Friday, November 9, 2012

Memo to Canadian Jew-Haters: If You Want to Be Able to Spew Judenhass With Impunity, "Revert" to Islam

The other day a former Official Jew tweeted his glee re a palefaced kook in B.C. who had been nabbed by the cops for saying some ugly and pernicious things about Jews.

Speaking as a member of the tribe, I know I sleep extra-soundly at night knowing the local Clouseaus are on the case, making sure that a senescent crackpot who poses no harm whatsoever is put away where he belongs.

Meanwhile, Muslims are free to spew their Koran-based Judenhass/Zionhass with no discernable consequences save a gentle slap on the wrist (accompanied, perhaps, by an apology or two from police keen to "build bridges" with as many Muslims as possible), as per this report by Stewart Bell:
TORONTO — A Toronto Islamic school whose teaching curriculum disparaged Jews and encouraged boys to keep fit for jihad will not face criminal charges but police said they had identified curriculum materials they found concerning.
A Toronto Islamic school whose teaching materials disparaged Jews and encouraged boys to keep fit for jihad will not face criminal charges but police said their investigation had identified passages of syllabus books they found concerning.
A York Regional Police report outlining the hate crimes investigation of the East End Madrassah said a review of 30 school syllabus books found portions that “challenged some of Canada’s core values” and “suggested intolerance,” even if they were not criminal.
The report also confirmed some of the school materials originated from books published by Iranian foundations, one of which is an alleged front for the Islamic regime. The Iranian-origin passages referred to Jews as “crafty” and “treacherous,” and contrasted Islam with “the Jews and the Nazis.”
Police held Principal Masuma Jessa and Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi responsible. “As leaders in their respective roles the two must accept responsibility for failing to appropriately screen the learning material. Although not held criminally responsible, the complaint has raised a legitimate concern and has prompted change.”
The Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre said it was disappointed no charges would be laid but praised police for the investigation. “The antisemitic hate contained in the curriculum of Toronto’s East End Madrassah was blatant,” said Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of FSWC. “It is frightening to learn that this revolting content … is being taught to young children; their minds are being poisoned and I cannot imagine how these youngsters will one day become grown ups capable of functioning as tolerant and respectful adults in a multicultural society.”
Dear Avi: Isn't it time to admit that, Toronto's Muslim population being far larger and crankier than the Jewish one, the cops just don't want to press charges and possibly draw the ire of these Khomeinists? Isn't it about time that we admit that our much vaunted "hate laws" are virtually worthless if the only haters who run afoul of them are pathetic, geriatric Hitler buffs and "Islamophobes" who have something critical to say about Islam's hateful, supremacist teachings?

BTW, the most disturbing aspect of all this is not the Islamic hate speech per se. It's the fact that the M.O. of police and society at large--allow Muslims, and only Muslims, to speak freely (and hatefully)--is in synch with Islamic blasphemy laws. Which makes the free speech supposedly protected by our non-sharia Charter of Rights and Freedoms pretty much sharia-compliant. And, from the non-Muslim standpoint, defunct.
Who can forget that memorable day when then-York Police Chief Armand La Barge received his Gullible Kafir of the Year Award from Khomeinist racket CASMO?

East End Madrassah
"You've got to be carefully taught to hate,"...and nobody does it more carefully than the Khomeinist EEM

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