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Donald Trump's "America First" Foreign Policy Speech Has Echoes of Charles Lindbergh's "America First" Foreign Policy Speech

Here's the Trump speech; here's Lindbergh's.

A Plethora of Canadian Jewish Organizations Send An Open Letter to York U. Prez Mamdouh Shoukri

Here it is:
An Open Letter to Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri, President of York University

As community organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Jewish students on campus, and advocating for the Jewish community, we read your recent statements in the Canadian Jewish News (CJN) and the National Post with great interest. We were disappointed to see comments that we felt were condescending to the concerns of our community and dismissive of the concerns of our students. While we acknowledge your stated commitment to combat bigotry and enhance inclusion, your administration’s failure to address the growing sense of alienation among Jewish students on campus has led many in our community to question whether York University’s leadership is either incapable of, or unwilling to, uphold its own ideals. We remain alarmed by the seeming disregard of York University’s administration to recognize and confront antisemitism on campus. 
You stated in the CJN that the mural at York University contributed to your decision to establish an advisory committee on inclusion. We were astonished to learn that almost half of the members appointed to the inclusion committee either support BDS or have been publicly critical of Israel. These appointments cannot possibly be reconciled with encouraging inclusion, and will only serve to increase tension and further alienate Jewish students and faculty. 
If your desire and the policies of the administration are to build an inclusive and diverse campus that nurtures the respectful exchange of ideas, we call on you to make a change. Remove any members of the committee with a record of publicly promoting BDS and other anti-Israel initiatives and replace them with those experienced in bridging differences and strengthening harmony on campus. 
The community organizations that have signed this letter represent the diverse Jewish community in the GTA. We are unified in our message to you and this letter reflects our concern for Jewish students and faculty. Our collective goal is to ensure that the administration acts in a manner consistent with its stated goal of encouraging inclusion. Our desire has always been, and remains, to work with you and your administration to achieve this goal. 
As you have stated, York University has a proud history in the community. By taking meaningful steps to address discrimination and intolerance on campus, York University has the opportunity to be a leader in North America in dealing with these difficult issues in an effective and equitable manner. 
B’nai Brith of Canada, The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC), Hasbara Fellowships Canada, Hillel Ontario, StandWithUs Canada, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto (UJA)
Good letter, but it's likely to fall on deaf ears, I fear. FYI, here's what I had to say about Shoukri's pitiful platitudes.

Update: You know that line about how "these appointments" will only further alienate students and faculty? Maybe some members of the faculty will become more alienated. I doubt, however, that that'll be the case with these Jewish faculty members, whose "open letter" appeared in the CJN earlier this month. They, apparently, are willing to stay true to their school no matter what.

Muslims Embrace Canada With Gay Abandon

The Ceeb and other media outlets are putting a largely positive spin on the new Environics survey of Muslims in Canada. The Toronto Sun's Anthony Furey, however, doesn't share their enthusiasm (my bolds):
Muslims in Canada are becoming more observant -- they attend mosque more frequently and more women are now wearing face veils and headscarves than a decade ago. They're also big-time Liberal voters and optimistic about the new government. 
These are some of the interesting results from the Environics Institute's updated study on Muslims in Canada released Wednesday. The phone survey conducted between November and January asked 600 Muslim adults across the country their views on a variety of religious and social questions, updating a similar study done in 2006. Muslim leaders and scholars participated in the development of the survey. 
"Religious observance among Muslims has strengthened over the past decade," the report notes. "An increasing number are attending mosques for prayers on a regular basis (at least once a week) and (among women) are wearing the hijab." 
This religious devotion is strongest among the younger cohorts. Those aged 18 to 34 are the most observant. "Compared with older Muslims," the report explains, "they identify primarily as Muslim rather than as Canadian, and express a slightly weaker sense of belonging to the country." 
While only 5% of immigrants say their attachment to Islam weakened since arriving, 41% say it's strengthened. 
They're also less tolerant of liberal values, as the study explains: "Muslims are more likely than other Canadians to value patriarchy ('the father must be the master in the home') and to reject homosexuality...
I hate to mix a metaphor, but in the pecking order of victim groups, you can always count on the squeakiest wheel prevailing.

In other words, in our much-vaunted "human rights" Trudeaupia, Muslims trump gays 9 times out of 10.

