Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Is It About Bernie Farber That Brings Out the Archie Bunker In Me?

Must be meat-headed stuff like this:
But now, it's a celebration. And let's be clear, the Pride Parade is an adult celebration. Along with many supporters of LGBTQ, many dressed in exotic, tantalizing and, yes, even sexy outfits. Many come as much to gape as to participate. There is nudity and there will be those who would find it offensive. They are best advised to stay home and please it really is not a place for children. Other than that the floats, parade participants, parade watchers and gawkers and yes even Metro's finest just enjoyed the day.  

And don't believe for a moment that this was a parade only for the LGBTQ community. Perhaps it began that way but now virtually every retail outlet, banking institution and more either participate or sponsor the march. From Loblaws and Via Rail to Pizza Pizza and HomeSense; Google, Bud Light, Tourism Toronto, Trojans, TD Bank and many more helped sponsor this year's Parade.
You forgot to mention Viagra, Bernie.

Via the above, Ontario's chief "human rights" commissar-in-waiting signals that he plans to "celebrate" things a la Babs (both Hall and Streisand). (Compulsory "celebration": how chillingly totalitarian.) Which is to say that certain select "victim groups" are to be granted special rights--eg. the right to parade buck nekkid because you're "proud" of what you do with your peepee (my 14-year-old son's cutesy name for it)--that are denied to the non-"proud" be-peepeed majority.

Update: I prefer Barbara Kay's take on things.

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