Thursday, May 10, 2012

Official Jewry Decries Shia Jew-Hate Evident in Madrassah Text Books Imported From Ayatollahville

Via BCF:
the National Post quoted David Koschitzky, chair of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, as saying. “We urge the Toronto District School Board — and all public institutions that house related programs — to ensure that radical, theocratic regimes that are hostile to our values are not permitted in our public schools.”
Better yet, we should have ensured that radical, theocratic regimes hostile to our values were not permitted in our country. Too late for that, obviously.

Update: Commenting on the BCF post, Rick McGinnis goes the Casablanca route:
Too many people are "shocked! Shocked to discover that vicious anti-Semitism has been going on at a madrassa!" There sure are a lot of Captain Renaults around.

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