Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Who Censored the Six-Day War?

In a lengthy examination of the subject, Martin Kramer reveals it's not who the filmmakers of Censored Voices claim did the censorsing.

The Blumenthal Effect

Okay, I just invented the term, but I would suggest that it's how we know that a President Hillary Clinton (shudder) would be every bit as awful for the State of Israel as the current POTUS is.

Iran Lobby Makes Vast Inroads In Obama's Washington

You know how that "all-powerful" Israel/Zionist lobby is supposed to carry so much weight in D.C.? Turns out that in Obama's Washington, it's the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), the Iran lobby helmed by a smooth operator named Trita Parsi, that's throwing it's weight around and inserting itself into the thick of things. It is Parsi and NIAC that helped smooth the way for the Iran nuke deal--not that the Obami want you to know anything about the lobby and how influential it is at this time:
In part, Parsi and NIAC’s relative anonymity is the work of a White House that would rather pretend that there is no Iran Lobby, in accordance with the standard Beltway wisdom that a “lobby” is any group of people who advocate things that you are opposed to (lobbies that advocate things you are for are known as “supporters”). But the White House surely knows better, in part because so many friends and graduates of the Iran Lobby now staff key Iran-related government posts. The White House’s Iran desk officer, Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, for example, is a former NIAC employee. NIAC’s advisory board includes two former U.S. diplomats, Thomas Pickering, a former ambassador to Israel, and John Limbert, who was held hostage by the revolutionary regime in 1979. Past speakers at NIAC leadership conferences include Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Colin Kahl, and the White House’s Middle East Director Rob Malley. Other past speakers from the political realm include: Robert Hunter, former U.S. ambassador to NATO; PJ Crowley, State Deptartment spokesperson under Hillary Clinton; Hans Blix, former director general of the IAEA. Other reputable names include figures like Aaron David Miller from the Wilson Center, Robert Pape from the University of Chicago, and Suzanne Maloney from the Brookings Institution.
 A pox on the lot of 'em.

A Quandary

Local Khomeinist Zafar Bangash expresses grave concerns re the Iran nuke deal:
Opinion in Tehran is not uniformly the same about the nuclear deal witht he P5+1 group of countries. There are serious apprehensions about the sincerity of Western rulers, especially the Americans, as to whether they can be trusted to uphold their commitments.
The quandary: I'm not sure whether to file the above under "The Best Defense Is a Good Offense" or "Unintentional Khomeinist Humour."

Or both.

Obama and the Jews and the Twilight Zone

Obama, grievously offended by critics of Jews who support his nuke deal, says these chastisers are like African-Americans who claim he's "not black enough."

Silly, chastising me, I wasn't aware that the Grandiose Ayatollah had vowed to wipe any African nations off the map. ;)

The question that must be asked: why is Obama so desperate to get Jewry onside? It's not as though their support will make or break the deal; every indication is that there aren't enough votes in Congress to override his presidential veto. So why even bother schmeering the Jews in this way?

I think it's because Obama knows that it'll "look bad" if most Jews are seen to be against the deal, and he doesn't want these bad optics to detract from his legacy.

Alternatively, in his heart of hearts he knows the deal is a bad one and needs Jewry's approbation in order to keep up the pretense--to himself and the rest of the world--that he's doing good.

Then again, perhaps he's really tyrannical and diabolical, in an "if-you-don't-do-what-I-want-I'm-going-to-think-you-into-the-cornfield" sort of way. (That's certainly been his M.O. with Bibi.)

Monday, August 31, 2015

"Your Basic Schmear"

It's what Obama says he likes on his bagel, but it could also describe the technique he employs to lure recalcitrant Jews into backing his heinous Iran deal.

Obama Sez, "There's Not a Smidgen of Evidence Suggesting I'm Anti-Semitic"

Quite true. In fact, some of his best friends/closest advisors are Semites. That said, there is ample evidence that he is anti-Israel, as are far too many of his political/ideological persuasion.

Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl

She's the opposite of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl--which just made it into the Oxford Dictionary--and her name is Mylie Cyrus.

The OHRC's "Cis"-stemic Silliness

The problem with some "human rights" edicts is that they seem to exist in order to make ordinary, majority behavior seem freakish. Hence this, from the Ontario Human Rights Commission's new policy on "trans" rights:
4.3 Cisnormativity “Cisnormativity” (“cis” meaning “the same as”) refers to the commonplace assumption that all people are “cisgender” (not trans). In other words, their gender identity is in line with or “matches” the sex they were assigned at birth, and everyone accepts this as “the norm.”  The term is used to describe stereotypes, negative attitudes and prejudice towards trans people that are more widespread or systemic in society and its institutions. This form of prejudice may even be unintentional and unrecognized by the person or organization responsible, making it all the more entrenched and difficult to address. 
Got that? The OHRC thinks that heterosexuals are ipso facto "prejudiced" because they are hetero. I think that that is both false and insulting, and that it's time for us heteros to fight back and insist that our "human rights" commissars put a stop to this nonsense.

In other words, that they cease and de-"cis"t.

Iran's Laranji Crows About Ayatollahville's Power/Success at UN-Sponsored Gathering in NYC

More proof--not that it's needed--that Iran knows it got the better of the credulous infidels, including those arrogant fools, Obama and Kerry:
The speaker of Iran's parliament (Majlis) Ali Larijani says the Islamic Republic has proven to the world that the weapon of force and bullying is no longer effective.
Larijani made the remarks in his address to the Fourth World Conference of Parliament Speakers, convened by the Geneva-based Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in cooperation with the United Nations, at the UN headquarters in New York on Monday.

Some big powers tried to bring the Iranian nation to its knees, but the great Iranian nation stood against force by choosing the course of resistance and steadfastness and emerged victorious, he said. 
By so doing, the Iranian nation showed that the weapon of force and bullying is old and ineffective and has lost its effectiveness and power of influence, the official noted. 
Larijani was referring to Iran’s recent agreement with the P5+1, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, which ended a 12-year Western standoff with Iran over the country's nuclear program...
What he's really saying is that an Obama-helmed America has lost its effectiveness and power of influence. And you know something? He's right.

Bad Optics

In puzzling move, 'showers' set up at Auschwitz to cool down visitors