Monday, February 14, 2011

Shutting Up the Kafir a Piece o' Cake

An undercover TV exposé caught a cleric preaching/teaching hate to kids at the "Muslim Eton," located in Birmingham. The revelations, reports the Daily Mail, have forced the school to close. Oh, not because of what's being taught there--that was quickly explained away as an aberration of the school's customary "tolerant" and kindly teachings (the ones you can find in the Koran). No, the school has been shut down over fears that "far-right" "Islamophobes" will react in an intolerant manner and harm the school kiddies.

As always, the best defence--and the best way to draw attention away from anything problematic about Islam--is to scream "Islamophobia!" at the top of your lungs. Works every time.

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