Monday, March 5, 2012

Atavistic Extreme Sport of the Week--Horseback Archery

From onIslam:
SURRY, Britain – Following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), Muslims and mosques in the southern British country of Surry are reviving the centuries-old sport of horseback archery at weekly sessions which attract many young Muslims.

"Archery is one of those sports that the Prophet Muhammad specifically recommended that we do, likewise horse riding, and it also helps you to overcome certain fears as well," Coach Jehad Shamis, of organization Archery for All, told the BBC on Monday, March 5.

"British Asians and Muslims in general are not that good with animals either and it's something that we really need to overcome."...
Best of luck with that. 


Carlos Perera said...

Actually (and incredibly, coming as it does from the Religion of Peace cultural penumbra), this actually sounds like fun!

scaramouche said...

It sounds like The Hunger Games--on a horse.

1389 said...

The sport came originally from the Mongols in pre-Islamic times. The Muslims did not originate it.

And yes, it sounds like fun, even though I'm too old and don't have either the coordination or the money to participate in such things.