Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Authoritarian's Apprentice?

I see that, despite Trump's obvious shortcomings (to put it mildly), the pundits over at FrontPage Magazine continue to swoon over their POTUS. Thankfully, however, there are a few conservatives who would sooner barf at than swoon over Trump's embarrassing and dangerous antics. Anthony Furey, for one, is no fan of the man's Helsinki hustle; of how, for reasons known only to himself, Trump humbled himself "in the presence of Putin."

I'm with Furey on that one. The result of which is this letter to the Toronto Sun's editor:
In the reality TV show that is currently underway on the global stage, Vladimir Putin has been cast as mob boss Tony Soprano.  
As for Donald Trump: he, alas, has willingly cast himself in the lesser role of Tony's flabby, deferential sidekick, Big Pussy. 
And if Trump isn't careful, his political career may end up sharing the same fate as that character and "swim with the fishes."
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Monday, July 16, 2018

"At What Point Do We Hold Russia and Putin Accountable?"

Great question. We know, however, that with a Putin-besotted Trump at the helm, the answer to that is an emphatic "never!"

And for the record--and until/unless more concrete evidence comes to light--I don't believe there was any collusion between Trump and Putin in '16; the Russian despot, who admitted during today's presser that he wanted Trump to win, didn't have to collude with him. All Putin had to do was mess with the U.S. election sans collusion, which appears to be exactly what happened.

To be clear: I was disgusted when Barack Obama sucked up to the likes of Iran's Grandiose Ayatollah. I am equally--if not more--disgusted by the sight of an American president abasing himself, and by extension the USA, before Putin, a revolting, irredeemable thug.

Update: High fives to those on the right, including many at Fox News, Trump's mothership, who have had the courage to speak truth to power.

Update: Then again, some on the right are so completely in the tank for Trump that they don't even know that they're drowning.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Trump's Tactic: Accentuate the Negative

Trump says he has "low expectations" re his meeting tomorrow with Putin and, whadya know?, I feel a song coming on:

Next time you wait 
To "make America great"
Take a look at your fate
'Fore it's too late.

Just what makes that puffy old dude
Want to schmooze a despot who's shrewd?
Everyone knows with shrewd dude
Puffy will get screwed.

And he's got low hopes.
He's got low hopes.
He's got low/a tale of woe/soften the blow hopes.
So anytime you're thinkin'
To link in Helsinki
Just remember that dude.
Whoops, there goes another Yank gettin' screwed...

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Didn't Know He Spoke Russian

This one made me chuckle:

Political Correctness in Montreal Leads to...Bedbugs?!?

Yup. Wouldn't want to exclude the great unwashed (and bug-ridden) from a great public institution, right?

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Intolerance In Our Time

In our day, it's primarily a leftist phenomenon, as self-declared liberal Dave Rubin explains here:

Old fashioned progressive tolerance: "I disagree with your thinking but you have every right to express it."

Newfangled "progressive" tolerance: "You conservatives are too evil to even speak."

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Don and Vlad's Execrable Adventure--In Song!

Justin Trudeau says NATO has plans to tell Donald Trump that Russia poses a threat.

Why bother, though, when Don and Vlad have a bromance made in Hades--or is it on Broadway?

Arguing for the latter, here are the two alpha males singing a golden oldie by Mr. Porter (and, how perfect!, it first appeared in his show Anything Goes):
Don: If you ever have a scare, I'll be there.

Vlad: If you ever need to flee, call for me.

Don: If you're ever so angry, and Ukraine invade; accolade!

Both: It's bromance, bromance. It's what makes us crow-mance.

Don: When others' bromance have run aground, ours'll still astound.

Vlad: La de la de la de dum dum dum...

Thursday, June 28, 2018

What's the Deal With Trump's Bizarre Man-Crush on Putin?

Is it that Trump has a terrible case of despot-envy? That he admires Vlad the Bad's machismo? 

Something else?

All of the above?

Update: Quel insult--Kim Jong Un gets an invite to Moscow but Trump has to make do with a hook up in Helsinki?!

