Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The U.K. Submits to Ultra-Rich, Ultra-Islamist Qatar

The age-old canard is that the Jews have all the money and therefore all the power. The truth is that, by virtue of a geological quirk, Qatar is awash in oil and has so much coin at its disposal that it is quickly buying up much of the U.K.

But don't worry. I'm sure there's no hidden agenda there, Qatar being one of those modern, "moderate" Arab states, right?

What say you, Daily Mail scribbler?
To the visitor, Qatar is a city of opposites: the oil rich and the foreign labouring underclass; Western decadence married to Islamic orthodoxy; modernity and Arab Bedouin tradition.  
The Western-branded glitz is combined with a very conservative Middle Eastern culture. Qatar is run according to sharia law, most of its population are Sunni Muslims and it is still a traditional society despite being more liberal than some of its neighbours, which include Saudi Arabia.
Most of the five-star hotels and restaurants do not serve alcohol. To get a drink at one hotel with the required permit, I was told I needed to show my passport. A dispensation will be granted for the World Cup [which is to be played in Doha, Qatar's capital city]. After all, football fans get thirsty when it is 50 degrees Celsius.
Yeah, I'm sure everything'll be just fine.

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