Thursday, March 5, 2015

And THOSE Persians Didn't Even Have Nukes!

(Hat tip: SL)

Iran's FM to CNN's Amanpour: The Reason For All the "Hysteria" is That "Some People Consider Peace and Stability as an Existential Threat"

How's this for "Strangelovian," Chrissy? "Peace and stability" as fanatical Shiites understand it is the state of affairs that will exist once they are in firmly and irrevocably in charge of steering the world's agenda. And how much easier it will be to get there when they can employ an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

If that's not an "existential threat," I don't know what is.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Damn Those Radical Moose. Er, Mooses. Er, Moose. Them And Their Jihad!

This fascinating bit of wildlife trivia was posted on Sheikh Yusuf  "Don't You Be Takin' the Koran Out of Context" Badat's Facebook page.

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Update: More on the moose ad.

Go Figure--Christianne Amanpour Tops the Khomeinists' Nutty Anti-Bibi Bluster

She calls Netanyahu's speech "very dark" and "Strangelovian."

Actually, Christianne, sweetie, if you'd seen the Kubrick flick, you'd know that it's the Ayatollah and his thuggish, theocratic minions who are the dark, Strangelovian" ones.

Too Funny--Khomeinist Rag Crescent's Hyperventilating Screed Post-Bibi Speech

Netanyahu, ruler of beggar nation, insults benefactor

Such a deft way with words, those zany Khomeinists have:
Many Americans are beginning to tire of Netanyahu’s constant whining. The Zionist regime officially gets $3 - $4 billion each year from the US while unofficially the amount of money sucked out of the US is close to $15 billion annually.

Many observers see Netanyahu as nothing more than a street thug whose hands are drenched in the blood of innocent Palestinians.

Netanyahu’s chutzpah can be gleaned from the fact that Zionist Israel is the only state in the Middle East that has between 200 – 400 nuclear bombs. And it has consistently blocked any efforts to make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone.

In October 2012, a UN conference was scheduled to discuss just such a proposal but it was scuttled under US-Israeli pressure.

Netanyahu came to display his hypocrisy at the US Congress that the whole world witnessed.
It kills 'em that "the beggar nation" has  more nukes than the Khomeinists do (for now, at least). I have to say, though, that I just love it when seething Shiites use the word "chutzpah" (because that is the definition of the Yiddishism).

Barbara Kay's "Eulogy" for QuAIA

She gives the QUAIzy Zion-loathers the send-off they deserve:
QUAIA activists never cared about Pride’s spectator-friendly image or gay rights. Gripped by an obsession with the Jewish state’s allegedly fathomless evils, while utterly oblivious to horrific human rights abuses elsewhere, QUAIA was political pathology on parade, and increasingly, the public grew restive at its own role as enabler. 
Pride was doubtless sick of the negative attention and the tussles with sponsors over QUAIA’s inclusion, but it was mayor John Tory who drove the final nail into QUAIA’s coffin. He had made it clear before his election that he would no longer fund Pride, and — unlike Toronto’s equivocating city council, who played to their base with untenable appeals to “free speech” (hey, nobody was stopping QUAIA from picketing the Israeli embassy on their own time and dime) — meant it. Tory saw the issue for what it was: Public space was being hijacked, and a publicly funded celebration ruined with a form of hate speech that created civic division and intra-group rancour. 
It didn’t help QUAIA that current events in the Middle East — Arab spring followed by Arab winter — made any preoccupation with Israel as the alleged cause of regional grievances look ridiculous. Indeed, participation by the QUAIA faithful in last year’s Pride was risibly low...
Poor QuAIA. It must suck to get poleaxed by reality.

The queers lied ('bout 'theid); QuAIA died.

Update: Jonathan Kay got an invite to AIPAC? Considering the way he blows hot and cold on Israel, shouldn't it have invited him mom instead?

The "Neighbourly" Remedy for Jew-Hate?

A few days ago, Bill Nye the former science guy who now, clearly, is a guy with far too much time on his hands, opined that the trouble with Jewry is our lack of neighbourliness. If only Jews, you know, took the trouble to schmooze with those around them and "get to know them better," surely the hatred would recede.

No sooner had Nye made his snide pronouncement than one reads this in the Toronto Star: 'Meet a Muslim Family' hospitality challenges misconceptions.

Hey, where do I sign up? I can't wait to challenge the Quran's jihad imperative, its "apes 'n' pigs" trope, the Zionhass that springs, higgledy-piggledy, from it all--along with various other "misconceptions".

I bet they'll love me afterwards.

Size Matters

The take-away from that speech: Israel is tiny and America is vast, but when it comes to stature and statesmanship, Obama is a pipsqueak and Netanyahu is a giant.