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Someone Came Up With a Way to Describe Europe's Civilization Ennui/Disinclination to Fight Back Against Creeping and Remorseless Islamism

It's called "The Batman Syndrome."

Image result for batman logo

Update: Here's a podcast on "Europe's Coming Dark Age."

What Price Justin Trudeau's Gory Glory?

Canada is sending a bunch of soldiers--"peacekeepers"--to Mali, a godforsaken backwater where jihad is being waged, and where there is no discernable peace to keep.

There's an excellent reason, though, why the Liberal government would want to put Canadians in harm's way. In a nutshell, it's because the Trudeau crew is hoping to endear itself to the UN in a bid to gain a seat on the Security Council.

That's right. This government see nothing wrong--and everything right--about sacrificing Canadian lives as payment--blood money, really--for a phony baloney seat at a phony baloney table.

Why ordinary Canadians aren't up in arms, so to speak, about this reprehensible trade-off is anyone's guess.

Sharia-Style Blasphemy Laws About to Become a Reality Down Under?

As per this, it seems to be a definite pssibility.

A cautionary tale for the rest of us re how Western notions of free speech can be tossed aside in the name of "diversity" and sparing peoples' precious feelings.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Orwellian Euphemism Du Jour: The Trudeau Gov't Calling Returing ISIS Fighters "High Risk Travellers"

Just don't call 'em jihadis, kay? Because that would be soooo "Islamophobic":
In the sanitizing Orwellian newspeak employed by the Canadian government, the terrorists are not jihadis who left Canada to commit the most heinous crimes, such as torture, rape and murder, while fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but "High Risk Travelers" and "High Risk Returnees".

The government is fully aware of the security risk to which it is subjecting Canadians: According to the documents, "HRRs [High Risk Returnees] can pose a significant threat to the national security of Canada". This fact raises the question of why the government of Canada is keen to facilitate these people's "right of return" -- when presumably the primary obligation of the government is to safeguard the security of law-abiding Canadian citizens.
To add insult to injury, the Trudeau minions insist that ISIS fighters with Canadian citizenship are entitled to--wait for it--"a right of return."

You know, like diaspora Jews do vis-à-vis Israel. (And like Palestinians claim to have vis-à-vis "Palestine," i.e. Israel).

Something very wrong with putting it like that, no?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

"Progressive" Jew's Lame Explanation for Canada Abstaining From UN's Vile Anti-Israel Motion

It doesn't get lamer than this:
However, Karen Mock, the president of JSpace Canada, a progressive Zionist organization, is not as concerned with how Canada voted on the resolution.

“Canada’s support for Israel is clear and long-standing, so it should not be judged by any one vote. Canada is walking a diplomatic tightrope to regain a spot on the security council, which will allow Canada to do far more good than on the sidelines,” she said.

Mock also pointed out that once it was clear which way the vote was going, there was no point in Canada voting in favour of the resolution. She said that strategic voting will put Canada in a position to play a stronger role in the peace process going forward.
"Strategic voting" my adorably dimpled arse. The only strategy to be seen here is the Trudeau government's desire to suck up--big time--to the heinous UN. And if that means shafting Israel in the process, well, that's something that the Liberals (and let's remember that the "progressive" Ms. Mock numbers herself among their ranks and, indeed, was once a Liberal candidate in a Canadian election) are only too willing to do. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

U.S. To UNHRC: We're Outta Here!

Kudos to the Trump administration for hightailing it out of what is arguably the UN's most odious body, its absurdly misnamed "Human Rights Council." (It should be called the "UN Let's Bash Israel Using the Pretext of Human Rights Council.")

The numbers say it all:

UN Human Rights Council Condemnations, 2006-16:
Israel 68
Syria 20
Burma 11
North Korea 9
Belarus 6
Iran 6
Eritrea 5
Sudan 3
Sri Lanka 3
Libya 2
Burundi 1
Honduras 1
Algeria 0
China 0
Iraq 0
Pakistan 0
Russia 0
Somalia 0
Turkey 0
Venezuela 0
Vietnam 0

Yemen 0

Despite these sickening stats, the EU remains unwavering in its support.

