Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Guess Which "Progressive" Actress Thinks HIllary Is "Worse Than Trump"?

It's die-hard Saundersnista Susan Sarandon, who brought her resting bitch face to Hillary's coronation.

Gee, Thanks, Hank

Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson has now apologized for comparing Israeli settlers to termites.

Worst. Wedding Venue. EVER

Now taking bookings for your swanky nuptials (and other celebrations)--the Seventh Fort in Kaunas, Lithuania:
It’s also a popular venue for graduation parties and wedding receptions, complete with buffets and barbecues, as well as summer camps for children who enjoy the elaborate treasure hunts around the premises. 
Most of the visitors are unaware that they are playing, dining and celebrating at a former concentration camp.
In 1941, thousands of Jews were imprisoned, starved and finally massacred by Lithuanian Nazi collaborators at the Seventh Fort in what was then the largest mass killing in the country’s history. The complex is believed to be the first concentration camp located on territory that Nazi Germany conquered following its eastward invasion. 
Even by the unfortunate commemorative standards in Eastern Europe — where many Jewish cemeteries and Holocaust sites have been damaged or neglected — the Seventh Fort is unusual for its erasure of the recent past. ...
Do you get the feeling that the Lithuanians would not be unhappy to do 1941 all over again?

Paul Simon Sings "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at Troubled Democratic Convention

Hear it here.

I hate to break it to you, Mr. Simon, but Hillary Clinton, for whom lying is the same as breathing, isn't the "bridge."

She's the "troubled water."

Update: “And now here’s Paul Simon to sing ‘Fifty Ways to Leave Bernie Sanders.’ “

Russia to Hillary: We've Got (Your) Mail

Do you think that, by showing how easy it was to hack the DNC's emails, the Russians were signaling how easy it was to do the same to the unsecured server Mrs. Clinton had in place when she was Obama's Secretary of State?

Can't wait for the flow of those incriminating communiques, the ones deleted by the Mrs. C.'s obliging factotums, the ones she believed were lost forever.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Creeping Sharia? What Creeping Sharia?

There's a suburb of Detroit that has a Muslim majority, and U.S. edition of British newsmagazine The Week wants everyone to know that, for the most part, everything there is hunky-dory:
The Detroit suburb of Hamtramck, Michigan, used to be 90 percent Polish-American and overwhelmingly Catholic. But most of the Poles moved out after the struggles of the U.S. auto industry, and immigration from Yemen, Bangladesh, and Bosnia has transformed the blue-collar town of 22,000 residents into the nation's first majority Muslim community. It's also the first to elect a majority Muslim council. The transition was sometimes tense — beginning in 2004, the town gave a local mosque permission to broadcast the 6 a.m. call to prayer from loudspeakers. Some residents — and anti-Muslim voices on the internet — accused the council of planning to usher in sharia law. But city councilor Saad Almasmari says he represents all Hamtramck residents in accordance with local laws and the Constitution: "It was a political election, not a religious one." His goal, he says, isn't to make the city more Muslim but to "bring more financial resources to the city." Polish-American Mayor Karen Majewski says that Hamtramck is a place where diverse people "live next to each other, but not in some idealized Kumbaya, Epcot Center kind of way. It sometimes gets contentious, but we deal with it."
 "Contentious" but with no discernable sharia-creep? Tell that to some disgruntled non-Muslims in the town (my bolds):
The debate over the Muslim call to prayer is reverberating once again. 
          At last week’s city council meeting, several residents of the Hamtramck Senior Plaza apartments on Holbrook complained about the volume level of the call to prayer coming from the Ideal Islamic Center, located across from the apartment complex. 
          Jeanette Powell said she’s not complaining as a way to “bash anyone’s religion.” 
          She said the call or prayer was broadcast at 6 a.m. and found the volume “overbearing.” 
          “Just turn it down a little bit.” 
          Carol Marsh said not only was the call to prayer too loud, she insisted that the organizers of the center never said it would serve as a mosque. 
          “We were lied to,” she said. “We were told it would never be turned into a mosque.” 
          But Sakrul Islam of the center said no one ever said it would not be a mosque, saying an Islamic center “covers everything.” 
          He warned Marsh that if she continued claiming she was lied to he would file a defamation lawsuit. ...
In other words, not only is it not an idealized Epcot Center Kumbaya kind of place. It sounds like it's shaping up to become a little slice of Yemen (even if it does have "ham" in its name).

Wasserman-Schultz: Out As DNC Chief; In as "Honorary Chair" of Hillary's Effort to Get Dems Elected Everywhere

Don't you dare go calling it a payoff for services rendered, 'kay? Because it's obviously nothing of the sort.

Iran's Tunnel Vision

Looks like the Shia lunatics just got Hamas'd.

