Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cruising For Sexual Assault in Tahrir Square

What was a blonde kafir doing sans bodyguards in a crowd of hyper-excited Arab men? Why, she was reporting on "liberation" festivities in Tahrir Square, of course. Perfectly safe place for a comely infidel gal reporter, right?

Well, no, not exactly. Anyone who's been listening to the news knows what happened next--she was set upon by a bunch of men who subjected her to a sustained and brutal sexaul assault.

While I might not go as far as Debbie Schlussel, who thinks the CBS reporter got what was coming to her (and who has consequently gotten into hot water for being so "callous"), I do think it demonstrates an astonishing degree of ignorance/innocence on the network's part to put this woman in harm's way.

Update: The media don't want you to know (because it clashes with the romantic "freedom" narrative they've so carefully crafted) that the mob was yelling, "Jew, Jew" as it set upon Lara Logan (who doesn't even, as they say, "look Jewish," but which really didn't matter to "democracy"-lovers in such mobs because as far as they're concerned all American kafirs are "Jews"--or may as well be).

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