Friday, July 25, 2014

Joan Rivers Defends Israel Fearlessly, Flawlessly--A Must-See Video

Zafar Bangash's Khomeinist E-Rag Crows that Tomorrow's Al Quds Day Event in Toronto Will Be Huge, "Historic"

They're expecting the Gaza conflagration to lure a really big crowd to this year's Queen's Park seethe-a-thon:
Tens of thousands of people from all walks of life are expected to attend this year’s Quds Day rally in Toronto on July 26. Israel’s brutal war on Gaza has mobilized people and aroused deep concern for the well being of the besieged Palestinian people.

Toronto has the honour of organizing the largest of all Quds day rallies in North America. In the past, if the number was in the thousands, this year it is expected to be in the tens of thousands.

One estimate puts the number of people expected to attend at between 25,000 to 30,000. This number could easily be surpassed since in recent days, huge rallies have been held to protest Zionist Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza that has resulted in nearly 800 deaths, the vast majority of them civilians.

The Zionist invading army has bombed people’s homes, schools, centers for the disabled as well as hospitals. All these constitute war crimes...
You know what's a real crime? That, in the throes of a multiculti reverie, we have opened our doors to "tens of thousands" of Islamic supremacists who hate the Jews like poison (after all, in their end-of-days narrative, all Jewry must be toast as a precondition for their Messiah's comeback), and who share our Canadian values not a whit.

Useful Idiocy With a Side of Kosher Dills--It's the Pits

Toronto delicatessen purveyor Zane Caplansky has signed on to sponsor this year's Toronto Palestine Film Festival. (Eliminationist Palestine House, site of a recent riot, was among last year's sponsors). The Toronto Star scribbler approves--big time--of course:
Caplansky, who describes his position as “anti-war,” said he has been struck by the “disgusting” and “brutal” nature of status updates on Facebook, which has become a magnet for extreme views. 
“There’s a war going on. Hundreds of people have been killed,” he said. “You can’t tell me something positive is going to come out of it.” 
Seeking to inject some calm into the discussion, he chose this week to announce his support for the film festival’s outdoor screening in Christie Pits Park on Aug. 8.  
“Caplansky’s Deli is sponsoring the Palestinian Film Festival,” he posted on the social media site on Wednesday.  
Within 24 hours, his matter-of-fact post had garnered more than 150 “likes” and dozens of positive comments. 
“The path to peace is through breaking bread … with spicy mustard and pastrami,” one friend offered. 
Others simply called him a “mensch.”
Others simply call him a "moron"--and not only because he's tone deaf to the significance of holding this festival at Christie Pits, site of a famous anti-Jewish riot that occurred in the same year that saw Hitler come to power. (The implication being--what?--that what the Jews were back then the Palestinians are today? Gee, Zane, have you read the Hamas Charter?)

Artie Erdogan's "Genocide" Problems

It's pretty rich that the Turkish Islamist who bellows that what Israel is doing in Gaza "surpasses" what Hitler did to the Jews is the same dude who has never fully come to terms with Turkey's genocide of Armenians.

Toronto Sun Columnist Farzana Hazan Calls for Palestinians to Defeat the Hamas Death Cult

She writes:
Palestinians should seize this opportunity [the election scheduled for October] to choose the kind of security seven years of Hamas control has not delivered them.
Unfortunately, too many see Hamas as their only path to salvation.
In fact, Hamas is the main cause of their misery.
True, Fatah, its rival political faction, has been ineffective and corrupt.
However, the first step towards improvement in the lot of the Palestinians is to vote for a party whose vision goes beyond medieval notions of martyrdom.
Yes, because the party that's pushing the modern notion of the Palestinians' "right of return" (and that makes common cause with Hamas) is a much better option, right?

Isn't the first step to acknowledge that Israel is in the crosshairs of the global jihad (a Medieval effort that is still going like gangbusters today), and that both Fatah and Hamas are waging it?

Second step: dismantle UNRWA, the UN Agency that's essentially an arm of Hamas and that, in maintaining Palestinians as permanent refugees, a status accorded to no other people, has sabotaged the very notion of long-term peace (which is sort of the point of having an UNRWA--to keep Palestinians angry and miserable so they will forever be a thorn in Israel's flesh).

Third step: buh bye, Khameini.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Western Bleeding Hearts Pressured Israel to Ease Up on Restrictions of Construction Materials for Gaza--With Predictable Results

Israel was right, the bleeding hearts were wrong, same old, same old:
For years, human-rights groups, diplomats, pundits, and other opinion leaders demanded an end to the “siege” of Gaza, and eventually, they succeeded. President Barack Obama deserves special mention here; it was he who, after Israel’s botched raid on a flotilla to Gaza in 2010, twisted Israel’s arm into drastically easing its import controls. The pressure increased again after Egypt tightened its own blockade of Gaza last year, leading Israel to remove all remaining restrictions on construction materials like cement and iron. 
Most of those who pressed Israel on this issue sincerely wanted to improve Palestinian lives: Eliminating import restrictions, they argued, would let Gaza residents build homes and businesses, improve the economy, and generally contribute to Palestinian wellbeing. So they blithely dismissed Israel’s warnings that these materials would actually be used not to help ordinary Palestinians, but to build Hamas’s terror infrastructure. 
We now know Israel’s warnings were 100 percent correct...
With Gaza now a maze of underground tunnels, that is cold comfort, indeed.

