Tuesday, September 27, 2016

He's Standing On a Corner In Winslow, Arizona

Such a fine sight to see.

(In these days of upheaval, the words "Take it easy/Don't let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy" are oddly comforting.)

Phyllis Chesler Says Reading the New York Times Is Shortening Her Life

I know how she feels, which is why I stopped reading it (and I used to read it religiously, especially on Sunday) ages ago.

The Prophet's Pee: "A Difficult Story" to Tell

You have to read it to believe it.

"Debate Number One Was a Giant Snoozeberry"

My feeling exactly. The two candidates, I thought, were equally ghastly: Trump was scrappy but semi-coherent (despite having bested a plethora of Republican rivals, debating in this type of formal setting is not his strong suit) and Hillary was a superannuated Tracy Flick (if Tracy Flick was a pathological liar who wore unflattering pant suits).

Monday, September 26, 2016

This "Rose" Has Thorns

Yesterday I caught Lally Cadeau's final performance as Rose in Rose, the one-woman play written by American-British playwright Martin Sherman, and first produced in 1999 (and starred Olympia Dukakis). The Toronto show was mounted by the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company, part of its 10th anniversary line up.

Going in, the only thing I knew about the play was that it was about an elderly Holocaust survivor named Rose, and that Cadeau, who was playing the role for the second time, had received rave reviews for her performance.

What I didn't know (spoiler alert) was the play's end game: to depict the state of Israel in the worst possible light; to smear it as a place where Jews, formerly the victims of Nazis, had now become the victimizers of Palestinians, who had assumed the mantle of victimhood from Jewry; to portray Israel as a land of brutes and hot heads who had turned it into a land of spoiled milk and rancid honey and who, even worse, had no legitimate claim to the land. (In one of the play's most egregious lines, Rose speaks of "ancient Palestinians," thereby implying that their peoplehood is every bit as venerable as the Jews' when in fact it pretty much dates from Yasser Arafat's arrival on the scene.)

It's utter tommyrot, of course, the same old spurious, anti-Zionist talking points spewed by the likes of Max Blumenthal and Walt & Mearshimer. The problem is that they are being voiced by a lovable Bubbie named Rose who, prior to this, has endeared herself to the audience by telling us the story of her life--the shtetl in the Ukraine! the Warsaw Ghetto! the voyage on the Exodus! a new life in America!-- in all its harrowing, horrible and occasionally humorous details.

When the play opens, Rose is sitting shiva for someone. At the outset, it's unclear who the dead person is. Cut to the chase (one more spoiler alert) and all is revealed towards the end. She is mourning the death of a nine-year-old Palestinian girl who has been shot and killed by--wait for it--Rose's grandson, one of those fanatical, peace-impeding "settlers."  Since Rose's daughter was the same age when she was murdered by Nazis, the clear implication is that these Israelis are no better than Hitler's minions.

Add a mention of Baruch Goldstein and, presto!, Israel is tarred, feathered and dispatched forthwith.

Rose's other complaints about Israel: it despises Yiddish, has no respect for the culture that was wiped away by the Holocaust, and has veered far away from the Utopian--or Jewtopian--ideals espoused by the Kibbutzim.

Poor Rose--and poor Martin Sherman. They would sooner blacken Israel's name than tell the truth about it--and about the "saintly" Palestinians it so venerates. And how sneaky--and hugely manipulative--of the playwright to give vent to his anti-Israel animus in this way.

For, were Rose, the character as well as the play, in the truth-telling and not the anti-Israel agit-prop business, it would have to acknowledge that, in our day, the Holocaust is intrinsic to the Israeli identiy. It would also have to veer from the leftist/Islamist narrative which holds Israelis to be evil interlopers who have "stolen" the land and, in a nod to even-handedness, explain that rather than being saintly victims one and all, a good portion of them hate Jews because that's what the Koran tells them to do, and because the existence of a Jewish state on land claimed in perpetuity for Allah is a rebuke to--and a big, wet raspberry blown in the direction of--Islamic doctrine. Also, that many Palestinians, like a small but statistically significant number of Muslims around the world, are actively engaged in waging jihad against the infidel, an unpleasant truth which has seen terrorist incidents which previously had only occurred within Israel now taking place in many other cities in the West. Also, that when Palestinian terrorists murder Israelis, their bloody exploits are celebrated, and streets are named for the killers. When a one-of Israeli terrorist, Baruch Goldstein, kills Arabs, it is sincerely and wholeheartedly condemned by the Jewish state. And let's not even go into Israel's manifold contributions in the areas of science, medicine and technology, and how they continue to transform the world in unquestionably positive ways.

But then, having a Rose who, say, had a grandson who worked at the Technion or who spearheaded Israeli rescue efforts following natural disasters in far-flung locales wouldn't afford the same opportunity to cast aspersions on the Jewish state and, therefore, would not have had the same anti-Zionist oomph as a Rose sitting shiva for a nine-year-old Palestinian girl offed by a Naziesque Israeli "settler."

Surely I can't be the only one in Toronto who saw the play and who found its message to be utterly contemptible.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Useful Idiot Du Jour: Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horvath

Sporting a hijab in NDP orange, Ms. Horvath dons a symbol of the Islamist movement (and a symbol of a chick's second class status within it) to make an important announcement:
...Today we announced our plans to introduce to establish October as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario. 
All Ontarians should be able to learn about and celebrate the tremendous contributions that Canadians of Islamic Heritage have made throughout our province’s history – and the tremendous contributions that the community is making to build a better future for all Ontarians. 
We have to make sure that every member of the Muslim community, and every Ontarian, feels safe and secure here in our province.