Arms and the (Orange) Man

This does not sound good:
The divergence between the Trump administration’s desire to increase arms sales to the Middle East and the capacity limits of Arab clients for what the US currently markets makes the release of new types of advanced US weapon systems to the region more likely. This could undermine Israel’s qualitative military edge. While the Trump administration’s global arms export drive may increase US-Israel competition for certain markets, it could also offer opportunities for joint arms export cooperation. But Israel should be wary of following the American lead in relaxing export standards for approving arms sales.

Jews With Backbone Defy Anti-Israel Jews

A refreshing--and all too rare--occurrence these days.

A Royal Rose By Any Other Name...Stinks To High Heaven

Prince William’s Israel itinerary refers to Old City Jerusalem as ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’

Monday, June 18, 2018

Beam Him Up, Scotty

Trump announces plans for Pentagon to create 'Space Force'

Unpacking "Juche," North Korea's Ideology

Sounds a lot like Trumpism, if you ask me (my bolds):
Juche, which roughly translates as “self-reliance,” is an odd blend of several different ideas. It borrows much of its language from Marxism but also draws on Confucianism, 20th-century Japanese imperialism, and traditional Korean nationalism. Its core idea is that North Korea is a country that must remain separate and distinct from the world, dependent solely on its own strength and the guidance of a near-godlike leader.

Trudeau Liberals Give "Summer Jobs" Moolah to Khomeinist Racket Led By Eliminationist Shia Preacher

The Toronto Sun's Candice Malcom, for one, is not too impressed (h/t: VR).

Pathology Creep?

The World Health Organization recognizes "gaming disorder" as an addiction/affliction that merits medical intervention.

Coming soon: cell phone psychosis?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Outdoor Advice for Abominable Jews

A U.S. network of Jewish summer camps has told a pro-BDS/anti-Zionist Jewish outfit to take a hike.

Update: Here's a brief run down of the summer "fun" on offer at "Go Palestine," a Ramallah-based camp aimed at youths aged 14-17 who reside in "the Palestinian diaspora":
The camp’s own descriptions of each year’s activities from 2013-2017 report that the teens are shown films such as “Occupation 101” and “Jerusalem: The East Side Story,” which depict Israel as a racist, savage oppressor. A panel on “Youth Activism and Engagement in Palestine” featured representatives of “the Love Under Apartheid Campaign [and] the BDS movement.” Officials of a group called “Right to Education” explained to the campers that all Israeli universities should be boycotted, since they are part of “the structure of systemic oppression.”
Hello Muddah, hello Faddah, here I am at Camp Intifada... 

Another Rare Instance of Truth-Telling in Trump-Besotted Conservative Quarters

Stephen F. Hayes writes that "encouraging President Trump’s premature triumphalism is dangerous."

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"What Happened On Monday In Singapore Was a Disgrace"

Thankfully, there are still a few on the right who are willing to speak truth re the powerful, orange and vainglorious one.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Something the Late Anthony Bourdain Got Very Wrong

For one thing, he didn't "get" Gaza, as is evident from what is meant to be an encomium in the TLS (my bolds):
On politics, everyone got a fair chance to tell their story: he discussed the Troubles in Irish pubs and bars; American viewers walked with him through the streets of Cuba; he ate in Gaza, for which he was both praised and vilified (his response, later, was this: “The world has visited many terrible things on the Palestinian people, none more shameful than robbing them of their basic humanity. People are not statistics. That is all we attempted to show”).
Sadly, however, he omitted the many terrible things the Palestinian people have visited upon Israel specifically and mankind as a whole, including jihad, Jew-hate and wee tots decked out in Semtex vests.

Update: Let's not forget that other Palestinian, erm, "visitation"--Farfour the eliminationist mouse.

Image result for farfour mouse

Monday, June 11, 2018

Enough Already With the Ubiquitous "We're So Sorry That We 'Settlers' Stole Your Land" Disclaimers That are Recited Before Every Public Events In Canada

Yesterday afternoon, as I sat in what was quite possibly the most uncomfortable theatre seat I have ever occupied (the words "zero leg room" don't even begin to cover it), I heard the National Ballet of Canada's Karen Kain launch into one of those Truth and Reconciliation Commission-engendered mea culpas. 

