Friday, March 27, 2015

"We're In a Goddamn Freefall Here"

That isn't some knuckle-dragging Republican describing the fallout of Obama's demented Mideast policies. That's his own former ambassador to Iraq mustering the-emperor-has-no-clothes chutzpah to observe the obvious.

What a Difference Seven Years Makes: Obama's 2008 Speech to AIPAC a Powerful Rebuke to His Current Actions in the Middle East

Who would have predicted that the Obama who, sincere or not, said the following to AIPAC back in '08 would, seven years later, be doing his utmost to help Iran get the nukes that will allow it to unleash the Shoah, Part II?:
 I saw some of those very images [of piles of dead Jews] at Yad Vashem, and they never leave you. And those images just hint at the stories that survivors of the Shoah carried with them. Like Eisenhower, each of us bears witness to anyone and everyone who would deny these unspeakable crimes, or ever speak of repeating them. We must mean what we say when we speak the words "never again."   
It was just a few years after the liberation of the camps that David Ben-Gurion declared the founding of the Jewish State of Israel. We know that the establishment of Israel was just and necessary, rooted in centuries of struggle and decades of patient work. But 60 years later, we know that we cannot relent, we cannot yield, and as president I will never compromise when it comes to Israel's security.  
 Not when there are still voices that deny the Holocaust. Not when there are terrorist groups and political leaders committed to Israel's destruction. Not when there are maps across the Middle East that don't even acknowledge Israel's existence, and government-funded textbooks filled with hatred toward Jews. Not when there are rockets raining down on Sderot, and Israeli children have to take a deep breath and summon uncommon courage every time they board a bus or walk to school.  
I have long understood Israel's quest for peace and need for security. But never more so than during my travels there two years ago. Flying in an [Israeli Defense Forces] helicopter, I saw a narrow and beautiful strip of land nestled against the Mediterranean. On the ground, I met a family who saw their house destroyed by a Katyusha rocket. I spoke to Israeli troops who faced daily threats as they maintained security near the blue line. I talked to people who wanted nothing more simple, or elusive, than a secure future for their children.  

I have been proud to be a part of a strong, bipartisan consensus that has stood by Israel in the face of all threats. That is a commitment that both John McCain and I share, because support for Israel in this country goes beyond party. But part of our commitment must be speaking up when Israel's security is at risk, and I don't think any of us can be satisfied that America's recent foreign policy has made Israel more secure.  
Hamas now controls Gaza. Hezbollah has tightened its grip on southern Lebanon, and is flexing its muscles in Beirut. Because of the war in Iraq, Iran — which always posed a greater threat to Israel than Iraq — is emboldened and poses the greatest strategic challenge to the United States and Israel in the Middle East in a generation. Iraq is unstable, and al-Qaida has stepped up its recruitment. Israel's quest for peace with its neighbors has stalled, despite the heavy burdens borne by the Israeli people. And America is more isolated in the region, reducing our strength and jeopardizing Israel's safety.   
The question is how to move forward...
Seven years on, I think we know the answer to that one. Obama has "moved forward" by making kissy-face with the nation that, back in '08, he unequivocally called the single greatest threat to Israel and the U.S. Therefore, the appropriate question to pose: Is the 2015 Obama  insane? 

Is he evil? 

Is he both?

Justin Trudeau's "Message": So Bland and Boring That Even the Ceeb Can't Help But Criticize It

There's no getting away from it: Justin Trudeau's "message" is about as exciting as warmed-over porridge:

The message

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on the environment: "I want my three children to grow up in a greener, cleaner country. One that respects the environment. That’s what we all want." 
On the economy: "Instead of giving tax breaks to the rich as Mr. Harper has done, we offer to give back the money to those who need it." 
On culture: "We must reinvest in culture and be proud of our creators who shine around the globe." 
 "I’m Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and I have a committed team that defends the values of our community
His rhetoric is as soporific as Ambien. That said, the same sort of non-specific hopeychangey sludge worked like a charm for you know who.

New Muslim Comic Book Superhero "Buraq" Aims to Fight For "Universal" Truth, Justice and and the Islamic Way

Hey, nothing wrong with that, right?:
Buraaq is the alter ego of Yusuf Abdallah, an operations director of a large relief organization who resides in the fictional Nova City. He goes on adventures to different parts of the world, using his powers of super strength, flying and ability to control the elements.
“Our central theme always revolves around Islamic values that are universal and a moral code that is inherent in all major religions. This, of course, is packaged with the elements of mystery, action and adventure.
What say you re "universal" Islamic "values" common to all religions, Ali Sinna?:
The problem with the good teachings of Muhammad is that they are reserved for fellow Muslims. When the hadith says “None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself,.” it is talking about the fellow Muslims. The brotherhood in Islam does not extend to everyone. The Quran (9:23) states that the believers should not take for friends and protectors (awlia) their fathers and brothers if they love Infidelity above Islam. In fact there are many verses that tell the Muslims to kill the unbelievers and be harsh to them. A clear example that Islam is not based on the Golden Rule is the verse (48:29): “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other.”  
This is the perfect definition of fascism. 
There are many other verses that show the brotherhood in Islam is not universal. The non believers have no rights and should not be treated in the same way that Muslims are to be treated. The entire Quran is a breach of the Golden Rule. The Quran tells Muslims to slay the unbelievers wherever they find them (2:191), do not befriend them (3:28), fight them and show them harshness (9:123), smite their heads (47:4), etc. Are these verses compatible with the Golden Rule?  
Islam is the only doctrine that calls upon its believers to do evil to others for the simple fact that they are not believers...
In comic book terms, when you compare Buraq to, say, Superman, what you end up with is an animated clash of moral codes.

