Friday, May 22, 2015

A Nuke With Obama's Name On It?

In an interview with The Atlantic, the Prevaricator-In-Chief offers the following "reassurance" re a nuclear-armed Iran:
“Look, 20 years from now, I’m still going to be around, God willing. If Iran has a nuclear weapon, it’s my name on this,” he said, referring to the apparently almost-finished nuclear agreement between Iran and a group of world powers led by the United States. “I think it’s fair to say that in addition to our profound national-security interests, I have a personal interest in locking this down.”
In other words all that stands in the way of Iran obliterating Israel with a nuke is Obama's egregious narcissism?

You'll forgive me if I don't  happen to find that particularly comforting.

"It Appears the Only Oppression of Muslims That Muslims Will Shout About Is In Palestine"

One of those statements that's so blindingly obvious but at the same time is still somewhat shocking--in a good way, though, to see in print in a newspaper.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Globe and Mail Opiner Sheema Khan Says That for Canadian Muslims, Omar Khadr's Release Is "Bittersweet"

The purported bittersweetness is not a function of Muslims' embarrassment over Omar and his jihadi mishpachah. No, the oxymoronic feeling has more to do, apparently, with their anger over our prime minister's inbred "racism":
The release of Mr. Khadr is bittersweet for Canadian Muslims. Many were touched by the young man’s modesty and warmth. His words were genuine – much like his smile. He seemed truly grateful for the freedom so long denied, for the support of so many, for the chance to start his life anew. He expressed remorse for the pain he caused. No hint of bitterness. Only the desire to complete his education, with hopes of entering health care – a field, he noted, rooted in compassion for those in pain. We should all be cautiously optimistic for Mr. Khadr’s reintegration into society. 
However, Canadian Muslims have seen this scenario before in the post 9/11 era: A Muslim swept up in the “war on terror,” denied basic rights, tortured and left to rot in legal limbo to be saved only by the noble efforts of human rights activists, ordinary Canadians and our justice system. Canadian citizens Maher Arar, Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El-Maati, Muayyed Nureddin and Abousfian Abdelrazik were all detained abroad with the aid of our security agencies. Mr. Abdelrazik’s case was particularly vexing. The Harper government repeatedly blocked his return from Sudan (citing him as a “threat”), even after the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the RCMP cleared his name. A federal judge finally ordered Mr. Abdelrazik’s return. Meanwhile, Canadian Muslims saw the Harper government’s deferential treatment of convicted felons Brenda Martin and Conrad Black. Or, as Mr. Abdelrazik said: “The Canadian government has a racist mind. It is because I am black and Muslim.”
Yeah, our government's "racist mind." That must be what's behind this litany of "victimization."

But why is Omar's release in the context of that "bittersweet"?

Could it be that Sheema doesn't quite get the word's meaning?

Op-Ed Piece in the Toronto Star Blames Omar Khadr's Gitmo "Mistreatment" on Johnny and Joanne Canuck's Naziesque "Racism

Apropos Khadr's lengthy stay in Gitmo, a fellow named Omer writes:
So it was we, Canadians, who wanted him locked up in Guantanamo, and we, Canadians, who kept ourselves ignorant when the facts became uncomfortable. He was a brown-skinned child who helped Al Qaeda, therefore he was subhuman and not a real Canadian.
Khadr is about as "brown-skinned" as I am. Which is to say, his epidermis, sans suntan, is not the least bit brown.

Odd how these lefties are so fixated on his skin-colour and not on his actions, no?

In Other Words, Stick a Fork in Him, He's Done

Man accused in Toronto terror plot 'fried, cooked and baked'

Sheer Madness: Conservatives Tap a Hamas-Loving Lawyer for Cushy Gig With National "Security" Body--Then Fire Him Many Years Later When His Dubious Past Becomes an Issue

You won't believe the reason Canada's "safety" minister gives for why this self-declared Hamas-lover got the job:
One year after openly embracing a jihadist movement in writing, Hamdani was named to a Canadian national security roundtable, where he continued to serve until being suspended April 29 pending an investigation. A spokesperson for Canada's Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said that although questions about Hussein's "radical ideology have circulated for some time, it was hoped that he could be a positive influence to promote Canadian values in the Muslim community. It is now becoming clear this may not have been the case."
Really? What was your first clue, genius?

Days After Posting Job Ads for State Decapitators, Saudi Arabia Launches a Bid to Head Up the UN "Human Rights" Racket

No doubt about it, satire is dead.

Re Obama's Alarm-Raising Speech to Coast Guard Grads: Climate Change IS a Huge Problem

For example, the "climate" in Syria is changing rapidly, and much of the country has already been engulfed by rising sea ISIS levels.

The Heart Bleeds

Parole could end inmate's effort to have sex change surgery

Bin Laden "Got" the "Arab Spring" Right Away

As the "spring" was unfolding, and certain Western media types who could not contain their gush were Tahrir Square dancing, Osama in his Pakistan redoubt opined: "These are gigantic events that will eventually engulf most of the Muslim world, will free the Muslim land from American hegemony."

Give that man a posthumous Pulitzer Prize! He was right and Thomas L. Friedman (whose snoozerific books, as far as we know, did not make it into bin Laden's Chomsky-heavy library) was wrong.

Update: Also in the bin Laden library (but as yet unreleased)--a cache of porn. According to one report, however, the stroke flicks may have been put to a more nefarious purpose than mere self-pleasuring:
Some experts pointed out that finding pornography on jihadists' computers had become common by 2011, however, and CNN later reported on a separate case in which al-Qaeda had encoded pornographic movie files with secret documents.
Osama's library: 50 shades of crazy.