Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Reason My Kid's "Art" Lessons are Preachy Lectures in Eco-Worship

It's because of this:
In 2009, the Ontario Ministry of Education published a policy document stating that "environmental education" should be embedded in all grades and in all subjects of the Ontario curriculum (Ontario Ministry of Education [OME], 2009, p.12) rather than creating a distinct subject area in Ecological Literacy.
However, the authors of a study investigating how the indoctrination is working out in actual classrooms have identified a glaring problem:
Since under the new policy all teachers are expected to „teach‟ environmental information in all subjects once in the classroom, the evidence suggests a vicious cycle. Because these teachers are exposed to low levels of ecological literacy or none at all, they may either not offer much by the way of ecological education to their students, or offer lessons that are based in an inadequate understanding of ecological concepts and issues. This leads to insufficient exposure to ecological education for the students of today and tomorrow, and the cycle continues.
Yeah, that's the problem--not enough exposure to this twaddle. ;)

Are parents in Ontario even aware that their kids' education has been hijacked by this creepy green agenda, one that prioritizes eco-awareness at the expense of teaching social studies as social studies, math as math, and, yes, art as art, and for art's sake (and not for the sake of Premier Dalton McGreeny, eco-weeny)? Isn't that something we who want our kids to actually learn something of value during all the hours they spend away from us in school should be up in arms about? (Oh, not real arms, or even kiddie-drawn pictures of arms, of course; that could give rise to a whole host of deranged and unpleasant consequences that no rational parent would want to endure.)

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