Friday, October 20, 2017

The Pfefferman Pfroblem

Liel Leibovitz expatiates on the topic of the Transparent-ly awful TV mishpacha

The critics love it. Liel and me...not so much.

Farzana Hassan Tells the M-103 Committee to Ditch the Term "Islamophobia"

Hassan stated her case plainly--"Islamophobia" is too vague and loaded a term, and must be chucked:
A common dictionary meaning of anti-semitism is “hostility to or prejudice against Jews”. Islamophobia, on the other hand, also includes criticism of Islam as a religion. The common dictionary meaning is “intense dislike or fear of Islam, esp. as a political force; hostility or prejudice towards Muslims.”
While I could state my case without interruption for the ten minutes allotted, I felt the committee was reluctant to ask me any further questions, as I would have reinforced a viewpoint that countered the Liberal Party’s position. 
My only questions were from Conservative MP Scott Reid. 
I had recommended erasing Islamophobia from the motion, because in my view it is a vaguely defined term; I asked why the House would not agree to a more specific term to investigate anti-Muslim sentiment. Mr Reid's response was to ask if Islamophobia defined strictly as “hatred toward Muslims” would work. 
I responded that would not be adequate at all, and that any redefinition of the word by the House would fall on deaf ears. 
Besides, not every individual would be aware of this very narrow definition of Islamophobia. Words have their own lives among the people who speak them. As far as the general public is concerned, the vagueness would remain as few would be aware of the term as redefined by the House of Commons. Not everyone is aware of government proceedings or taps into government documents as a resource. 
Islamophobia will continue to have disturbingly wide connotations for people who subscribe to an obscurantist view of Islam and cannot tolerate any criticism.
Alas, the Liberals are too stupid and too heavily invested in the cult/culture/ideology of victimhood to do the right thing and scrap the sucker.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Pop-Culture Inspired Costumes You Should Definitely Skip This Halloween

#11: Anne Frank?!?

Slide 11 of 13: <p> recently featured “Anne Frank Costume for Girls,” an outfit that included a beret, brown satchel bag and a blue dress pinned with a destination tag. “We can always learn from the struggles of history!” the website’s copy began, with an eerily gleeful exclamation point. “Now, your child can play the role of a World War II hero with this girls World War II costume.” The Twitterverse noticed the costume and pointed out that a child who hid for years in an attic to avoid systemic genocide before eventually perishing along with most of her family in a death camp might not be the best choice for Halloween look. The costume has since been removed from the website, though the company still offers a “Chinese Gentleman” yellow-face costume, a “Snake Charmer” outfit where you get the double whammy of pretending to be a different race and having a giant fake snake that goes in a NSFW spot and at Mexican stereotype costume, which is already out of stock.</p>

Questions We Are NOT Allowed To Ask Muslim Immigrants (Becasue "Islamophobia")

Apparently, authorities are not permitted to ask some obvious questions (about possible ties to extremist organizations and feelings re chicks in Canada being unveiled, etc.) because it amounts to profiling, or targeting, or something.

The question thus arises: how can one properly vet people from, say, Syria and Somalia, if such inquiries are off the table?

"Perhaps the Slogan We Need...Is #BeDecent"

Works for me. And it makes a lot more sense than blaming the bad behavior of Harvey and his ilk on "white supremacy," including--wait for it--"zionism".

Monty Python's Gibungous Masjid

London's new mega-mosque is about to become a permanent fixture in Golder's Green, a traditionally Jewish area of the city.

Update: With the mega-mosque moving into their 'hood, London Jews are said to be experiencing "tension and concern."

The Entity Formerly Known As CAIR-CAN Urges Muslims to "Thank the TDSB for Supporting Islamic Heritage Month"

You can see why it would want to high-five the effort. After all, it has managed to slip da'wa, sharia and Jew-hate into Toronto public schools by positioning it as "diversity" and anti-"Islamophobia."

All in all, a job well done!

Get a Grip, JT

A Canadian rock icon's death engenders public blubbering from Canada's sensitive, new age prime minister.

Epic Fail

So much for using biometric screening to keep the bad guys out of Canada.

Epic Win

For once, Trump's boasts amount to something more than delusion and hot air  as ISIS is more or less trounced in Syria.