Sunday, May 13, 2012

The TDSB's Breakfast of Champions

This just in--eating breakfast is good for you. Not only that. According to a TDSB study, it has super-powerful—dare one say supernatural?—effects. The study, which was two years in the making, found a causal link between eating breakfast and having a better attitude, getting better grades, and reducing suspensions.

And all that just because you ate your morning Wheaties (or whatever).

Anyone else think that, while eating breakfast is probably a good idea (a better one than, say, not eating it), many other factors come into play re a student's overall performance, and that this is merely another instance of the food police's obsession with/micromanagement of what kids are eating these days?

Here's a TDSB study I'd like to see (but never will): What's the impact on a girl student's performance of compulsory gender segregation/exclusion of bleeders during Friday prayers at her school's mosqueteria? Does the Board really believe that eating her morning bagel (or whatever) can help mitigate that?

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