Bernie "El Socialist" Sanders and His Jew-Hating Amigo From Spain

As Ron Radosh notes, Bernie may have been born a Jew, but there's no disputing that his real religion is flakey Utopianism, and he seems to enjoy the company of Jew-hating creeps:
Because of the tumult over the WikiLeaks revelations showing how the DNC worked to undermine Bernie Sanders’ candidacy in the Democratic primaries, few people have noticed the controversial guest that Sanders has invited to the Democrats’ convention.
Spanish newspaper ABC reported on July 22 that Paul Bustinduy, secretary of international relations of Spain's far-left, anti-Semitic party Podemos, is Bernie's guest. 
Although Podemos came in third place in the June 26 Spanish national election, it is a political force to be reckoned with in Spain. Podemos had joined an alliance with other mostly leftist groups in a coalition called United We Can -- this was the name Podemos ran under. The alliance included the  United Left, whose main component is members of the old Spanish Communist Party, which on its own has little support in Spain. 
Composed of old Communists, Trotskyists, independent revolutionaries, Basque and Catalan nationalists, leftist urban intellectuals, and former supporters of the Socialist Party annoyed at what they perceive as its continuing compromises, United We Can models itself on the Marxist Greek party Syriza. Syriza brought the Greek economy to near total collapse. 
To call Podemos blatantly anti-Semitic would not be a false accusation...
I wouldn't call Bernie antisemitic in the traditional sense of the word (i.e. someone who hates Jews qua Jews). But I would call him a Zion-loather, which places him in the same company as some of the vilest people of our time--or any time.

Update: We learned from the WikiLeaks revelations that--quel shockeroo!--the system was rigged to shaft Bernie from the get-go. (Meanwhile, Hillary insists, in a breathtaking feat of implausible denial, that she was out of that particular loop. Hey, me too, Mrs. C.!)

Despite the dirty double dealing, Bernie is set to stand at the podium tonight and reiterate his support for the woman who was the beneficiary of this outrageous corruption.

While many last week joined the "Ted Cruz is a skunk for withholding his endorsement of Trump" pile on, at least Ted had the gumption to stick to his guns.

Bernie, on the other hand, has shown himself to be as pathetic, and as servile, as he is gumptionless (if one may be allowed to coin a mot juste).

If Authorities Had Their Druthers, All Murderous Jihadis Would Be Labelled "Crazy" (Because It's So Much Easier Than Having to Come to Terms With the Reality of Jihad)

German authorities and their complicit lackeys in the media have been trying to play the "he wuz crazy" card re the latest feat of jihad in their country--a human bomb from Syria who self-detonated outside a music festival; well, what do you expect of someone who, as CNN (among many others) "explains" had tried to commit suicide twice before after Germany refused his refugee claim? It may, however, prove to be more difficult to do so in light of this--Syrian suicide bomber who blew himself up outside German music festival had pledged allegiance to ISIS, had Islamist videos at his home and had enough chemicals to make ANOTHER bomb, police reveal.

Update: How "cray-cray" is this--pre-'splodiation, he filmed himself in a video vowing that Germans "won't be able to sleep soundly" any more?

Update: Re the "crazy" teenager responsible for murder and mayhem in Munich, Raymond Ibrahim writes:
A German-born 18-year-old of Iranian descent named Ali Sonboly went on a shooting spree last Friday.  He reportedly targeted young children; a number of adolescents were among the nine he murdered. 
This incident is a reminder that the ongoing terrorization of the West is not limited to the Islamic State (“ISIS”), “extreme” Wahhabi or Salafi interpretations of Islam, or terrorists posing as refugees entering the West. 
Ali Sonboly was none of those things.  He was born and raised in Germany and, based on his name and Iranian heritage, was most likely of Shia background. 
But he was a Muslim.  He screamed Islam’s ancient war cry “Allahu Akbar” during his rampage.  It’s also telling that he launched his attack on the one day of the week that many calculated Islamic attacks on non-Muslims occur: Friday.[1] 
And that is the grand lesson of the Munich massacre.  Mere Islam—to borrow from C.S. Lewis’ famous book about the many commonalities shared by most Christian denominations—is responsible for the ongoing terrorization of the West...
No, no, no, Mr. Ibrahim. It must be "radical" Islam, or "extremist" Islam, or "radically extreme and violent Islamism/jihadism."

Well, mustn't it?

Hillary Clinton, Arguably the Least Self-Aware Woman in the U.S., Holds a Pity Party for Herself on 60 Mintues

Poor, poor, pitiful her. She is so upset at being held to an "unfair" standard. And, indeed, she's got a point. It is so unfair that actions that would have seen others thrown in slammer post haste--lying to Congress about her emails, for one--are overlooked, ignored and/or swept under the Oval Office rug when it comes to Mrs. Clinton.

And let's not even get into the Clinton family-enriching Clinton Foundation, whose shady pay-per-play shenanigans should cause all Americans to recoil in horror, even if its antics leave the Clintons and their supporters completely nonplussed.

If you want to feel pity for anyone, feel it for that poor schlub Nakoula Basseley Nakoula--the usual suspect who was rounded up for making a crappy YouTube video that did not, I repeat, did not give rise to the Benghazi conflagration.

Oh, and also for the American people, who may have to live with the ignominy--the horror--of Hillary as POTUS (and skanky Bill as the emaciated First "Spouse"--a word I use because I refuse to call the old Lolita Express horndog a "gentleman").