Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Good Advice for Rabbis Re Their High Holidays Sermons: "Don't Wimp Out on Israel"

David-Seth Kirshner writes:
On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, print journalism and the blogosphere are abound with conversations about what rabbis will be talking about when congregants sit in the pews on Thursday and Friday. After this summer, there is no shortage of material. A rise in anti-Semitism worldwide, an increase in violence on college campuses, the murders of four teenage boys — three Israeli and one Palestinian — a 50-day war with Hamas in Gaza where more than 75 percent of Israel was within reach of rockets, not to mention the worsening situation in the Ukraine and the proliferation of ISIS — should be enough for any clergy person to sink their teeth into and make a meaningful message.  
Thus, I am surprised to see an article in the New York Times yesterday which claims many rabbinic colleagues — most maintaining anonymity for fear of their views affecting their positions — will not broach Israel, or events surrounding Israel, as a topic for their sermon for fear of offending the right or left and for an inability to craft a take-away message from the sermon.          
Further to the point, Peter Beinart wrote in Haaretz this week that rabbis should steer away from sermons about Israel these High Holidays because they are “B-grade pundits.” His point expressly implies that rabbis are ill equipped to speak about Israel effectually. Additionally, Beinart says the real issue with the Jewish world today is illiteracy with Jewish texts, not issues about Israel and that is where rabbis should dial in their sermonic coordinates this New Year. 
My response to Peter Beinart and the many anonymous rabbis quoted by the New York Times is simple: Don’t wimp out. 
What congregations around the globe want from their leaders more than any teaching or story is simple. They want courage. They want leaders with convictions and principles and passion. Congregants want to be infected by their clergy with that passion. As clergy members we have been deputized to share our interpretation – both of texts and current events – and to lend a Jewish voice and lens to the situation we find ourselves living within. Few people want to come to synagogue to hear a tofu-flavored thought about the Torah portion these days. They want to know what you think and why you think it. That is, after all, why they hired you...
Then again, if you're going to mimic the execrable Peter Beinart's views on Israel, maybe you should stick to the texts.

Londonistan a No-Go Zone for Pro-Israel Ad Campaign

Billboard and transit companies complained that the ads, which were designed to show that there's no diff between Hamas and ISIS, were "too political."

Well, what do you expect in a city that has been cowed into submission by decades of propaganda touting the benefits (but not the drawbacks) of multiculturalism?

Arbor Daze

According to the nutty New York Times, trees--yes, trees!--are partially responsible for global climate change.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dearest Lefty Jews: You Are Entitled to Your Own Opinions But Not to Your Own Big Lies

Jews who spew the Big Lie should be ashamed of themselves. Instead, they're mostly ashamed of Israel for failing to be the Jewtopia of their fevered dreams.

Update: Telling Big Lies has its privileges.

Jihad: The Opera...

...will likely never be written--and therefore will never be mounted by--the Metropolitan Opera company. Kill the Crippled Jew!: The Opera, however, is bound to do boffo business.

A Wholly Holy Useful Idiot: The Dalai Lama Claims the "Jihad" Is Misunderstood

Good golly, Mr. Dalai--you're such a Lama rama ding dong: 
DELHI – Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has condemned violence in the name of religion, clearing misconceptions about Islam’s Jihad as misinterpreted by extremists. 
"Killing in the name of faith is unacceptable," the Nobel Pease prize winner told a meeting of India's religious leaders representing as many as nine different faiths including Islam, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported. 
Jihad or holy war should be a fight "to combat our inner destructive emotions", the 79-year-old spiritual leader said. 
"It (jihad) does not mean harming other people." 
The Dalai Lama was referring to the atrocities committed by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). 
The opinion of the Dalai Lama reflected a growing anger with the militant group, especially after the killing of three British and American hostages...
Au contraire. The opinion of the Dalai Lama reflects a growing disinclination to address the Islam's jihad imperative and the jihadis' history of warfare and conquest in Allah's name.

Upping the Virgin Ante

Pro-ISIS mufti in Sudan promises 144 virgins to "martyrs" who kill Americans.

"Lena Dunham Is 'Obsessed' With Death"

Actually, what she's most obsessed with is...Lena Dunham.

David Suzuki Kicks Off National Tour That Aims to Enshrine Access to Clean Air, Water as a "Human Right"

Inspired by Suzuki's example, I'd like to enshrine access to chocolate as a "human right." Who's with me?

Today's Weather Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Apocalypse

The UN is having another one of those "climate" conferences, the kind that marry the apocalyptical and the anti-capitalistic. (Not by co-incidence, that's exactly what Naomi Klein--or as I like to call her, Karla Gore--does in her new eye-glazer, This Changes Everything--or as I like to call it, The Climatist Manifesto.) Ironically enough, the confab is sure to result in tons of smoke, much Harper-bashing (by/in the Harper-hatin' Canadian media) and oodles of hot air--stuff like this, for instance, which conflates "climate change" with weather.

Also--one wonders how much trash was left behind yesterday when all those eco-freaks ("hundred of thousands"--really?) gathered in New York.

Update: John "Smoggy Bottom" Kerry promises that, for the regime he serves, climate change (not ISIS) with be "front and center."

Fatah's Genocide Rap

There's no beat. You can't dance to it. It could incite you to go kill yourself some Jews for Allah, though, so there's that.