Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Darwish's J'accuse

In Zola-like dudgeon, Nonie Darwish accuses Obama and his policy of "outreach" of empowering the MuBros and other Islamotarian Mo fo's:
I foresaw that there could be an uprising in Egypt that would empower the Brotherhood right after I heard Obama’s Cairo speech. Losing Egypt and perhaps more other countries may be Obama’s legacy. Obama has empowered the Islamists not only in the Muslim world, but also inside in the U.S. Could anyone have imagined the U.S. president support the building of a mosque on Ground Zero against the wishes of his own people and the families of the victims? Could anyone have imagined that Islamists are being hired in our homeland security apparatus and in the White House? Could anyone have imagined an American president bowing before the Arabian despot King whose countrymen were behind 9/11? This is a king, incidentally, whose only contribution to world culture is sitting on the cash register of Western Oil companies. Who could have imagined that the first US president elected after 9/11 would declare on foreign land that America is not a Christian nation but a Muslim nation?  
We have two more years of empowering of Islamists and only God knows what the situation will be when Obama leaves office. The Brotherhood have said more than once that they will put the peace treaty with Israel to a referendum to nullify it. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, headquartered in Yemen, is waiting for an opportunity to set the Arabian Peninsula on fire. The U.S. better be ready for oil shipment troubles and perhaps embargoes, to say the least. A responsible administration must immediately “drill baby drill.”...
As if.

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