Saturday, October 25, 2014

Noted Apologist for Islam Karen Armstrong Explains That ISIS is Motivated By a Quest for Power, Not By Religion

It would have been nice if the NatPo, where the interview with Armstrong appears, had mentioned that she's an inveterate apologist for Islam instead of wasting readers' time and squandering their own column inches with her manifold absurdities. (Motivated by the quest for power--well, yes. But then, wasn't that what motivated Islam's founder and his successors? Isn't the whole point of Islam, a supremacist religion, to use jihad as the means to both attain and assert its power?)

Ausma Malik: Victim of Malicious "Islamophobia" or Hoist on Her Own Zionhass Petard?

Ausma Malik, who is running for election as school board trustee, says she's been the victim of an "Islamophobic" smear campaign:
TDSB Ward 10 trustee candidate Ausma Malik appears to be the target of an anonymous co-ordinated attack. In addition to being heckled at a candidates’ debate, her campaign office says that thousands of flyers were distributed throughout the ward this week which, among other things, accuse Malik of being a supporter of the Toronto 18 terrorist cell and a proponent of Sharia law. One flyer even has a photo of Malik superimposed over a yellow and green Hezbollah flag. 
“The accusations are incredibly mean-spirited and they’re lies,” Malik says. “I’m doing this because I believe in public education, I believe in our community, and I believe that an inclusive, equitable and progressive public education system is possible — and especially in light of this, absolutely necessary.”
Re the accusations being mean-spirited and unfounded, I would direct your attention to this Sept. 27th article by Sue-Ann Levy
  • In 2006, at a time when Hezbo rockets were raining down on Israel, Ausma, then a University of Toronto student, was front and center at an "anti-war rally" outside the American consulate. During the "protest," she called Israel's response to Hezbo's provocations "state-sanctioned murder" and instructed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to "get a backbone" (i.e. to stop supporting Israel and start supporting its enemy in the war).
  • Her words went over particularly well with all the Hezbo supporters--and there were many of them--who had thought to bring their yellow Hezbo flags to the rally.
  • "Pictures from that day show [Ausma], wearing a headscarf...and speaking beside Ali Mallah, a well-known pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas activist and CUPE official."
Does it constitute "lies" and a "smear" to point this out? How so?

Mark Steyn on the Senselessness of Obama's Calling the Ottawa Jihad Attack "Senseless"

For those who've read the Koran and who know how its verses of violence inspire ISIS, who in turn inspire vicious creeps like Martin Rouleau and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, it all makes perfect sense.
Which is to say, it makes sense to those who, unlike Obama, aren't in a permanent and near-catatonic state of jihad-denial.

Opportunism Knocks as Focus on ISIS Allows Obama to Serve as the Ayatollah's Catamite

"Catamite"--great word, eh? I first read it years ago, in Anthony Burgess's Earthly Powers, where it jumps out at you in the novel's very first line:
"It was the afternoon of my eighty-first birthday, and I was in bed with my catamite when Ali announced that the archbishop had come to see me."
I have reread that book at least five times over the years, and it has given me immense pleasure each time. Rather than contemplate Obama's treachery/betrayal--which makes me want to vomit--I think I'll take the Burgess down from the book shelf (I know exactly where to find it) and give it another read.

Obama's treachery/betrayal will give
the Grandiose Ayatollah all the earthly
powers he has even dreamed of.

The Most Odious, Pathetic People Around are Those Who Package their Vile Zionhass in "Social Justice" Tropes

People like this, for example, who placed a pig's head in the kosher section of a Cape Town Woolworth's to symbolize how the Jews have the blood of Palestinian children on their hands, or something like that.

Incoherence in a Toronto Star "Lone Wolf" Article

The Star's "National Security Reporter" writes:
Last month, an ISIS spokesperson issued a rambling 42-minute speech calling for attacks wherever, whenever, if adherents of the group could not travel abroad: “If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian . . . kill him in any manner or way however it may be,” he said. 
There is no evidence to show the attacks this week were inspired by these words, but both men were hoping to go to Syria, and frustrated by their difficulty in travelling.
They had jihad stuff on their Facebook pages. They killed Canadian soldiers not long after ISIS issued its marching order for jihadis stuck in infidel lands. They were hoping to run off to Syria to join the jihad but were thwarted when authorities denied them a passport.

How much more "evidence" do you need, honey?

Update: Here's a bit of incoherence in the Globe from, of all people, Margaret Wente (who's usually sharper than this):
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was right when he said these attacks [on Canadian soldiers this past week] were criminal acts, not religious ones. The trouble is that both the killers and the [jihad] fanboys believed otherwise.
The killers and the fanboys are right. Justin and Margaret are wrong.

