Friday, November 2, 2012

Obama and Romney Similar, Both "Decent"? No Way, Kay

I can't account for Jonathan Kay's seeing "fundamental similarities" between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, two men who, in worldview, character and demonstrable competence could not be more different; might it be Jon's occasionally donned blinkers/rose coloured specs, perhaps? As for Kay's contention that both men are "decent": I can think of a lot of ways to describe the C-in-C who hung Americans out to dry (and die) on American soil (as the Benghazi consulate was) rather than intervene and possibly upset the Libyans (and in the process torpedo his own carefully-crafted and entirely fictitious scenario about Al Qaeda being defunct post-Osama hit). "Decent" isn't one of them.

Update: "Poser" (also "poseur"). Works for me.


Carlos Perera said...

Alas, Mr. Kay seems to be suffering from racial "Stockholm Syndrome," a malady that affects otherwise doughty white conservatives: think John McCain in 2008, a man of indomitable physical courage, who heroically withstood the worst the North Vietnamese Communists could do to him while they had him totally in their power, yet could not bring himself to say anything negative about the despicable Obama--indeed, he often sounded like a spokesman for the Obama campaign--lest someone in his beloved Big Media think him "racist."

scaramouche said...

You nailed it, CP.

ReluctantSerf said...

Mr. Kay has been drifting ever closer to leftist MSM thoughts for some time. I wonder if its some attempt to increase readership by appealing to a broader Canadian audience. What it is distinctly not, is a product of clear thinking.

No two Presidential candidates could be more different than Romney and Obama. For example, we know where Romney was born, with certainty, where he went to school, who his friends were, and that both Romney and his friends and associates have always demonstrated a love of America and the values that made America strong.

In contrast, the only things we know for certain about Obama is that every significant person in his entire life has openly display a deep and abiding hatred for America and everything it stands for. Other than that, we know almost nothing about him. Obama is not a person. He is a product. A fiction produced by a marketing g team - a con really, merely the eye-candy to,sell the con to the unsuspecting public. The question "does Obama lie" is irrelevant. Obama is a lie.

A far as foreign policy goes, the answers are also clear. These are internationally sensitive issue, and Romney had to p,ay it low-key. Once elected, however, you can be certain that Romney will not use the power of the US presidency to pursue the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood. He most definitely does not buy into the lunacy of using Muslim crazies as the vanguard of the socialist revolution.

scaramouche said...

The NatPo still has some good columnists--George Jonas, Barb Kay, Fulford. As for Mr. Kay, ever since we wrote that book about truthers and other fringe elements both left and right, he's been mostly adrift. Which is to say, he's been consistent only in his inconsistency.