Friday, March 2, 2012

Nothing Palatable on THAT Menu

So nice of the National Post to give a platform to "Ambassador" Said Hamad, the Palestininians' official rep in/to Canada. Said, who's really hot for that proverbial, chimerical "two-state solution," is selflessly looking out for Israel's interests. Ending "the occupation," he writes in an op-ed piece framed as an open letter to Canada's prime minister, would actually "protect Israel." Alas, since what he really wants is to put an end to the occupation of Israel (a.k.a the Zionist entity) by sovereign Jewry, he cannot help but tip his hand:
The international consensus for achieving this peace is the realization of the two-state solution - a solution that culminates with Palestine's exercise of sovereignty over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, with East Jerusalem as its capital. And of course, any genuine peace will include a menu of options for refugees, including the right of return.
Sorry, Mr. "Ambassador." Your "refugees" will have to "return" to some other restaurant. Might I suggest one or more of the almost three score ones belonging to the OIC where Islam is on the, ahem, menu?


Carlos Perera said...

It feels like 1933 all over again. God help us all.

scaramouche said...