The Problem at the CDC That Diminishes Its Effectiveness

It's awash in "social justice" ideology/jibberish.

Should Play on a Double Bill With "The Death of Klinghoffer"

Latvian musical celebrates life of Nazi commander

"Sharia Justice" In Iran

A woman who killed her rapist in self defense is executed for her "crime".

Justin Trudeau: He's "Sweet," But He's No Leader

That's not me speaking. That's the Globe's Lysiane Gagnon who, unlike more that a few of her confreres in the old-fangled media, has the ability to see the real Justin Trudeau:
In his new autobiography, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau takes pain to distance himself from his father. He really didn’t have to do this, though – it’s always been obvious that he is everything Trudeau Père was not. 
Mr. Trudeau is warm and nice and fuzzy. He doesn’t have an intellectual bone in his body. He’s somewhere between flower power and New Age. He’s often at a loss for words
When he lets loose, he says things like the situation in Ukraine is “even more worrying now that Russia lost at hockey.” Or he professes his admiration for China because “their basic dictatorship is allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.” Or he cracks juvenile jokes about those “whipping out our CF-18s to show how big they are” – as Canada considered whether to join the military coalition in Iraq. 
Mr. Trudeau was practically absent from that discussion himself, although it was arguably the country’s most important debate of the year. He subcontracted the job of explaining the Liberal position to MP Marc Garneau, while Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Official Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair of the New Democrats were at the forefront, making strong and rational arguments. 
Is Mr. Trudeau a born leader? Certainly not. If he became prime minister, could he grow in the function of leader? Unfortunately, leadership is something he doesn’t much value. “I am a teacher,” he told The Globe and Mail recently. “I believe in sort of sharing in a discussion and coming out with insights on both sides.”
How well do you think his ideas about  "sharing" and "coming out with insights" would work with the like of Putin and the Grandiose Ayatollah? About as well as that unfortunate encounter between Bambi and Godzilla, I'd say.

Obama's disastrous run in the U.S. is a cautionary of what happens when someone with a wafer thin C.V. whose greatest strength is in "community organizing" is elevated to a position that's way beyond his capacity to function with anything but the teensiest degree of competence--and that's being charitable. Justin Trudeau's resume is markedly thinner and less impressive--no Ivy League universities; no experience out on the hustings of community organizing. At most, a stint as a part-time drama teacher (a job for which he happened to be exceptionally well-suited, considering his oft-displayed propensity for over-the-top theatrics). And no intellectual heft to speak of--his noggin is filled with the "insights" one gleans from Star Wars movies and the oeuvre of Stephen King, two of his pop culture faves.

He's the touchy-feely candidate. The Kumbaya candidate. The pass-the-tasty-samosas-imam candidate. He will tell you that, in his desire to connect with people and lead by consensus, he's as far away from the Harper style of leadership as it's possible to be--a statement that may play well with his besotted and often poorly informed base, but that, when you consider the way he clamped down on all opposition to abortion in his caucus, points to his having a taste and a facility for the very authoritarianism he claims to disdain.

Harpers' purported authoritarianism has been hyped to the skies by a media with a distinct left-wing bias and a Harper Derangement Syndrome that charts on a continuum from "mild" to "apoplectic". But it seems clear that Trudeau fils's authoritarianism is something to take note of, because it's something he learned from his old Papa, whose leadership style was top-down, arrogant, and authoritarian verging on the totalitarian. For all of Justin's fuzzy-wuzziness--the gift of his ditzy Mama--one can't help but detect glimmers of the old man in the young whippersnapper. And that should give us all at least as much pause about "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau" as all that flaccid flower power stuff.

Justin gets his authoritarian streak from Dad...

...and his flower power bent from Mom.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Give Us a Freaking Break, Bruce!

In the wake of Wednesday's events in Ottawa, Glib & Mewl scribbler Bruce Anderson detects steel in wee Justin's spine when it's obvious there's none to be found:
Justin Trudeau has faced considerable criticism that his position on the Islamic State is riskily pacifistic. He could have used the moment to reset and tack a line closer to that of the government when it comes to combatting any possible terror risk. In choosing not to do that, he showed mettle, a commitment to his world view, whether you agree with it or not.
You mean to say that in the face of a jihadi attacking Parliament Hill and the murder of two Canadian soldiers in the space of three days Justin chose to stick to his jihad-denial default setting?


Bruce calls that's "mettle."

I call it mental.