Song for Al Quds Day "Protesters"

This one goes out to "Babyface" Bangash and his Queen's Park co-Khomeinists:

They've got an awful case of Zionhass.
The detest Is-ra-el and love Hamas:
Their foul hearts a-pumpin',
Who'll give the Joooos a thumpin'?
The bad PR for Is-ra-el
Is a big plus.
The Mideast will be fine
Once it is Zionrein:
That's the goal of Zionhass.

Where Did the "Gay" in "Gay Pride" Go?

I'm not the only one to have noticed that that LGBT... thing has grown a tad unwieldy, including, as it does, almost every identity permutation in the non-hetero world. Someone who identifies as "gay" is peeved that, because of this excessive inclusivity, his letter has gotten lost in the shuffle (so to speak):
In an opinion piece titled “Where did the ‘Gay’ in ‘Gay Pride’ go?” published in The Advocate, Amin Ghaziani says that 45 years after the Stonewall Riots in New York — demonstrations in response police raids at a gay bars that are regarded as a catalyst for the LGBTQ movement — the term “gay pride” has been dropped in favour of just “pride.”
“We have said goodbye to ‘gay,’” he writes.
In an interview Tuesday, Ghaziani said the goal of the article is “to encourage people to think about how often we use just the word ‘pride’ as a placeholder for something more specific, and what does it mean when we do that.
“Doing so detaches, it removes any specific community from that event. Inadvertently those communities become silenced and that’s potentially dangerous. What we want to prevent is a re-closeting of individuals that have worked so hard to be visible.”
Ghaziani posits that there are two reasons why the word “gay” has disappeared when talking about pride. One is that it helps some straight people feel less discomfort about being in gay spaces. The other is that it’s used by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer/Questioning, 2 Spirited and Allies communities in an effort to be inclusive rather inadvertently exclusive.
Caryl Dolinko, communications co-ordinator for the Vancouver Pride Society, which organizes the city’s Pride celebrations, believes “gay” does not encompass the vast community that now exists.
“(Pride) is an all-encompassing term that invites all members of the rainbow to join,” Dolinko said. “There are different communities that have different needs and by calling pride ‘gay pride’ it does not address that.”
Dolinko said that so far there’s no term that takes in the interests of all of the communities involved. Even the term “queer,” which is generally accepted by the younger generation, is fraught because of its negative association.
“There’s not one word for everybody because the community is so diverse,” said Dolinko, who identifies as a lesbian.
“At least we’ve got an alphabet that is OK for us to label ourselves here. Thank God we live in a city and a country where I can be an L, a G, a B, a T, a Q, whatever.”...
"Whatever"--you took the word right out of my mouth.

"He Criticizes Capitalism, But Capitalism Made Him Rich"

Michael Moore--just another limousine lefty (who's getting a divorce and will have to split his 9--count 'em, 9--houses with his wife).

That's Michael "Rich as Croesus" Moore with a moustache
and without his trademark "regular schlub" baseball cap.

CASMO's App Crap

The Canadian Khomeinists think it's great that there's a app that can tell you which products are Israeli, so you can not buy 'em. (That's showing 'em--how?) Here's the thing, though: the app--which, after all is call Buycott--can also identify Israeli products for those who do wish to buy 'em.

What Khomeinists and their ilk really need is a jihad app, one that would identify local Jewish owned business and properties (what's that old saying about the jihad again? Oh, yeah--"think globally, smash locally"); an app that would complement the zany Zionhass on CASMO's Facebook page.

Update: CASMO posts the schedule of this year's official Zion-loathers' seethe-a-thons in Canada--in our two official languages, yet:
Demonstrations are taking place around Canada as follows / Voici les manifestations qui ont lieu prochainement:
Montreal, Quebec
Wednesday, July 23
5:30 PM
Metro Mont-Royal

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
Thursday, July 24
6:00 PM
Harbourside Park

Vancouver (Unceded Coast Salish territories)
Friday, July 25
6:15 PM
Vancouver Art Gallery

Edmonton, Alberta
Friday, July 25
6:00 PM
Alberta Legislative Grounds, 10820 98 Ave, Edmonton
Calgary, Alberta
Friday, July 25
6:00 PM
City Hall

St. Catharine’s, Ontario
Friday, July 25
2:30 PM
61 Geneva Street

Toronto, Ontario
Saturday, July 26
2:00 PM
Queens Park Legislative Building

London, Ontario
Saturday, July 26
5:00 PM
Victoria Park

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saturday, July 26
7:00 PM
222 Copland Crescent

Montreal, Quebec
Monday, July 28
5:00 PM
Israeli Consulate, Westmount Square

Mississauga, Ontario
Saturday, August 9
6:00 PM
Mississauga Celebration Square
Update: Another sort of "boycott"--"NO JEWS ALLOWED". (H/t: LRC)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No "Anti-Semitism," Eh? Don't Make Me Laugh

Anti-Israel protest in Ottawa not overtly anti-Semitic say observers

They were hoisting flags of eliminationist Hamas. They were chanting, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."

How much more "overtly" anti-Semitic can you get?

What--they think because there were no swastikas and they weren't chanting "Kill the Jews!" it wasn't "anti-Semitic"?

Reason enough to mothball the archaic and confusing terms "anti-Semitic"/"anti-Semitism" and replace 'em with Zion-loathing and Zionhass.

Update: A chant to counter the "river/sea" one: From the river to the sea, Israel will always be!