Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lefty Laments the End of State Censorship

Section 13 dead and gone? It's a huge loss for those seeking to curtail "hate speech" claims this rabbler--and a huge victory for the eee-ville ones ("right-wing extemists and "free-speech absolutists"):
On June 6, Canadians lost a valuable tool in the fight against discrimination and hate. Through a backdoor private member's bill, the Conservative government repealed Section 13 of the federal Human Rights Act, which gave the Canadian Human Rights Commission the power to hear complaints about public hate speech over the telephone or on the Internet. Although the repeal bill is not yet law, it is now in the hands of the Conservative-dominated Senate where it is fully expected to become law.

The campaign to repeal the bill was led by right-wing extremists and free speech absolutists, who were also about the only ones celebrating the repeal. The Criminal Code is now the only tool we have left to combat hate speech on the Internet, where most hatred is expressed nowadays.

One possibly valid objection to the hate speech provision in the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) was that a separate clause (Section 54) provided for financial penalties against transgressors, which the Canadian Bar Association said was an inappropriate power for an Act that primarily has a "remedial and conciliatory" purpose. Although the CBA supported keeping Sec. 13 and repealing Sec. 54, both were repealed. Hate speakers now face a possible prison sentence, a criminal record, and fines under the Criminal Code, rather than just paying a fine under the CRHA. Why would they be happy about that?...
If I may be permitted to field that one on behalf of the right-wing extremist/free speech absolutist cabal: Because the system was corrupt as can be. Because, since 1990, only one hate-hater (supported by his pals at the CJC) availed himself of the Section (in the process pocketing a good deal of coin--and picking up a shiny award from his Jewish friends--for his efforts). Because the section in question dovetailed only too well with sharia notions of blasphemy that are being pushed both domestically and internationally? Because freedom of speech, while not absolute (it is limited, for example, by laws governing libel and slander), is essential for the mainentance of freedom in general? Because, pace leftists and Islamists who think otherwise, no one has the "human right" to not be offended. Because, pace Bernie Farber, Section 13 was not all that stood between Canadian Jewry and another Holocaust. Because...

I could go on (and on), but I'll stop now.

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