Sunday, February 6, 2011

Harpoon High Fives Obama's 'Jettison'

Harpoon Siddiqui is on board with Obama's quick 'n' dirty dismissal of long-time ally Mubarak:
...[It's not at all surprising] that Benjamin Netanyahu, Stephen Harper, Republican stalwarts in Congress and like-minded pundits would parrot the dictator’s refrain that it’s him or chaos. Him or “the Arab street,” with hordes ready to overrun civilization. Him or the Muslim Brotherhood, waiting to undo the peace treaty with Israel.

It is, however, a pleasant surprise to see Barack Obama jettison Mubarak in a jiffy, abandoning decades-long American foreign policy.

In calling for a new transitional government with “a broad spectrum of voices,” secular and religious, Obama has created room for the United States to play a useful role in fashioning a new Egypt and perhaps a new Middle East.
Yes, he has "created room" to do to Israel what he's done to Mubarak--and aren't Harpoon and Co. tickled at the prospect?

Update: The pro-democracy rally yesterday at Queen's Park was attended by members of Canada's first family of jihad such noted democracy proponents as the Khadr klan. Oh, and Jack "Chillin' and Shillin' for Muslim Votes" Layton was there, too.

Update: FYI, here are Stephen Harper's "not at all surprising" remarks (which Harpoon has completely misrepresented):
"I don't think there is any doubt from anyone who is watching this situation that transition is occurring, and will occur, in Egypt; the question is what kind of transition this will be," Harper said.

"What we want to be sure is (that) we lead to a future that is not simply more democratic, but a future where that democracy is guided by such values as non-violence, as the rule of law, as respect and respect for human rights — including the rights of minorities, including the rights of religious minorities."
Doesn't sound like much of a "parrot" to me. Instead, he sounds quite independent-minded and sensible. Much more sensible, in fact, than both Obama and Harpoon.

Update: Further to my comment about how Obama has "created room" to shaft Israel as he's shafted Mubarak--BINGO! 

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