Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Equity for all at the TDSB!"

Well, not for all. Not for, say, the chicks, especially the bleeders, over at the TDSB mosqueteria. And not anywhere at that madrassah that rents space from the TDSB, the one (but I venture to say not the only one) where pernicious Jew-hate is on the syllabus. Nevertheless, the board isn't going to allow such cognitive dissonance spoil its "equity" par-tay, and is positively giddy with excitement over this year's Education Week.  Hence the Orwellian slogan (Equity for all at Animal Farm!) quoted above. (According to this article, the board has yet to decide what, if any, action to take re its non-equity-minded tenant. I predict it will do nada and, as in the case of that "equitable" mosqueteria, wait for the post-exposure outrage to simply peter out.)

Update: From the Ceeb report:
The TDSB said it will wait until after the police investigation is finished to decide whether to take any action. A spokesman said tenants who break the law — by promoting hatred for example — could be denied a permit to use TDSB space.
Never going to happen. You heard it here first.

Update: As for our police...
Supt. Mario Tommaso, the MCC [the Toronto police's Muslim Consultative Committee] chair, took the opportunity to talk about how the Service has incorporated the hijab into its uniform.
“The TPS [Toronto Police Service] is the first service in Canada, and the second in North America, to adopt the hijab as a formal part of the police uniform for those women who choose to wear it,” he said, of the hijab, being worn by one female Auxiliary officer.

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