Here's a shot of some (actually, many) members of the Muslim community at this year's MuslimFest. (The woman on stage beholding the multitude is none other than Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, on the hunt, as always, for Liberal voters to whom she can pander.) Can't say that it makes me, a Canadian Jew, feel terribly "safe and secure."

'Ontario Premier @[130896610334947:274:Kathleen Wynne] and MPP @[100001857673814:2048:Shafiq Qaadri] at @[131577560197134:274:MuslimFest] event. #MuslimFest'

Justin Trudeau Has an "Awkward Moment" With Little Prince George

Way to go, George:
This is the awkward moment Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is left hanging by Prince George after going for a high-five.  
Superstar politician Mr Trudeau might have endeared himself to millions online through his outspoken feminism, support for diversity and willingness to embrace internet memes, but it seems it takes more than that to impress Will and Kate's eldest.
I know how he feels.

Reflexive Denial of Jihad Kicks In Again With Appearance (In Burlington, WA) of Latest "Lone Wolf"

As in the case of the Orlando nightclub massacre, which early on was being attributed to homophobic "right-wingers," and the recent pressure cooker bombs in New Jersey and New York City, which officials so hoped had "no terrorist connections," but which, of course, did, what happened the other day at a mall in Washington state--a gunman opening fire and killing five people--was at first attributed to a Hispanic-looking dude (who, being Hispanic, could not possibly be one of Allah's holy warriors).

Reflexive denial coupled with wishful (not to mention downright delusional) thinking and a fear of being labeled "Islamophobic": a recipe for societal disaster.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Welcome Back, Lenny!

Now in his eighties, Leonard Cohen, who I'm pretty sure is still Buddhist, is said to be returning to his Jewish roots.

A great excuse to post my favorite LC song, no?

Just Another Typical "Human Rights" Complainant

He's a convicted pimp from Vancouver named Reza Moazami who often had sex with the under-aged girls, some as young as 14,  who he'd forced to work for him. Sent to prison for a good long stretch, he found another way to occupy his time--by filing a complaint with one of Canada's many official "human rights" bodies. (The one Mr. Pimpy complained to is the same star chamber that once considered evidence, such as it was, against a certain Mr. Steyn).

Anyhoo, here's the "human rights" portion of the demented saga, as recounted by Bruce Hutchison in the National Post (under my favorite headline of the year--so far--"Jailed pimp files complaint on kosher food"):
But the public hasn’t heard the last of Reza Moazami. He has formally complained to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT), claiming discrimination. His “religious dietary preferences” were allegedly ignored before his transfer last fall to a federal penitentiary.

Claiming he’s both a practicing Jew and a Muslim, Moazami says he was denied kosher meals and halal food while housed at the provincially run North Fraser Pre-Trial Centre during his lengthy pimping trial and sentencing process. 
His culinary complaints might seem like a bad joke, but the BCHRT is taking them seriously. In a 14-page ruling this week, tribunal member Catherine McCreary allowed Moazami’s beef to proceed, while rejecting an application from B.C.’s Ministry of Justice to have the matter dismissed. 
Moazami “cites numerous examples of occasions on which staff allegedly ignored or disrespected his religious dietary preferences,” McCreary ruled this week. “I cannot conclude that there is no reasonable prospect that Mr. Moazami’s complaint will be successful.” 
An Iranian immigrant who arrived in Canada 20 years ago, Moazami claims his father is Muslim and his mother Jewish, and that he was “raised on Jewish customs and beliefs, including a kosher diet,” according to the BCHRT ruling. He says he “explored the Muslim faith” briefly while in custody awaiting trial, and requested halal meals before switching his focus to Judaism and asking for a kosher diet. 
Eventually, the kosher meal requests were accommodated, according to this week’s ruling, but Moazami still wasn’t satisfied. He felt they “were not in line with kosher guidelines.” Specifically, he had suspicions about applesauce, cakes, muffins, bread, eggs, milk and ice cream served to inmates. 
Food seems to preoccupy Moazami. During his pimping trial, he asked that B.C. Supreme Court sheriffs serve him two hamburgers over the lunch breaks, instead of the normal single serving. His lawyer specified McDonald’s Big Macs. 
Madame Justice Catherine Bruce agreed to his request, and so ordered the Big Mac daily double. Curiously, Moazami never asked the sheriffs to serve him kosher or halal food, according to a BCHRT submission.
The pimp, it seems clear, is a canny, food-obsessed lunatic who knows how to game the system. But we're even crazier for handing him a forum in which to practice his lunacy and allowing him to play us for fools.

And to do it under the guise of safeguarding his "human rights": that's the craziest thing of all. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

What's HE Been Smoking?

Doobie dummy Justin Trudeau says the Syrians he's been importing are "doctors, lawyers, teachers and entrepreneurs." The facts, of course, belie this claim:
In a conversation with Ratna Omidvar, Executive Director of Global Diversity Exchange, at the 2016 Cities of Migration Conference in Toronto on March 2, 2016 (the video was published on YouTube on April 7, 2016), [Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister] John McCallum said that all Canadians are asked to help the government integrate the Syrian refugees in society. 
He explained that the government – assisted Syrian refugees are the most vulnerable group of people, because on average they don’t speak the official languages in Canada, have “little education”, have “many many many many children”, have never been on an airplane and came from “a very vulnerable background.”