Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Backwoods Bernie Still Shilling Frantically for that "Genocide" Label

Hey, it pays the bills, right?:
First Nations deserve a place in the CMHR
Re: The Price Of Genocide, letter to the editor, Aug. 9; Museum Rebuffs Chiefs On ‘Genocide,’ Aug. 7. 
Letter-writer Mindy G. Alter misleads readers by suggesting that the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) “thought or were led to believe that the going rate for a ‘genocide’ designation in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) is $1-million.” Even a cursory read of the original article makes it perfectly clear that the AMC did not threaten the museum, nor was it contemplating any withdrawal of the gift. The AMC, though, has every right to liaise with museum officials and advocate that native-Canadian history be properly represented, brutalities and all.
This history includes: forcibly placing First Nations children into residential schools where they were beaten, starved, raped and where some died; withholding food from First Nations children for nutritional experiment purposes; refusing to treat First Nations people on reserves and residential schools for TB despite reports from medical officials of the necessity to do so in the early 1900s; the fact that in the first half of the 19th century there were two million First Nations people and this fell dramatically to only 200,000 
Sadly there is much more. Given the UN definition of genocide, which clearly includes much of the above, is it any wonder that the AMC would want the CMHR to recognize its history properly? 
Bernie M. Farber, Thornhill, Ont.
Given that the UN is ground zero for world Zionhass, harbouring within its bosom that "human rights" laughingstock, the UN "Human Rights" Council, UNRWA, among other Zion-loathing bodies--and that it has now decided to come gunning for Canada, under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Israel's most dependable ally--I'd say we can safely discount the UN and its "definitions."

Update: This one goes out to Backwoods Bernie and his boss, Indian Dan:

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a dogged pair.
Sucked up to Aboriginals
And harped on their despair.
The mate was an ex-Official Jew,
His skipper, an entrepreneur
Who strove to make a business deal
With the victim group du jour.

"No phone, no lights,
No motor cars.
They've nothing,"
They both cried.
"What's more those mean Canadians
Unleashed a "genocide."

"We know it's one because we've read
The UN 'definition',
And anyone who disagrees

Should sink into perdition."

So join us here each day, my friends,
You're sure to get a laugh
As BB and his boss both shill
(Though not on Jews' behalf).

Update: My friend and fellow member of the dastardly "bully blogger" cabal (we've got T-shirts and a club house and initiation rituals and even a special decoder ring!), pointed out to me that it's "genius" of Bernie to "quote the UN about genocide, citing all those examples of child abuse, while UN workers have been known child abusers for years."

I think she's being sarcastic about the "genius" part, though. (Just a hunch, mind you.)

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