Thursday, July 20, 2017

ISNA Isn't Kosher Says the Feds, Who Revoke Its Charitable Status

A Muslim Brotherhood offshoot raising money for jihadists in Pakistan? When I heard the news, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

And speaking of feathers--or feather-weights, or leaders with fluff in their heads--remember when Liberal leader Justin Trudeau spoke at an ISNA event?

That's our Justin for you--a panderer extraordinaire.

An image from a Facebook post regarding Justin Trudeau's 2013 visit to ISNA-Canada, when he was Liberal leader.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Funny Business

To help integrate Muslims, Sweden is sending in the clowns (or, in Baskets parlance, the cloons).

Update: This one is pretty funny, too (although not intentionally, of course).

Best Thing I've Read All Week (So Far)

It's Philip Roth's Newark, Steven Malanga's superb essay in City Journal.

Quip of the Day: "Sarsour Is No Tess of the D'Urbervilles"

That's for sure. She's also no Jeanne d'Arc.

Useful Jewish Idiots Implore Israel to "End the Occuption": An Open Letter In the Canadian Jewish News

It's clear that their preoccupation with the "Occupation" is driving 'em mad:
The following is an open letter written by some members of the Canadian Jewish community and recently delivered to the consul general of Israel in Toronto. 
Dear Consul General of Israel, 
This June, the State of Israel marked the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War. Historically, this was a war of necessity for Israel’s security and resulted in access to essential holy sites. Today, however, another consequence is Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and military rule of its Palestinian residents. 
We are writing as Jews who love Israel and care about its future. We urge the Israeli government to embark on the road of peace by returning to fair and just negotiations to end the occupation, for Israel’s sake. 
We admire Israel’s incredible achievements over the past 69 years, but are very concerned that the 50 years of occupation is disastrous not only to the Palestinians, but also to Jewish Israelis. Israel’s Declaration of Independence sets out a legal and moral framework of basic human and civil rights for Israel to guarantee. Today, these values are under attack and threatened by Israeli government policies. 
Specifically, settlement construction in the West Bank and continued disenfranchisement of, and military rule over, Palestinians, constitute major obstacles to peace and endanger the very fabric of Israeli democracy. Recent Israeli settlement policies raise concerns about violations of its own, and international, law. 
Of key importance is that the ongoing occupation leads to more bloodshed and cycles of violence that undermine the hopes of most Jews and Palestinians, in the Middle East and the Diaspora. The great danger is that a two-state solution may no longer be possible unless there is a commitment to end the occupation, and a shared desire for peace. ..
It goes on from there with the usual lefty malarkey which posits that the end of the "Occupation" would also help tackle "the troubling ambivalence of young Jews in our community toward Israel" (said ambivalence being the result, supposedly, of an "Occupation" that violates "their moral and democratic values").


Far more troubling than the ambivalence of young Jews--whose ambivalence stems not from any Israeli actions but from their own ambivalence to Judaism (and their inclination to worship other sexier gods--leftism, climate change, social justice, etc.)--is the obsession of certain Jews with the "Occupation."

And there is little point in telling them that when Israel's eliminationist enemies next door mention the "O" word, they're referring to the Jewish "occupation" of (i.e. sovereignty over) Israel.

All of it.

North, south, east and west.

As for the Israeli to whom the open letter is directed: I think he--and Israel--can safely discount the admonitions of a group of virtue-signalers who sincerely believe that "From the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free" is open to negotiation.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Car-B-Cue Bait?

This Frenchman just made a working Citroën 2CV out of wood

Let's just hope he doesn't go and park it in one of those "youth"-filled banlieues.

So True

Farewell Martin Landau, the Only Actor Who Could Save Woody Allen From Himself

Girl in Miniskirt Sparks Saudi Probe

Because that's how things roll in the Magic Kingdom, a place where the religious police (known locally as "the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice") ensure that sure uppity antics are punished, post haste.

Epic Fail: "Progressive" Persuasion Re Omar Khadr's "Just" Deal Falls Flat

While our "progressive" and exquisitely refined "betters" have been urging us to embrace the colossal (and epically undeserved) pay off to Omar Khadr (see, for example, this, this and this), J.J. McCullough explains why the vast majority of Canadians deplore the deal:
[It] is against the contrary backdrop of endless self-flagellation by their betters that Canadians are now being asked to swallow the notion that Omar Khadr, a former al-Qaeda operative, is such an unambiguous, uncomplicated victim of our monstrous war that anyone who finds fault with giving him $10.5 million of taxpayer cash must surely be deeply morally dishonest and deficient.
Persuasion is a skill that’s earned. Those who make their livings telling Canadians what to think about the war on terror must now grapple with just how utterly unconvincing they’ve been.
Must they? And more to the point, why would they when they're convinced that they--superior beings both morally and intellectually--are right and we--the drooling, knuckle-dragging masses--are wrong?

In Case You Missed It, Justin Trudeau Hugs a Unicorn

Next up, Gary the Unicorn hugs...Omar Khadr? (Hey, maybe they could have a ménage à trois.)

No Wall, No "Repeal & Replace" and Now No Ripping Up of the Ghastly Iran Nuke Deal?

Yup. Sounds like a trifecta of failure to me.