Friday, February 11, 2011


Did Obama's head of the risibly named "National Intelligence" just say that Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is "secular"?

Why, yes; yes he did.

Today's analogy: the Muslim Brotherhood, a fanatical Islamic racket dedicated to making the kafir bow down to sharia law and the caliph, is to "secular" as James Clapper, director of "National Intelligence," is to "intelligence".

Update: James Clapper--the latest in a long, unbroken string of useful idiots, and why he's gotta go.

Update: The Muslim Brotherhood--"secular" in the Allahu Akbar! sense.

Update: Lest you think those on the left are the only ones to fall for "the Muslim Brotherhood is helpful and non-threatening" line, Diana West writes about a former Bush-appointee who's doing his damnedest to make right-wingers swallow it (with some success, alas).

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Dallas99 said...

Obama is neither naive, confused or into appeasement. His oily speeches seem contrived and insincere. It's plain that he's only talking the talk in an attempt to keep half the country in their sleepwalking state.

Obama has a sinister agenda. All his actions speak the clearest truth - his refusal to support the Iranians in their time of need, and his enthusiasm to encourage the power vacuum in Egypt which is bound to be filled by the MB. He's islamist, and amazingly the president of the US! This abuse of America's power will end tragically for the world.