Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Will There Be a Zionist Israel in 2020"?

Al Quds Day bloviator/provocateur Zafar Bangash says nein, of course:
Afflicted by widespread racism and inner contradictions, the Zionist state may not last until 2020.
Zionist apologists often pose the question: Do you recognize Israel’s right to exist? The simple answer is: “No; Israel has no right to exist.” The question itself is nonsensical. No country can demand the right to exist; this concept does not exist in international law. A country either exists or it does not and recognition is granted by other states if they so wish. It cannot be coerced yet this is precisely what the Zionists are doing. It is easy to understand why. Zionist Israel was thrust upon the land stolen from the indigenous Palestinian population. The creation of the Zionist state of Israel was a colonial enterprise in which the Palestinians were to be displaced through a policy of terror and ethnic cleansing to make room for alien invaders from Europe and North America. Physically, this policy has been a huge success, thanks to massive weaponry supplied to the Zionist colonial settlers, and the cowardly Arabian regimes created around Palestine to facilitate the establishment of the Zionist entity. Israel could not have been created or survived all these years without the benefit of stealthy support from these regimes.

The ground realities, however, are changing. First, internally Israel is a deeply divided society because of the inherent racism of European and North American immigrant Jews. They not only discriminate against the Palestinians but also against Sephardic Jews, who are considered to be the native Jews of the Muslim East. Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians has become mainstream in the Zionist statelet. Additionally, many Israelis hold dual nationality. This is a clear indication that they do not have much faith in the Zionist utopia and if things get tough, they would quickly flee to North America or Europe abandoning the fiction that God promised them the Holy Land...
In yer overheated dreams, Statelet-hater. The reality is that Israel, the Jews' Promised Land, the one bright spot of industriousness in an otherwise drearily dysfunctional Muslim landscape, will still be alive and kicking when the Grandiose Ayatollah and his rancid regime--and Zafar Bangash--are but a distant memory.

Update: Zafar's Grandiose Ayatollah delivers a triumphalist address--obligatory reference to the Zionist network behind all Western malfeasance included, naturally--on a mythical occasion (that of so-called Islamic unity).

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