Sunday, March 3, 2013

Article in March Issue of Canadian Posties Rag "The Rose" Calumnizes Syria

Just joshing. The usefully idiot would never cast aspersions on Arabs no matter what horrors they were perpetrating because that's not how things roll, multiculti/diversity-wise. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the entity being trashed is the one that all the brainwashed reflexively despise, i.e. the world's only lonely Jewish one (h/t: VR). In her article, "Reflections From Palestine" (see page two), "Ruth Breen, from the Fredericton local," describes how she 
went to Palestine in 2012 funded by the Atlantic Region’s Solidarity Fund. She shares several Palestinian women’s paths to challenge and resist the Israeli occupation.
Her conclusion:
The lives of these women should motivate us. Our country plays a key part in perpetuating war crimes and we can use our voice to oppose it. Canada is allowing Israel to terrorize occupied people, breach inter- national law, normalize home demolitions, build prison-style walls and checkpoints, and steal resources.
She sounds like a Canadian Erdogan, no? So nice to know that such repellent Zionhass is being funded by the large Canucki union which represents the good folks who deliver our mail.

Update: This one goes out to Sister Ruth and the other CUPW Zion-loathers:

Some say hate
It is a reflex
That operates sans brains.
Some say hate
It is a seethe-fest
Of pleasurable pains.
Some say hate it is eternal
That waxes and then wanes.
Postal hate it is infernal
And that's how it remains...

When the "spring" of Arabs falters
And that domain is fraught with fears.
When the 'Hood holds sway in Egypt
And ravaged chicks cry out in tears.
Just remember who's to blame here;
Who's at fault, do you suppose?
It's the ones cause all problems
By their presence, claims The Rose.

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