Update: Dear Environics--this is what more Muslims in Canada means--a bigger, louder, angrier Al Quds Day:

Don't Rush 'Em, 'Kay?

Saudi Arabia is 'not ready' for women drivers, says deputy crown prince

More Evidence That Jew-Hate Kills Its Host

Britain's Labour Party is currently playing host to the "longest hatred" and is being torn asunder as a result:
Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone has been suspended by the opposition Labour Party after he said during a BBC interview: “Let’s remember, when Hitler won his election in 1932 his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.” 
There was outrage at his remarks and calls for suspension, which culminated on Thursday with this statement from the party:
Labour issues statement saying Ken Livingstone suspended & John Mann summoned to see Chief Whip
Livingstone, the London mayor from 2000 to 2008, is known for his controversial remarks and left-wing politics, which earned him the monicker “Red Ken.” 
The events that led to Livingstone’s suspension from the party had their most recent origins in comments by Naz Shah, a Labour member of Parliament, on her Facebook page before she became a lawmaker last year. Among those that drew attention, and criticism, was one in which an outline of Israel was superimposed on a map of the U.S. with the headline: “Solution for Israel-Palestine conflict—relocate Israel into United States.” The comment on the post: “Problem solved.” 
Shah apologized in Parliamentand elsewhere—for her remarks, but Labour suspended her on Wednesday pending an investigation. Livinsgtone was among her strongest supporters. He said it was important not to confuse “criticism of Israeli government policy with anti-Semitism.” Then came his comments to the BBC, which earned him widespread condemnation, including from Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party’s candidate in London’s upcoming mayoral election. (Khan also criticized Shah’s remarks.)...
It is important not to confuse the desire the get rid of Israel (or the demand that it "relocate"), which is out-and-out Jew-hate, with criticism of the Israeli government.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Have You Heard About Captain Quantum's Incredible Cluelessness?

Mark Steyn tells all here.

Defending--and Demolishing--B'Tselem's Big Time Bollocks

The following, a fan letter to the far left Israeli "human rights" scourges of B'Tselem, appears in the current issue of the Canadian Jewish News (no link online as yet):
In defence of B'Tselem
The serious question that should be raised is the slander against groups like B'Tselem ("Hebron shooting raises serious questions," April 7).
B'Tselem is an organization with huge regard among those for whom human rights provide a nation's moral legitimacy.
While the occupation continues like a Leviathan that keeps dispossessing, growing and crushing the rights of the occupied, does one expect Palestinians to fall to their knees in acquiescence?
Being an occupation army is a dirty business. This does not absolve the occupier from the application of the values that are inherent in both democracy and Judaism, B'Tselem is part of the conscience which may provide Israel with a moral legitimacy that many of its current political and military activities lack.
There is absolutely no case for stating "that while the motivation and reporting of B'Tselem may be questionable" unless one wishes to further diminish Israel's claim to laws of morality and justice.
The stellar commitment of groups like B'Tselem and New Israel Fund and Breaking the Silence are the slender threads through which many claim to be Zionists. In the absence of civil and human rights, can a nation be clothed with the cloak of legitimacy?
Brian Rothberg
Perth, Ont. 
Newsflash for you, Mr. R.: Israel has civil and human rights. Israel is legitimate. And your notion that Israel is a "Leviathan" crushing the hopes and dreams of "oppressed" Palestinians is belied by, well, reality (including the reality that "the only legitimate Palestinian state is therefore a Hamas state").