You know the kind. They go on and on about how we non-Aboriginals are sitting smack on top of Aboriginal land, and that all of "our" Canada is actually--and remains--their Turtle Island. (Not that the "admission" is doing much to placate First Nations.)

Today I chanced upon a rebuttal to the "let's wallow in guilt" mindset that many, including me, find so ridiculous and oppressive (also ridiculously oppressive):
In a recent interview in the online magazine which I edit, Quillette, I asked Campbell and Manning what they thought about cultural appropriation. They explained that they found such complaints baffling, like everybody else, but that they also “illustrate victimhood culture quite well.” One of the key components of victimhood culture is its projection of collective guilt, social offenses between individuals are no longer about the actual people involved, they are about “one social group harming another.”

One might make the case that while complaints about cultural appropriation are annoying, they are ultimately harmless. What is the harm in showing deference to peoples who have historically been the victims of exploitation, discrimination, and unfair treatment? What is the harm in showing respect and compliance with these new rules—isn’t it a way of making up for past sins?

The short answer to these questions is, no. The notion that a person can be held as responsible for actions that he or she did not commit strikes at the very heart of our conception of human rights and justice.

We used to take calls for collective punishment much more seriously. In the 1949 Geneva Convention it was determined that: “No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed.” Collective punishment was seen as a tactic designed to intimidate and subdue an entire population. The drafters of the Geneva Convention clearly had in mind the atrocities committed in WWI and WWII where entire villages and communities suffered mass retribution for the resistance activities of a few. In their commentary on the outlawing of collective punishment the International Red Cross stated: “A great step forward has been taken. Responsibility is personal and it will no longer be possible to inflict penalties on persons who have themselves not committed the acts complained of.”

Trump Goes South (Park)

Now that Trump's on a tear against the blandest, nicest country in the world (picking a fight with Canada--isn't that like picking a fight with a baby seal, or with, say, maple syrup for being way too sweet?), these words (nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar in 1999) sound eerily prescient:
Time's have changed
Our kids are getting worse
They won't obey their parents
They just want to fart and curse

Should we blame the government?
Or blame society?
Or should we blame the images on TV?

No, blame Canada, blame Canada
With all their beady little eyes
And flappin' heads so full of lies

Blame Canada, blame Canada
We need to form a full assault
It's Canada's fault,,

Well, blame Canada, blame Canada
It seems that everything's gone wrong
Since Canada came along

Blame Canada, blame Canada
There not even a real country anyway...

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Just In Time for Toronto's Latest "Al Quds Day"...

The editorial in the Toronto Sun details "The true, malevolent face of the Iranian regime," that band of theocratic brigands whose avowed aim is a genocide of the Jews, beginning with the ones in Israel.

Here's the brief letter I sent in response:
In view of the Iranian leader's vow to, in his own words, "eradicate Israel," here's a question to pose to Mayor John Tory: Why is Toronto permitting yet another "Al Quds Day," an annual event initiated by the late Ayatollah Khomeini in order to "protest" Israel's effrontery in daring to exist, to take place in our city?
In an instance of perfect timing, Gatestone's Bassam Tawil explains why the Khomeinists' "Justice, Peace & Love" palaver is a bunch of malarkey:
Yelling lies about Israel and Jews does not make one "pro-Palestinian." It only makes one an Israel-hater. Hating Israel does not improve human rights conditions for Palestinians living under Hamas and Fatah. Instead, it serves as a distraction and even facilitates Fatah and Hamas in suppressing public freedoms and human rights.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Al Quds Day Toronto Promo Is Bollocks On Stilts

Here's the ad:

As I'm sure you're aware, "JUSTICE, PEACE & LOVE" are not part of the Khomeinist agenda. However, bamboozling the gullible infidels--and undermining the sovereign Jewish state of Israel--via an annual "Al Quds Day" definitely is.


