Friday, May 11, 2012

Clooney's Swanky Soiree Raises a Cool $15 Million for Obama's Re-election

What can you say? It's Hollywood.

Update: My lyrics:

Hooray for Hollywood!
That Clooney, really loony Hollywood.
Where everybody thinks that Barry O. rocks,
There's lots of Botox,
And no one's face can move.
And no one heckles
When scads of shekels
Are raised for an "evolver"
Who's got his groove.

Hooray for Hollywood!
They think that he's terrific:
He's no good.
But he's so goshdarned cool
They can't resist him
And go ballistic
If you say Mitt could win.
Come on and see the skanks.
You could be, say, Tom Hanks.
Hooray for Hollywood!

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