Friday, May 4, 2012

Warning: Do NOT Read the Toronto Star's Obnoxious Puffery About "Human Rights" Diva Barbara Hall After Eating a Meal

Not unless you're looking to lose the contents of your stomach, that is.

My song for Babs:

Ah, Ba-ba-ba-ba-barb-ra Hall,
Ba-ba-ba-ba-barb-ra Hall.

Oh, Barbara Hall,
Has lots of gall.
Barbara Hall.
She love to tell you what to;
Oh, man, that chick's a shrew,
That Barbara Hall,
Ba-ba-ba-barb-ra Hall.

Used to be our mayor.
Hated what's "unfayor."
Needed a chief commissar
So someone put her there,
That Barbara Hall.
She's hugely mediocre.
Why didn't they revoke her?
Barbara Hall,
Ba-ba-ba-barb-ra Hall...

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