Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh, Great. A New 'Human Rights' Prize

I have mixed feeling about the news that the Tory government is establishing the Diefenbaker Award to honour "human rights" achievements both here and abroad. On the one hand, it's great to salute Dief the Chief, the prime minister who brought in a Bill of Rights that acknowledged genuine rights (including property rights), back in the day when the concept of human rights really meant something. On the other hand, I have huge qualms about doing anything to validate what "human rights" has become in our time, i.e. a means of ramming P.C. and/or Islam down peoples' throats for the sake of empowering the power-hungry. Also--I can't imagine the opposition Liberals maintaining such an award once they regain control.

A Trudeau prize--yes. A Diefenbaker prize--not so much.

Any anyway, instead of validating the mess that is modern "human rights," why don't the Tories get rid of state censorship (Section 13 of the Trudeaupian Charter) and defang our cockamanie "human rights" apparatus? Now that would be the greatest prize of all.

Update: Another great way to support human rights--stop giving taxpayer shekels to eliminationist Palestine House.

Update: BCF summons up Dief's ghost.

Update: Dief'll be the chief again--Bob Bossin's "homage" to the jowly one.

Update: A quick look at the plethora of "wonderful" "human rights" rackets our federal "human rights" body links to reveals the true nature of the concept in our time--it's been hijacked by the UN's wacky "rights" body, locked in the grip of despotic regimes, most of them Muslim, along with such Zion-despising NGOs as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (who have helped make the Durban "human rights" conferences so memorable).

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