Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"Willfully Blind" and Terminally Stupid

That's what the Left is re Gaza.

You too, Justin Trudeau.

Canada's New "Anti-Hate Network" Models Itself on the SPLC

Awesome news, no?

Well, no, not really.

Update: Daniel Greenfied and other "Islamophobes" (including Robert Spencer) find themselves on the SPLC enemies list.

Barf! Gag! Upchuck!

That's the natural reaction to Justin Trudeau's commencement address on--wait for it!!!--"diversity" to NYUers.

That's So Ceeb!

Typical CBC spin: "In Gaza there is still much anger and defiance, too..."

Update: Something you won't see on Ceeb TV--VIDEO: Captured terrorist exposes Hamas tactics on Gaza border.

"Absurd?" Not So Much. In Fact, Not In the Least

Anyone who thinks that Nikki Haley's sage remarks are "absurd" doesn't understand the meaning of the word--or the reality of Hamas goosed Gazans.

A Difference of Opinion Re the Gaza Fracas

Hands up everyone who agrees that shooting Hamas-goosed would-be border breechers "won't help Israel." I don't see your hand there, David French.

Update: It's a win-win for Hamas--and a lose-lose for Hamas goosed sniper fodder.

Update: Dershowitz: Media 'Incentivizes & Encourages' Hamas With Biased Coverage

Phrase of the Day: "Hamas-Goosed Gazans"

 You'll find it here, in Barbara Kay's latest NatPo column.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Harry & Megan Wedding Paraphernalia

There are tea towels and mugs and other assorted and altogether typical tchotchkes (many of which can be found here), but this one's my fave:

Image result for prince harry wedding knicknacks

"Wonder What the Black Panthers Eat Here on the Hors D'Oevres Trail?"

A line that could have been written only by the great (and now, sadly, the late) Tom Wolfe

And, yes, the words are from that iconic "New Journalism" piece about a party chez the Leonard Bernsteins; the soiree gave rise to the phrase "radical chic," one of Wolfe's cheekiest and most memorable coinages.

Too Bad, So Sad (Naqba Edition)

The Atlantic gets in on the soporific festivities with this one: Why My Father Made Me Forget Our Palestinian Catastrophe.

Dry Bones cartoon: May 15. Nakba. Their Catastrophe Day.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Why Israel Resists Self-Annihilation--and Europe Does Not

Douglas Murray expatiates on a guilt-ridden and therefore suicidal Europe even as Israel, the Jewish state that has defended its right to exist for 70 years and that is not suffering from civilizational ennui, takes steps to close its borders to Arab eliminationists. (H/t to BS for the Murray video).

Update: Here's the truth about the Gaza "revolt.'