Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Get Out Yer Teeny Tiny Violins: Would-Be Genocidaires/Iran's Bum Boys Hezbo Said to Be Going Through a Rough Patch

Any time Hezbo's going through "tough times" it's grand news that's well worth celebrating:
BEIRUT (AP) — These are tough times for Hezbollah. The Shiite militant group's uncompr omising support for Syrian President Bashar Assad and allegations that it attacked Israeli tourists in Bulgaria are both unpopular in Lebanon, where it is increasingly accused of putting the interests of longtime patrons Iran and Syria over those of its home country.
For many in the deeply polarized and war-weary nation, Hezbollah's involvement in last year's bus attack that killed five Israelis, if confirmed, constitutes further proof that the group is willing to compromise the country's security for external agendas.
"Hezbollah uses the Lebanese people like sandbags, they don't care about the people," complained Michel Zeidan, echoing the views of others who called in to a talk radio show Wednesday.
"These are very serious accusations which would demonstrate once again that Hezbollah is completely driven by foreign agendas," Ahmad Fatfat, a Lebanese lawmaker in the pro-Western camp opposed to Hezbollah, told The Associated Press.
Hezbollah has denied involvement in the Bulgaria attack and has not made any direct comments since the findings of an investigation were announced Tuesday...
It's good to see that at least some folks in Lebanon have wised up to Hezbo's M.O., and have had enough of it.

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