Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Face the Facts. Tell the Truth. Take Responsibility. Do What He Would Have Done"

Ten years after the assassination of Pim Fortuyn (where did the decade go?), Bruce Bawer, a former resident of the Netherlands (he now lives in Norway) pays tribute to dead politician, and advises the Dutch on the proper way to behave.

Update: Don't miss Jerry Gordon writing about Geert Wilders' new book in the New English Review:
Wilders' book has a foreword by Canadian-born commentator Mark Steyn, a kindred fighter for free speech, subjected to prosecution brought by Muslim complaints against Steyn by human rights councils in Canada. Both authors are leaders of a burgeoning movement in the West, in the courts and the public square, defending the right to criticize Islam. Wilders’ book is both a primer on the underlying totalitarian doctrine of Islam and a personal chronicle. It illustrates his endeavors over the past decade to alert the West to the tsunami of Islamic hatred of freedom and liberty. A tsunami on the verge of engulfing his native Holland and other European countries, turning them into what Bat Ye’or has called Eurabia.

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