Update: I just sent the following via email to Hizzoner, John Tory:
Dear Mayor Tory, 
I am dismayed and disgusted to see the City of Toronto—motto: Diversity is Our Strength—doing nothing to put the brakes on yet another Iran-sponsored Al Quds Day.  
This is not about “free speech.” This is not about “free assembly.” This is about Iran’s desire to wipe out the sovereign Jewish State of Israel (see this: https://www.timesofisrael.com/khamenei-israel-a-cancerous-tumor-that-must-be-eradicated/). 
There is no place for this sort of genocidal hatred in the city we both love.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The CBC--Biased, Not Tough (Duh!)

Upon reading the CBC Ombudsthingy's latest ruling--she concluded, quelle surprise, that a Ceeb interviewer was not biased when savaging questioning an Israeli politician--I couldn't help but chortle.

"Tough, not biased," eh?

Now, that's hilarious. (I can always tell when a Ceeb interviewer is questioning a conservative and/or non-lefty Israeli. The CBC interlocutor gets an edge, a tone, in his/her voice that simply isn't there when interviewing others. If that, in and of itself, isn't evidence of "bias," I don't know what is.)

Want more evidence of the Ceeb's obvious bias? How 'bout this? Or this?

I wouldn't bother complaining to the Ombudsthingy about it, though. What with her being a die-hard company gal and all, she wouldn't be able to perceive Ceeb bias if it leapt up and bit her on the tuches.

Nuttiest Story of the Day

Even nuttier than Roseanne blaming Ambien for her racism and support of Trump is news that Kim Kardashian will visit the White House to discuss--wait for it--prison reform.

"Wonder Woman" Gal Gadot Gushes Over Opportunity to Produce Rom-Com About Commie Dreamboat Fidel Castro

Tom Wolfe may have shuffled off this mortal coil, but radical chic will never die!

Image result for fidel castro sexy

Monday, May 28, 2018

This Is What Usefully Idiotic Jews Do

They say "kaddish for jihadists."

The Big Lie of Deir Yassin

The Big Lie: bloodthirsty Jews "massacred" helpless, innocent Arabs in the peaceful village of Deir Yassin.

The truth: there was no massacre.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Is It Time to Stop Genuflecting To "Indigenous Ways of Knowledge" (IWK) As a Way to Expiate Residual Guilt for Residential Schools?

This article makes the case for it:
Formally recognizing the harm done by the residential school system is a laudable goal. But I have yet to see any evidence that scholars create knowledge in fundamentally different ways, based on their ethnicities, as IWK proponents claim.

It is entirely true that Indigenous cultures have amassed valuable knowledge for millennia—from the creation of beautiful and elaborate origin stories, to the development of ecological know-how, to the observation of basic principles of astronomy. But these elements tend to be universal within all cultures, including Western cultures as they have passed through earlier stages of scientific development.

In recent centuries, the Western tradition has created a suite of intellectual tools that did not develop in other cultures–such as the scientific method, which requires that new claims be tested, replicated and scrutinized by one’s peers before being accepted. As applied through such mechanisms as peer review, the scientific method permits us to separate fact from folklore. To the extent the implementation of IWK would require the dilution or relaxation of these practices, it would undermine one of the primary purposes of our universities since the Enlightenment.
The Enlightement? How Eurocentric can you get, you racist! (That's me channeling guilt-ridden "progressives.") 

Talk About a Rush to Judgment

An "improvised explosive device" is detonated at a restaurant in Mississauga, injuring 15 people, and police immediately rule out "terrorism"?

How can that be?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cutlery a Preventative for Clitorectomy?

DON, May 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Swedish city is advising girls who fear being taken abroad for forced marriage or female genital mutilation (FGM) to tuck a spoon in their underwear before going through airport security.

Airport staff in Gothenburg have been told how to respond in such circumstances, said Katarina Idegard, who is in charge of tackling honour-based violence in Sweden's second biggest city.

"The spoon will trigger metal detectors when you go through security checks," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. "You will be taken aside and you can then talk to staff in private." 
"It is a last chance to sound the alarm," Idegard added.

