Sunday, August 18, 2013

Funny, He Doesn't Look Hebrewish

Have you heard about the Clinton Foundation's health endeavour? It's called--wait for it--"CHAI" (the Hebrew word for "live" as well as for the number 18, a numeral that, for Jews, is synonymous with "good luck" and that, for Bill, is the lower cut-off age for his dates):
Mr. Clinton’s letter also praised Ira C. Magaziner, the chief executive of a foundation offshoot, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, who has been criticized for his management style and his handling of budgets. Mr. Clinton and Mr. Magaziner met as Rhodes Scholars at Oxford, and the former president strongly expressed his confidence in Mr. Magaziner, who ran Mrs. Clinton’s failed efforts at overhauling the health care system in the 1990s.
“CHAI’s growth and development have been amazing,” Mr. Clinton said, mentioning the group’s work training nurses in Rwanda, among other efforts. “It could not have happened without Ira Magaziner’s hard work, dedication and innovative vision.”
Everyone: To life, to life, to Clinton/To Clinton, to Hillary, his wife/They both can taste being president/And it is evident/Drink to "CHAI" and to life! ...

Update: Speaking of CHAI in Rwanda, have you heard about Jews in Kenora?

Update: Looks like 18 is a lucky number for nuke-minded Khomeinists, too.

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