Monday, May 4, 2015

That Depends on What the Meaning of "Lucky" Is

Hillary Clinton will call five lucky moms on Mother's Day--gushes the Seattle Post-[Not So] Intelligencer.

I dunno. Were Hillary to call me up on Mom's Day, I don't think I'd feel so lucky. What I'd feel is that I, one of the "little people," was being used by the Clinton machine as part of a stunt that was aimed at making the rather high-and-mighty Mrs. C. seem "real" and more likeable.

What Happened When a Hungarian Politician, a Huge Antisemite, Found Out He Was Jewish?

Was happened was that he "left his party, and set out on a remarkable personal journey to learn and practise his Jewish faith."

ISIS In Texas?

Yup. But it's only because of Pamela Geller and her devotion to "extreme 'free speech'" (as the Daily Mail puts it, i.e. with scare quotes around the "free speech" instead of where they should be, around the "extreme").

At least none of the Daily Mail accounts includes the deathless line, "Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are offensive to many Muslims"--as this Beeb report does.

Update: ISIS is in Phoenix too.

Update: They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers of The Islamic State – #garlandshooting #TexasAttack

Lefty PEN "Pals"

Phyllis Chessler i.d.'s a few of the PEN members who protested their organization's Charlie Hebdo-honouring event:
Some of these distinguished signatories include the biographer of a Jewish-American woman who converted to Islam and who became the leading propagandist in Pakistan for radical Islam; a writer who believes that Israel’s Gay Pride marches and other gay-friendly policies are only “pinkwashing;” a writer who believes that America’s policies abroad are wrong, all and always wrong; a writer who is obsessively pro-Palestinian. 
This shows how far left our leading literary lights have become; it also shows the extent to which so many leftists receive major literary prizes (The Man Booker Prize, etc.). 
Those who may be greatly talented are not spared the most vulgar prejudices of the day.  
Their foolish protest is a betrayal of the very civilization that has allowed them to flourish.
It's worse than foolish. It's suicidal.

Update: Most names on the petition are unfamiliar to me. The ones I recognized include: Eve Ensler (who wrote that play about loquacious lady parts); Wallace Shawn (height-challenged character action, son of a former editor of The New Yorker); Joyce Carol Oates (prolific author of unread novels); and Junot Diaz (angry dude; wrote a novel that won the Pulitzer a few years back).

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Aliyah to Israel Rises By 40%

The largest group of recent arrivals--7,000 or so--is, not too surprisingly, from France.

Carter: Netanyahu Is Not Committed to Peace

Scaramouche: Carter is a huge pain in our collective bedonkadonk.

Update: Re another huge pain in the rear--John Kerry--Netanyahu throws cold water on his request to visit Israel in an official capacity.

More Evidence That an Incendiary Sunni-Shia Civil War is Underway in the Middle East (No Thanks to B. Obama)

Source: Islamic State Attacks Iraq’s Biggest Oil Refinery With Suicide Bombers and Car Bombs

"This Should Be the Most Uncontroversial Award in the History of Awards"

Vinay Menon of the Toronto Star--yes, the Toronto Star!--lambastes those who don't "get" why PEN is paying tribute to Charlie Hebdo. Menon accuses such writers as Canada's own Michael Ignatieff of "paying lip service to free speech."

I thought this part of Menon's piece was especially good:
Then there was [novelist Francine] Prose, a former president of PEN, who wrote a column in the Guardian that included this baffling passage: “The narrative of the Charlie Hebdo murders — white Europeans killed in their offices by Muslim extremists — is one that feeds neatly into the cultural prejudices that have allowed our government to make so many disastrous mistakes in the Middle East.” 
I’m sorry, what? Narrative? These murders were not the start of a novel. They happened in the real world and the perpetrators were not the victims. Not only does the use of “white Europeans” scrub from history the others who were killed — including Mustapha Ourrad, an Algerian-French copy editor and Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim police officer — it also betrays Prose’s own troubling biases. Make no mistake: if Christian extremists were angered by vulgar depictions of Jesus and opened fire inside the offices of a magazine, New York’s literati would have already heaped dozens of awards on the slain...

The Gore In Baltimore Goes Far Beyond One Casualty of Allegedly "Racist" Police

The anger in Baltimore has been assuaged to a large extent by the announcement that the six "racist" cops (three white, three black, one of them a black woman) were going to be prosecuted for Freddie Gray's death. Were I a resident of that city, however, I'd be a lot angrier--furious, really--about my city's murder rate, which is disturbingly, even shockingly, high.

How high is it? Well, according to the most recent statistics,
Baltimore had the fifth-highest murder rate last year among major U.S. cities — 37.4 per 100,000 people, according to statistics released last week by the FBI. 
Cities with higher rates last year were Detroit, New Orleans, Newark, and St. Louis. Both Detroit and New Orleans saw sharp declines.
The tally, according to the Baltimore Police Department: 233 homicides in one year. (By comparison, Toronto, a city over 3,000,000, has a murder rate of 1.34/100,000.)

So, yeah, it's a pity that Freddie had to die the way he did (although we don't yet know all the details of his death). But given the shocking rate at which Baltimoreans are offing their fellow residents, the cops maybe (or then again, maybe not) offing a single man should probably be amongst the least of their worries.

Update: The epitome of stupidity--wearing a T-shirt reading "F--k the Police" in a city with the nation's fifth-highest murder rate.

A Poetic Prescription for Justin Trudeau's Success

(FYI, here's my latest over at The Megaphone.)

The following was inspired by broadcaster and author Steve Paikin, who told a gathering of ladies at a lunch ‘n learn at a Toronto synagogue last week—my own mother among them—that he thinks Justin Trudeau is “a rock star.”

And, of course, it was also inspired by Rudyard Kipling, who wrote the poem, If, that memorable if a tad preachy bit of Victorian uplift, and to whom I extend the requisite apologies due him because of this—a tongue-in-cheek  If telling Justin Trudeau how victory can be his come election time:

If you can keep your head when all around you
Are thinking that you’re wet behind the ears.
If you pretend that nothing can confound you
And bask in adulation, claps and cheers.
If you can schmooze and not get tired of schmoozing,
And shake their hands, and not fear all their germs,
And, being leftist, not speak any logic,
But shake ‘em to the core—and on your terms.

 If you can dream of leading like your father
(Although you got Mom’s looks and her brains, too).
If you can visit mosques sans any bother
Because you know exactly whom to woo.
If you can trot out Sophie and your children
(Because a pretty family’s a huge plus).
If you can summon up the wiles and will then—
And board them both on your election bus.

If you can make ‘em swallow your slick message,
That you, though rich, are for the “middle class”;
If you don’t look at polls and what they presage—
That you’re about to fall down on your ass.
If you can make ‘em think that you’re a rock star:
A Bieber, no, a Bublé, no, a Drake.
If you can make ‘em swoon like B. Obama,
So they won’t notice what is false and fake.

If you can keep the media behind you—
It won’t be hard, since they have got your back,
And since they cannot stand that Stephen Harper,
An eee-ville Tory whom they’d like to sack.
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With memorable sound bites, tweets and spin,
Yours is the land and all the power that's in it,
And, what is more, son, you could even win!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jew-Hater/Zion-Loather/Black Panther Malik Shabazz to Lead Protest March Today in Baltimore

Shabazz, the head of an outfit called Black Lawyers for Justice isn't a local, but, like the Reverend Al Sharpton, he is drawn to such agita like a moth to a flame.

You can read about Shabazz's view on Jews here and here.