Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Zafar Bangash, Local Historian, Says History Is Repeating

Oh, not in a Neville-Chamberlain-peace-in-our-time sort of way. It's repeating in terms of age-old battles waged by Islam's founder against those dastardly "Yahudis"/Jews:
A brief historical review is in order. The battle [of al-Ahzab] occurred in the fifth year of the Hijrah. Two Yahudi power factions — Banu Qaynuqa‘ and Banu al-Nadir — had already been expelled from Madinah after they violated their Covenant agreement with the noble Messenger (pbuh); they had committed treason. Under the terms of the agreement, they should have been executed but the noble Messenger (pbuh), showing his immense mercy, merely expelled them with their belongings. The third Yahudi power faction — Banu Qurayzah — stayed in Madinah and its members were provided full protection and citizenship rights as long as they did not violate their agreement, which would have constituted treason against the Islamic State. Leaders of the other two treacherous Jewish power factions went around the Arabian Peninsula mobilizing other Arabian tribes to march on Madinah and finish the Muslims off. They gathered the mushriks of Makkah as well as the Bedouin tribes from Najd in Central Arabia. They assembled a force of more than 10,000 fully armed men. This was a formidable force against the small Muslim community that could mobilize only 3,000 men. The Muslims’ situation was complicated by the presence of munafiqs (dual loyalists, fifth columnists) in their ranks sowing fear and discord. Prior to the Battle of Uhud, 300 munafiqs had broken off from the Muslim army of a mere 1,000 that headed out to confront an enemy force of 3,000. While their absence was not the direct cause of the setback the Muslims suffered, it was a psychological blow to them at such a crucial time.
Cut to the chase: Jews lost, Muslims won--just as, in our time, the Islamic Republic (Iran) will prevail in the coming battle with Zionists and Saudis, who Zaffy taunts for allowing the Jews to take the lead:
Muslims that have followed developments closely would know that a new alliance is in the making between the Zionists and the Arabian rulers against struggling Muslims. This is the neo-Ahzab in the making. Like the Prophet’s (pbuh) time, the Zionists are leading the charge in lining up the Bedouin tribes of the region against the Islamic State of Iran. The Makkan mushriks had more honor than the so-called Muslim Bedouins of today. While the mushriks were mobilized by the Zionists of old, they still retained their leadership role...
Somehow I doubt that Bangash will mention any of this at the Khomeinists' annual Zionhass-a-palooza on the 11th. It might alienate the Zion-loathers who aren't of a Khomeinist bent and who think that what they're doing is supporting "justice" for Palestinians (when what they're really doing is supporting the Khomeinsts' evil schemes).

As Obama Tries to Sell His Ghastly Nuke Deal, You'll Be Hearing A Lot About "The OTHER Iran"

"The other Iran" is a happy place full of gentle people just like you and me with nary a crazed theocrat bent on nukes and hegemony in sight. (It's an imaginary place that Justin Trudeau likes, too.)

Happy Birthday, Canada

All in all, it's pretty spectacular.

Update: k.d. sings Joni--what could be more Canadian than that?

"Camp Would Be A Better Place Without Mirrors"

Actually, camp would be a better place without hectoring PC lecturers.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Justin Trudeau Factotum Tries to "Clarify" Her Leader's Remarks Re Canada Reestablishing a Relationship With Iran

Here's the "clarification," in all its hoary glory:
In an email correspondence with The CJN, [Trudeau's spokesmuppet Kate] Purchase sought to clarify the Liberal leader’s remarks. 
“The Iranian regime represents a threat to Israel, the Middle East, and the world, and we continue to be seriously concerned by Iran’s nuclear ambitions,” Purchase said  “As Mr. Trudeau has long stated, our objective remains a comprehensive agreement that ensures Iran cannot acquire a nuclear weapon.... Iran must be held to account for both its longstanding record of human rights abuses as well as its nuclear program,” she said
The current regime in Iran does not always represent or speak for the Iranian people, Purchase added, arguing that “Our presence would help Canadians in Iran and the Iranian people. It would not benefit the regime.”
Bollocks. Our presence would help bolster the regime. How could it not?

Nice Jewish Girl Donna Karan Creates Ramadan Fashions Especially for the Uber-Lucrative Islamic Market

An L.A. fashion writer tells Ceeb radio host Shad that she has mixed feelings about the effort. Sure, it could help "normalize" the way non-Muslims view Muslims (although it's not clear how that would work exactly, given that we're talking about chicks' clothing and not about, say, doing away with the holy war). The drawback here, says the writer, is that commercializing Ramadan could potentially detract from the month's holiness. Shad can see where the fashionista is coming from since, as he tells listeners, he too is no fan of "market-driven" solutions. (The Ceeb ethos in brief: Why depend on the market when you can depend on the government?)

A Big Hand for the Ceeb's Nahlah Ayed As She Analyses the Fruits of an Iran Nuke Deal

On the one hand, writes Nahlah, it could be fantabulous:
The end to Iran's isolation has the potential to reshape a Middle East power structure that has long depended on Shia Muslim Tehran shunted to the sidelines.
The possibility of its re-emergence onto the world stage has already made uneasy allies of Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran's Sunni Muslim rival.
They are now joined by nervousness not only over how effective this nuclear containment might be, but over what any international d├ętente with Iran would have on its influence.
Over time, a deal could well change the political calculus in the region, tilting it in Iran's direction. (It could also affect the dynamics of the international oil market.)
Without sanctions, and hooked up again to the world's economic mainline, Iran could once again grow its economy and perhaps become a regional economic heavyweight.
Unlike so many countries in the region, it is internally stable, with a young and highly educated middle class who are clearly anxious to reach out to the world.
At the most hopeful, a more confident, more economically buoyant Iran might begin to whittle away at some of the world's mistrust and even encourage more freedoms at home.
On the other hand, not so much:
On the other hand, a more economically powerful Iran could also play a more strident role in the Middle East.
Despite the short shrift Ayed gives to "the other hand," it's the hand that is far more likely to come to pass.

Somali Imam Living in Calgary Accused of Sexual Assualt in the U.S....

Can't live with him; can't seem to extradite him.

Never. Gonna. Happen

Netanyahu Warns World Leaders to Take Stand on Terrorism in Israel

In terms of falling on deaf ears, he may as well be asking Barack Obama to cop to the Koranic sources of the jihad.

"Managed Access"

What's that? Let's just say it's what Iran demands if it is to sign a deal with the stupendously stupid kafirs, and it makes the mad machinations of Doc Strangelove look like the height of sanity.

You Knew It Was Coming

It's time to legalize polygamy

Update: Mark Steyn comments:
Someday soon some judge somewhere will rule in favor of polygamy, not because the left is especially invested in this particular "expansion" of rights but because of the opportunities it provides for further vandalism of what's left of the old order. That's what matters.