror of Syria. Five Syrian Jews were admitted into Canada during the tenure of a Conservative government.
That was the grand total, Ms. Sucharov.
Judy Feld Carr