For Once I Disagree With Ayaan Hirsi Ali

She believes Islam is capable of a "Reformation" (it's the subject of her new book). I think that, so far, Islam has shown itself capable of but one kind of "reformation"--the kind that looks backwards to an earlier and purportedly "purer" time (i.e. the time of Islam's founder and his first few successors, the "rightly-guided caliphs"). Here's what I wrote in a letter to Commentary on more or less the same subject (only it was Daniel Pipes who was pushing the idea at the time):
Daniel Pipes employs a quasi-highfalutin concept—”essentialism”—and argues that it (along with history) points to Muslims’ ability to reform and modernize Islam in a way that the West can live with. If anything, though, history has shown again and again that whenever Islam “reforms,” it does so by looking backward, not forward. That’s because, in keeping with its essential nature, it is a religion that claims its doctrines and its founder are perfect. It divides the planet into two worlds, the world of Islam and the world not yet conquered for Islam. At the same time, the religion accepts no division between mosque and state. 
This is not Islamism. It is Islam, pure and simple. 
On the subject of Islam and its supposedly rogue aberration, Islamism, Turkey’s strongman, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is a more reliable authority than is Mr. Pipes. Vis-a-vis Islam’s essence, Erdogan has remarked: “Islam is Islam and that is all.” Which is why, pace Mr. Pipes, the future will likely give rise to more reformist movements in keeping with Wahhabism, Khomeinism, and the religious thinking of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is also why the possibility that an Islamic equivalent to, say, Judaism’s reform and reconstructionist movements will gain traction in the Muslim world is so remote as to be nearly ridiculous.

Obama's Existential Threat to Israel Not Exaggerated

How can it be (exaggerated) when HaPOTUS Hameshugga is, via his knuckle-headed nuke deal, set to green light the existential threat posed to Israel by Iran.

This Just In: "Kimye" To Visit Israel

Will anyone be able to keep up with them in the holy city? And, knowing of Kanye's West's tendency to succumb to delusions of graduer (this is a fellow who, after all, likes to think of himself as "Yeezus"), will he end up succumbing to Jerusalem syndrome?

Question Du Jour

UN peacekeeping and rape getting better--or worse?

There's "Never Been a Worse Time for Muslims in Canada"? Give Me a Freaking Break!

Calgary, site of a mini-pogrom last summer, has just played host to another one of those woe-is-us pity parties:
Urging mutual respect between community members, Calgary’s young Muslim youth gathered in a special summit designed to exchange ideas on how to keep all Canadians save while maintaining Muslim rights of equality.
There’s “never been a worse time for Muslims in Canada,” Mahdi Qasqas, a psychologist who also organized the Muslim Youth Summit., told Calgary Herald on Thursday, March 26." 
Qasqas was speaking to a gathering that grouped scores of Muslim youth who met Wednesday morning in a closed-door workshop, in which federal Public Safety officials discussed how young people can respond if concerned about their peers.   
Attendants included Former Calgary police chief Rick Hanson, who is running as the Progressive Conservative candidate for Calgary-Cross. 
“There has never been a tougher time to grow up,” Hanson told the students’group. 
“It’s hard to do things right, because you are exposed to all kinds of things that encourage or entice you not to live by your beliefs or your principles.”

Hanson stressed that young people who joined militant groups followed a pattern of isolation and broken families that is also common in gang recruitment.  
“People like to say, well it’s a religious issue, it’s a cultural issue. Well, it’s not. It’s a vulnerability issue for kids, for young people who grow up who don’t feel valued,” he said...
It is a religious issue.  It's about the siren call of jihad luring young Muslims who cannot seem to resist it.

Are they "vulnerable"? Sure--to imbuing their lives with "meaning" via jihad. If there were no jihad, they'd have to look elsewhere to find meaning. Until and unless we all, Muslims and former police chiefs included, come to grips with that reality, nothing is likely to change.

Canadian Council for Refugees in a Lather Over Our Supposed "Intolerance Towards Muslims"

The CCR released this "Statement in solidarity with Muslims" a few days ago:
The Canadian Council for Refugees is deeply concerned at the rise of intolerance towards Muslims in Canada and calls on political, community and faith leaders to take strong, positive action in response. 
Muslim refugees and immigrants arriving in Canada now face increased prejudice and hostility, which greatly undermine efforts to welcome them and support them as they seek to integrate into Canadian society. Muslims bear the overwhelming brunt of anti-terrorism measures, which constantly remind them that, whatever they do or say, they are viewed with suspicion. Canadians’ disproportionate focus on the head coverings worn by some Muslim women is causing much distress for Muslims, while distracting attention from very real problems, such as the discrimination faced by Muslims in the Canadian labour market. At a time when Canadians are concerned about potential radicalization of youth, stereotyping of Muslims is dangerously counter-productive, since it can make Muslim young persons question whether they can ever fully belong in Canadian society. 
If intolerance towards Muslims is allowed to continue to grow, there is a real danger that it will influence policies respecting which refugees are selected for resettlement...
Having witnessed the Zionhass on display during the Ayatollah Khomeini's annual Al Quds Day at Queen's Park, and knowing as I do that the vast majority of hate crimes in Canada's largest city are perpetrated against Jews, I'm far more concerned about the intolerance of Muslims, whose population, thanks to our overly generous and un-discriminating immigration and refugee policies, is now three times the size of ours. 

Update: Not surprisingly, the CCR's stance finds favour with Canadian Islamic rag, IQRA.

"Israel: Beware of Obama"

Thanks, but I don't think Israel needs the heads up. It's been clear for some time that Barack is getting set to do to Israel what that German co-pilot did to those who, tragically and through no fault of their own, had the misfortune to be on board his airplane.

Update: Obama reminds Roger L. Simon of the German co-pilot too.