The Most Revolting Line in This Toronto Star Article Detailing Former Liberal Deputy Education Minister Ben Levin's Disgusting--and Criminal--Pedophilia

"He wants to communicate with his daughters."

Update: Blogwrath attended Levin's trial (so we didn't have to).

Update: Ben Levin's "grooming manifesto".

Update: When Levin was still riding high, he said this about "school leadership and teaching":
"One of the things they need to be is creatively subordinate," he says with a grin.
In light of what we now know about him, that line is kind of creepy, don't you think?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Shocking Confession: I Was a Pelosi Fan--For One Whole Hour

When I saw Nancy Pelosi sitting there to hear Netanyahu's speech, I thought to myself: props to her for not joining her fellow Democrats who had decided to boycott, divest and sanction it. Scant minutes later I learned that the silly cow was "near tears" because she felt so "insulted" by what Netanyahu was saying.

So for a brief second there, I was actually manifesting a semblance of fondness for a woman whose politics and policies I have long deplored. Then she reverted to form, and all my good feelings went by the wayside post haste.


The Crazy, Mixed-Up (and Deadly) Worldview of Our Very Own Local Khomeinist, Z. Bangash

If anyone other than Zafar Bangash had written this piece which contends that the U.S. and the "Zionist entity" are the bad guys in the Middle East while Iran--Iran!--is "the silver lining" in the region (in other words, getting everything all wrong and arse backwards), you might well wonder about his grip on reality. But knowing Zafar as we do--as the unfriendly local Khomeinist who can summon up thousands of angry Zion-loathers, wearing their colourful homeland garb, to seethe and rage at Queen's Park on the Ayatollah Khomeini's annual Hate Israel Day (a.k.a. Al Quds Day)--it is clear that the man is not insane. What he is is a religious zealot and Khomeini's biggest fanboy.

You might bear that in mind as you read this:
The Muslim world is beset by numerous problems and some countries may even undergo further disintegration but the silver lining is the Islamic Republic of Iran. The resistance front is getting stronger. This should give hope to oppressed Muslims everywhere.

Those opposed to imperialist and Zionist manipulation and interference in Syria may feel that the failure to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Asad is cause for celebration. It is not the time for applause yet. Syria as a country has been virtually destroyed; millions of people have been displaced from their homes and turned into refugees, both internally and externally. For all practical purposes, Syria as a member of the resistance front against Zionist aggression has been badly damaged and lies incapacitated.

This was the intended purpose of the foreign conspirators and their regional and local proxies all along. The neocon agenda that was set out soon after 9/11 as revealed by General Wesley Clark in his Democracy Now interview on March 7, 2007, is on track. He listed seven countries the neocons wanted to attack: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and finishing off with Iran. Of these Iraq, Somalia and Libya have already been destroyed, the latter two smashed beyond recognition; Sudan has been divided while Syria is still being destroyed causing more than $100 billion in infrastructure damage. Only Islamic Iran has withstood the grand conspiracy, thanks to the sagacity of its leadership, the Islamic system of governance and support of the Iranian people. Lebanon, or more precisely, Hizbullah has been embroiled in the Syrian conflict and its energies diverted from resisting Zionist aggression although it is capable of fighting on multiple fronts.

There are other trouble spots in the Muslim world. As a result of US military aggression, Afghanistan has been smashed beyond the Stone Age while neighboring Pakistan’s social and political fabrics lie in ruin. Uncle Sam’s friendship has proved extremely costly for the people of Pakistan even if the country’s elite have benefitted from America’s handouts. The Pakistani military has been engulfed in fighting its own people, the consequences of which will be extremely damaging for the country’s future.

The destabilization game has continued apace elsewhere as well. Yemen is in turmoil; a democratically elected government in Egypt was overthrown by the military perpetrating a horrible massacre of thousands of innocent people. America’s regional puppets — Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Turkey — have been used to undermine neighboring countries including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. With Muslims engulfed in their own problems, the Zionist occupiers of Palestine were able to unleash their massive fire on the defenceless people of Gaza leaving the besieged enclave in even greater ruin and its people further traumatized than before...    
The reality, of course, is markedly different, and was outlined by Netanyahu in today's speech. Which is to say that Iran now has an iron grip on four--count 'em, four--Arab capitals: Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and, the latest addition, Sanaa, Yemen.

There is no doubt that the Islamic Republic is making great strides in its push toward global hegemony, which, along with its determination to obliterate more that six million Jews (and others) in Israel, makes it the Nazis of our time.

Gee, what do you suppose that makes Zafar?