Monday, July 2, 2012

"Numerous participants in this year’s celebrations are frustrated by the commercialization of Pride. Many pointed to the fact that it was hard to walk down Church St without stepping on advertisements for Viagra"

Funniest line in Xtra's Pride Parade report. The rest is boilerplate about celebrating "diversity" and "hug a gay child" and blah blah blah that sanitizes the throng of schlongs. For a more complete, ahem, picture (which, please be advised, ain't so pretty), don't miss BCF's "scrapbook."

Update: Runner-up for funniest Pride line--QuAIA's "there is no pink door in the apartheid wall." True enough, but there should be one. It would make it ever so much easier for queer Palestinians who are trying to escape into queer-friendly Israel.

This sure ain't Gaza, habibi

Update: A reputed Ontario chief-commissar-in-waiting was there, of course. Fortunately for all, he kept his pants on.

Update: The Quebecois approach--celebrate Pride, or else.

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