Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pushing for Government-Paid Contraception an Ill-Conceived Strategy for Leftist Survival

From the fertile mind of James Taranto:
[T]he left's war on fertility is likely to have its greatest success in reducing the fertility of left-leaning women, thereby ensuring that future generations are more conservatives. 

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Carlos Perera said...

Actually, the Left has already thought of that outcome, which is no doubt a large part of their drive to marginalize the moral guidance of parents throughout the West, e.g., mandating the anti-moral indoctrination of children, even those who are home-schooled (for as long as they have to tolerate that little corner of familial independence . . . which they have managed to eradicate in many jurisdictions, like Sweden and Germany). With enough school-based indoctrination, (they hope), they can "turn" many, if not most of these kids. Obama's expressed ideal of having every high school graduate go to college, despite the overwhelming evidence that most college degrees are no longer marketable, is not as irrational as it might seem at first glance: modern colleges and universities as incubators of Leftist groupthink, and especially of the cultural Marxism that has worked so successfully to undermine the traditional family as an institution (and is doing wonders in destroying churches that will not toe the politically correct line).