Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Shias: You May Want to Look Up the Meaning of "Exoneration"

Those wonderful folks who bracketed Jews and Nazis at their East End Madrassah are thrilled by police "exoneration" of their teachings--even though police did no such thing. (Following a six month investigation, the cops declined to lay criminal charges but did criticize certain, um, problematic aspects of the curriculum.)

I've written the East Enders a poem explaining that "exoneration" does not mean what they think it does:

FYI, "exoneration"
Does not mean "we applaud your education."
The hate's problematic,
Emphatic, dogmatic,
And a blot on your reputation.

Update: If you think the Khomeinists are the only ones exporting hateful doctines, think again. Awash in oil wealth, the Wahhabis are doing it too.

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