Friday, July 31, 2015

John Kerry, Ignoramus of History and of Historic Proportions, Sez He Has "No Knowledge" That Iran's Chants of "Death to America" Amount to a "Specific Plan"

Similarly, one could observe re Neville Chamberlain that, despite the specific plans Hitler outlined in Mein Kampf, Chamberlain had "no knowledge" that Hitler really meant it.

Your Friday Anti-Nuke Deal Poem

Despite the array of long faces
Barack thinks his nuke deal is aces.
He will "bully" it through;
There is nought one can do.
The truth, though: it sucks--and disgraces.

Update: "Those who think the Iranians outwitted us fail to recognize one very important thing: the White House never intended to contain Iran." In that case, mission accomplished.

How "British" Are U.K. Muslims?

From the sounds of an Al Jazeera report, they aren't nearly "British" enough for David Cameron's liking.

Quelle Shockeroo--The "Bad Guy" in the Toronto Life Article on Ben Levin Isn't Ben Levin

I have now read and digested Lauren McKeon's article in the August Toronto Life about Ben Levin ("The Ben Levin story: beloved professor turned sex offender" is how it's billed on the magazine's cover), and if you're looking for insight into why this man, a mega-star of academe, sabotaged his career via his pervy pedophilic proclivities, you may want to save your shekels. There is little that is new here, and nothing that you haven't read in the raft of reports about Levin's arrest and subsequent trial. If you're like me, you likely already knew that such inclinations set in early, are next to impossible to "cure," and that the online world affords those with these unnatural and criminal hankerings a place to hang out and encourage one another.

And while the author of the piece in no way condones or downplays Levin's actions, she does single out a particular group for opprobrium--and it ain't the pervs. It's the people who had the temerity to question whether Levin who, let's not forget was Kathleen Wynne's second in command when she was Ontario's Minister of Education, had a hand in creating Ontario's new (and somewhat pervy) sex-ed curriculum. Re those who dared raise such alarms McKeon writes:
Levin acquired an army of rabid critics, people who believed he was instrumental in developing Ontario's new sex education curriculum as a grooming manual for child abuse (the Ministry of Education said he wasn't involved in its creation). In dozens of letters written to the court, Levin's opponents urged the judge to sentence him to the maximum jail time allowed, adding that "his perverted sexual attraction to children" had guided his professional life. One New Brunswick man wrote that he was "a creepy little man" and that "anyone with more IQ points than teeth sees [his work] as deliberately and prematurely sexualizing children."
Well, how dare he? The New Brunswick man, I mean, and not that nice Mr. Levin, who was in the grip of appetites he was unable to control. As for the Ministry of Ed's claim: if someone in that august bureaucracy makes a bald assertion, it behooves us, the little people, to swallow it, no questions asked. After all, no one in McGuinty-Wynne Liberal regimes has ever been known to knowingly tell a lie, right?

Sorry for the sarcasm, but you can blame it on McKeon.

You can now thank me for reading her article--and saving you a bunch of cash.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Toronto Life Article: "The Double Life of Ben Levin"

You won't be able to read this Toronto Life article online unless you cough up some coin. At the moment, this is the entirely of what's available for free:
The Double Life of Ben Levin Most people knew him as a distinguished U of T professor and former [Ontario] deputy education minister, but behind closed doors he was indulging in twisted fantasies of child abuse and incest. Inside his depraved online world—and the sting that brought him down By Lauren McKeon
I have a copy of the magazine that I borrowed from my local library, and when I finish reading the piece, which I must say sounds quite tantalizing, I'll let you know if I think you'll get your money's worth.

It Is Time to Speak Out Against "It Is Time To Speak Out," a Crackpot Anti-Harper Ad In the Canadian Jewish News

(Cross-posted at The Megaphone.)

The ad in this week's CJN aims to "Help Save Canada."

From what does it need saving, you may well ask.

From crazed jihadis who mean us harm?

From Khomeinists who seethe and rage at their annual hate-Israel jubilee every year?

From Liberals like Justin Trudeau, who are doing their utmost to suck up to Canadian Muslims, some of whom are known to hang out in some pretty dubious, not to mention extremist, company

Don't be silly. The chap who produced the ad, one Ronnie Kaplansky, is determined to save us from - wait for it, now - Prime Minister Stephen Harper (booga booga.)

Oh, sure, Harper is the one world leader whose support for Israel is vocal and unstinting. But according to Kaplansky and 42 of his unnamed friends who chipped in for the full page screed, that's a big part of the problem. As they see it, Mr. Harper's support for Israel is understandable but his lack of balance regarding the Middle East is reckless. "We are fast becoming the laughing stock of the world," wrote David Bell in a letter to the Globe & Mail (October 12, 2013.) I would suggest that we already are the laughing stock of the world.

