Thursday, February 17, 2011

They Stand on Guard for 'We'

Ever wonder what Canada's Liberal Party really stands for. Here it is (with my bolds and snarky comments in brackets):

Liberals believe that every citizen, in every part of our country, deserves a fair shot at the full promise of Canadian life—from early learning and childcare, to world-class colleges and universities, public pensions, and universal healthcare that makes us proud. (That's right, folks--cradle-to-tomb coddling to keep you dependent on--and eternally grateful for--Big Government. As for the "universal healthcare--notice how for Liberals it's one word, like "Obamacare"--obviously, whoever wrote this malarkey hasn't had to spend any time in a hospital emergency room lately, or been put on a wait list for, say, an MRI.)

Liberals believe that individual freedom is only possible in a just society. And we believe that good government can bring us together to build a more prosperous, more sustainable, more united Canada—a Canada that leads by example on the world stage. ("A just society"--a term employed by Pierre E. Trudeau, architect of our suicidal social doctrine of multiculti, to refer to a society in which "the individual" gets lost in the shuffle of collectivism and victim groups; a society in which the government feels the need to butt into all areas of an individual's life save, of course, the bedroom. Anyone else chilled to the marrow by that assertion that freedom is "only possible" such a society?)

Liberals don’t want big government, but we do want good government. We have the record to prove it: Medicare, the Canada Pension Plan, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, official bilingualism and multiculturalism, and the best public finances in the world... (Liberals want big government. And the fact that they think the list of "accomplishments--all of which require vast bureaucracies to keep them up and running--is something to boast about is as amusing as it is appalling.)

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