Sunday, July 1, 2012

Head for the Hills! Ontario's "Human Rights" Frankenstein is Out of Control!

When it comes to empowering her "human rights" racket, chief commissar Barb will stop at nothing. Nothing! Case in point: her current effort to ignore city of Toronto bylaws and as she rewrites them herself (purely for the sake of us little people and our "human rights," of course, and not because she's a power-besotted harridan). This time, however, she may have overstepped, and could be stopped by angry villagers bearing torches (or the Toronto version thereof--angry lawyers bearing briefs):
The city’s legal department argues the challenge is outside the scope of the tribunal because, unlike many typical complaints, a bylaw isn’t a service or housing provider who is discriminating against an individual. In fact, it says, no individuals have been affected in this case at all.

And they responded by email that the tribunal doesn’t have the “statutory authority” to hear a challenge to legislation.

“This is a landmark case,” said Hall. “Human rights arguments are being used in a way that they haven’t been in the past.”

But she says bylaws are not outside the scope of the Ontario Human Rights Code. “It’s not unusual in the area of human rights to have people say, ‘we’ve always done things this way. Why are you challenging us now?’”
Which is a not-terribly-well-veiled way of saying "why are you challenging me?"

Er, because no one died and made you queen? Because, despite what you may think, you're not the boss of us? Because you're shockingly delusional and more than a tad power-crazed?

Shall I go on?

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