You see, Kaplansky, who admits to growing up "with the strong influence of parents who were avid socialists, is one of those Jews who thinks the best way to make a case against Harper is quote as many hard leftists as possible. To that end, he also cites this bit of twaddle from Ha'aretz, the newspaper beloved by and reflecting the morally bankrupt and even Quislingesque values of Israel's anti-Zionist elites:
"The truth is that will all due respect to the prime minister of Canada, his relevance in the international community, his influence on what goes on in the Middle East and his ability to help Israel in matters of like and death are inversely related to the size of his country."
Kaplansky wants you to know that that deathless line was quoted by Globe and Mail scribbler Jeffrey Simpson, neglecting to mention, of course, that Simpson, like most at the G&M, suffers from a wicked case of Harper Derangement Syndrome (HDS).

Someone else who's been hit by the same affliction is one Douglas Gibson who, on the back cover of Mel Hurtig's new book, The Arrogant Autocrat, claims that Harper...
...has "radically altered the democratic, social and economic fabric of our country." He has "inflicted enormous damage on our country and on our international reputation." 
Please believe me when I tell you that that is equal parts derangement and delusion--as delusional and deranged as when, early on in Harper's term as prime minister, kooky leftists kept raising the specter of a "hidden agenda" that, go figure, has remained covert to this day. And because of that, I suggest, they Harper-haters had to concoct the sort of patently and provably specious palaver that Doug Gibson and his ilk are wont to utter.

Fortunately, the truth is close at hand - and, sadly for Kaplansky and his coterie, it's far closer than they might have wished. Here's Gil Troy, a history professor at Montreal's McGill University and a CJN columnist, who, just a few pages after Kaplansky's Chicken Little shtick, sets the record straight vis-√†-vis Harper (who, remember, has supposedly made us a "laughing stock") and the wildly-popular Obama (who has just shafted Israel and Jewry in the worst way possible):
Obama wants to be remembered for opening new channels to Iran; Harper will be remembered for closing Canada’s Iranian Embassy in 2012. Obama is gambling that Iran’s actions will improve, trusting the diplomats’ sweet reassurances despite the mullahs’ harsh calls for “death to America” at home; Harper is judging Iran by its aggressive actions and ugly words, refusing to be snookered. Ultimately, the future will tell which leader is correct – but, judging by history, the smart money is on Harper’s wariness rather than Obama’s naivet√©.
Exactly. So while I'm no big fan of Harper's open-door immigration policies, ones which have seen far too many Zion-loathing Muslims flooding our shores, when it comes to Israel and the current scene in the Middle East, there is no doubt that "laughing stock" Harper is a giant and the perennially popular Obama is a pipsqueak.

And Ronnie Kaplansky? He and his cohorts are backing the wrong horse, attempting to kneecap the right one, and are on the wrong - and a very dark - side of history.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ah, Yes, the Old "He's Troubled and Confused" Defence

A lawyer is resorting to that one because his client has been arrested for allegedly scheming to aid ISIS. His client, a Cuban-American lad who apparently took a wrong turn and just kept going, is reported to have posted the following thoughts online:
"Be a warrior, learn how to cut your enemies head and then burn down the body learn how to be the new future of the world Caliphate"
Somewhat later, he asked his "brothers" to help him learn how to cook up one of those homemade bombs.

Does that sound like someone who's "confused" to you? Or does it sound like someone who was certain in his beliefs and who was looking to get in on the jihadi action?

Update: El Confuso was supposedly to load a backpack with bombs and detonate it on unsuspecting infidels vacationing at a Key West beach. After all, he was planning to use the same M.O. in Miami.

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Iran president invited to Paris as sides seek to boost ties

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Which Is More Offensive--Huckabee's "Holocaust" Comment or Obama's Nuke Deal (Which Amounts to a "Jihadist Stimulus Package")?

The latter, obviously. And what made it even worse was that Obama uttered it with his trademark I'm-the-sensible-one-you're-the-idiots smirk plastered on his face.

Iran's Press TV High-Fives the Nuke Deal (So You Know That the Idiot Infidels Got the Fuzzy End of Lollipop On That One)

Please note that the infidel chicks are wearing shmattas on their heads to show respect for the rotten Iranians (a respect they don't merit and certainly have done nothing to earn).

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani (1st R) and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini (2nd L) meet in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on July 28, 2015. ©

Bigots, Racists and Cranks, Oh My!

As a WaPo scribbler sees it, that's me and you and anyone else who opposes the execrable nuke deal. (But a treaty that gives crazed Shias the means to follow through on their threats to liquidate the world's one and only Jewish State--that's not racist, right, pal?)

Update: Looks like most Americans are bigots, racists and cranks (and thank God for that!).