Mr. Rothberg (whose claim to be a Zionist, holding on as it is to the slenderest of threads, is tenuous at best) may be a big fan of B'tselem. Me? Not so much. Here's why:
When the United Nations released the so-called Goldstone Report in September 2009, Israelis and their supporters around the world were astonished by the blunt words near its conclusion: “There is evidence indicating serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law were committed by Israel during the Gaza conflict, and that Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity.” The report declared that virtually everything Israel had done during Operation Cast Lead—Israel’s attempt in late 2008 and early 2009 to stop Hamas’s rocket war on Israeli civilians—had been a crime. No single written attack on the Jewish state has been as damning, as prominent, or as influential. And yet the South African jurist Richard Goldstone and his team had only a few months to compile a report that runs to nearly 600 pages and makes hundreds of detailed accusations about the Israel Defense Force’s conduct of the war, and Goldstone himself made only a single four-day visit to Gaza. Where did they secure the evidentiary rope with which to hang Israel? 
The report was largely compiled from material provided by what is often referred to as Israel’s “human rights community.” This vague euphemism refers to a coterie of groups and individuals that has evolved over the past decade into a highly politicized movement of dozens of nongovernmental organizations that operate in Israel and subject its government, military, laws, and people to relentless scrutiny and accusation. And, as first pointed out by NGO Monitor, the Goldstone Report relied most heavily on the largest and most prominent among them: the group known as B’Tselem. More footnotes in the report, 56 in all, cite B’Tselem as a source than any other. Indeed, as Jessica Montell, B’Tselem’s executive director, has said, B’Tselem “provided extensive assistance to the UN fact-finding mission headed by Justice Goldstone—escorting them to meet victims in Gaza, providing all of our documentation and correspondence, and meeting the mission in Jordan.” 
In making such a profound contribution to the Goldstone Report, B’Tselem was performing the task to which it has truly dedicated itself: not the defense of human rights in the West Bank and Gaza, but the delegitimization of Israel and its existence as a Jewish state...
Zionists? I think not. More like ZINOs--Zionists In Name Only.

What's the Deal With Environics' Pity Party for Muslims?

That's the question that must be asked after reading the intro to Environic' new survey of Muslims in Canada. Notice how it positions Muslims as victims and other Canadians as their heartless victimizers (my bolds):
The Muslim community has been a poorly-understood religious minority in western countries and in the past two decades their presence has become contentious, fuelled by security concerns (in the wake of 9/11) and religious practices (e.g., Sharia law, the niqab). While Canada has yet to experience the gravity of ethnic violence and terrorist attacks that have taken place in other parts of the world, Muslims in this country do not enjoy the acceptance accorded to other religious minorities, and have become a focal point for discomfort about immigrants not fitting into Canadian society. By global standards, Canada is a welcoming multicultural society but the Muslim community faces unique challenges with respect to religious freedom, acceptance by the broader society and national security profiling. Events overseas (major terrorist incidents in European cities, the ongoing conflict in Syria, and the atrocities attributed to Daesh (the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)) are sustaining a context in which public associations with Islam and its followers are pervasively negative.   
Much of the problem stems from the fact that the Muslim community is not well understood by other Canadians, whose impressions are formed largely through simplistic stereotypes emphasizing negative characteristics (violent extremism, honour killings). The result is a dominant narrative of Muslims as different from others and who resist adoption of “Canadian values”, making them untrustworthy.
Truth be told, much of the problem stems from jihad, which is currently enjoying something of a renaissance as it flexes its muscles around the globe. The result is a captivating Islamic narrative of supremacy and domination, and, for those who succumb to its siren call and become "martyrs" for the cause, a posthumous payoff that's non pareil.

But, hey, I guess if you make it a question of what Canadians can do to be more welcoming and less given to "simplistic" stereotyping, you don't have to fret your little head about any of that religious stuff.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dear Lena Dunham: Escaping to Canada Is a Great Way to Kill Your Career

Lena Dunham says she plans to hightail it to Canada should Trump triumph in November. I think she'd be wise to reconsider, given how few and far between her employment opportunities are likely to be up here:
Lena, sweetie, I know you aren't meek,
And don't like turning the other cheek,
But say you do sally forth
To the Great White North
What then--be a guest on Schitt's Creek?

Come For the Face Painting and Bouncy Castle; Stay for the Genocidal Israel-Hate

Gaza children's festival shows toddlers being trained to kill Jews

Beware the Distorting Vision of Barack Obama's Magical, Mystical Rose-Coloured Lenses

Here's why he won't ever take 'em off:
Truth be told, Obama is living in a movie we all want a part in. In this movie of his everyone is the good guy, everyone loves one another, and most importantly everyone has really good health insurance. Obama's reality is precisely like the health insurance reforms he forced on Americans: In theory everything is wonderful, but in real life it's not all that great. Maybe this is why 83 senators asked to increase defense aid to Israel -- because the world isn't becoming a safer place, even if Attila the Hun isn't around anymore.
There's no Attila but there is an Ayatollah.