Today's Limerick

Terry Glavin's last column got singed.
"Israel makes some crazed, " he's now whinged.
Should he look in the mirror
It couldn't be clearer--
He might be the one who's unhinged.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Tribute to the Late Philip Roth

I awoke to the news that Philip Roth has died at the age of 85. It is unfortunate, though hardly surprising, that this great writer will now be reduced to his most notorious (and, IMHO, far from his best) work. (Well, he did come up with that scene in which he disrespects a slab of raw liver--so I suppose he has only himself to blame for such a complaint.)

Earlier this year, he was interviewed by the New York Times. I especially like this bit wherein he sums up the bathos of the writer's life:
C.M. Looking back, how do you recall your 50-plus years as a writer?

Exhilaration and groaning. Frustration and freedom. Inspiration and uncertainty. Abundance and emptiness. Blazing forth and muddling through. The day-by-day repertoire of oscillating dualities that any talent withstands — and tremendous solitude, too. And the silence: 50 years in a room silent as the bottom of a pool, eking out, when all went well, my minimum daily allowance of usable prose.
Personally, I have never read Roth for his sex scenes (which are too phallocentric for me, and which I have tended to skim or skip over). I read, past tense--and read, present tense--Roth for his way with words and for his electrifying flights of prose, of which the above represents the merest taste.

Fortunately, he has left us plenty of heady writing, a lasting legacy which should have been acknowledged with a Nobel literature prize. And when you consider some of the lesser lights who have won it (Harold Pinter? Bob Dylan?), it seems clear that Roth was well and truly robbed.

Update: Don't miss Tablet's "Remembering Philip Roth."

Barbara Kay and the "Abominable" Post Man

Yesterday, the National Post printed my letter objecting to NatPo columnist Terry Glavin's use of the word "abomination" re Israel's actions in Gaza.

Today--hurray!--Barbara Kay elaborates on--and excoriates--Glavin's abominable word choice:
Well, that’s quite a strong word, abomination. A very damning word. Myself, I save it for truly depraved actions like the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons on whole villages of innocent people — man, woman and child — by a monstrous tyrant who will stop at nothing to retain power, and who has proved many times that he’s devoid of any respect for the lives of those who aren’t kin or politically useful. I’m referring to Syria’s Assad, of course — and having read Glavin’s columns over the years, I know he shares my horror.
And this explains some of my surprise. “Abomination” is not a word I would ever use for any engagement with enemy forces undertaken in a democratic nation whose military, made up of ordinary citizens, comes out of a culture in which respect for human life is legendary.
Kay goes on to provide examples of actions that do satisfy the meaning of "abomination"/"abominable":
Hamas provided free transportation to the security fence for all Gazans, including women and children. They were paid $14 a head or $100 per family to attend. The injured received $500. That’s pretty abominable. So’s this: Hamas gave everyone with a video camera VIP access to “the show,” and free wifi too to make sure no injury went unrecorded (both real and fake: one video shows an “injured” victim borne away on a stretcher hopping off completely unscathed when presumably out of camera range.)
She concludes in a more-in-sadness-than-in-anger kind of way:
Israel is constantly subjected to double standards — by the UN, by biased journalists, by anti-Semites on social media. In choosing to use this morally charged locution, “abomination,” with regard to the IDF, even the brilliant and knowledgeable and honourable Terry Glavin, whose writing on foreign affairs I greatly admire, has not only succumbed to uncharacteristic rhetorical carelessness, but in doing so, has given comfort and ammunition to polemical jackals for whom he normally and justifiably feels the greatest contempt.
Well, there's a sucker born every minute--and, in the bamboozling department, Hamas has it all over old P.T.!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

More Evidence of Ceeb Political Bias?

The CBC claims that Andrea Horvath's socialist NDP party is "surging." However, according to the latest polling--which does not receive the same "sexy" headline--the Ontario Tories have an 85% chance of winning a majority in the upcoming election.

CBC Ombudsthingy Shoots Down Honest Reporting Canada Complaint Re the Ceeb's Flagrantly Biased Gaza Reportage

Quelle surprise, eh?

Update: What can I say? The Ceeb brings out the Emily Dickinson in moi:
The Ceeb claims its coverage is "neutral,"
Which is obviously less than trut'ful.
Its leftist perspective
Remains a directive.
To complain will never be fruitful.