Wednesday, March 14, 2012

“I’m Very Comfortable at My Office, Where They Even Give me a Private Space to Pray”

The above is offered as an example of a "human rights story" that can be shared with the greater Ontario populace as part of our daft and daffy "human rights" commish's Living Human Rights Project. Since I don't have a Living Human Rights story to share, I thought I'd write one in the voice of a Muslim male student who's a regular at his Toronto public school mosqueteria:
"I'm very comfortable at my school, where sharia is in effect at lunchtime on Fridays, and girls are consigned to their rightful place during prayers."
 Or one channeling an Ontario Muslim landlord:
"I'm very comfortable with my Muslims-only rental policy. Greeting and salutations for supporting sharia my "human rights," Barbara Hall!


Van Grungy said...

Begging for work

Frances said...

Has anyone bothered to ask the girls how they feel to be 'consigned to their rightful place'?