Monday, March 19, 2012

Outliers' Club

Re the Sunday New York Times' article about how Jews are "divided on Iran," with two "pro-Israel" groups seeing diplomacy as the only way to go, Contentions' Jonathan Tobin writes that
those readers eager to discover which mainstream Jewish groups were taking a contrary position on Iran were disappointed. The only organizations that the Times could find to back up that headline were J Street and Tikkun. While the former claims to be “pro-Israel” even the latter’s adherents do not attempt to play that game. But however you wish to label them, the idea that disagreement from these two left-wing outliers constitutes any sort of a Jewish debate is comical. Perhaps only in the pages of the New York Times or that of Tikkun itself, could a situation where the opposition of groups as marginal as these be considered a serious news story.
Update: Tikkun (a "movement," supposedly, of Jews who don't care/don't realize that the clock is "tikkun" with Iran) is into "interfaith" and "spiritual social justice"--'nuff said.

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