Sunday, August 18, 2013

Latest "Human Rights" Mausoleum Nuttiness: Follow the Yellow Brick Gandhi Road to the Holocaust Exhibit

One great thing about the mausoleum--you can always count on it for a laugh:
WINNIPEG - The road leading to Winnipeg's human rights museum will now be known as Mahatma Gandhi Way.
The decision, which has been in the works for years, was made official Thursday, as Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz announced a portion of York Avenue leading to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will receive the honorary designation for Gandhi, who is credited for leading India to independence in the 1940s. 
"Through this honorary street designation, the City of Winnipeg is able to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi's lifetime commitment to peace and non-violent social justice," said Katz. "It's fitting that Mahatma Gandhi Way will lead visitors to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, a national education centre devoted to promoting respect for others and encouraging reflection and dialogue." 
The street runs past a statue of Gandhi that was donated to the museum by the Indian government.
Further to that, I cite this from an article in Commentary magazine:
I feel all Jews sitting emotionally at the movie Gandhi should be apprised of the advice that the Mahatma offered their coreligionists when faced with the Nazi peril: they should commit collective suicide. If only the Jews of Germany had the good sense to offer their throats willingly to the Nazi butchers’ knives and throw themselves into the sea from cliffs they would arouse world public opinion, Gandhi was convinced, and their moral triumph would be remembered for “ages to come.” If they would only pray for Hitler (as their throats were cut, presumably), they would leave a “rich heritage to mankind.”
In light of Gandhi's unfortunate comments about the predicament of Europe's Jews under the Nazis (ones which you the mayor and the mausoleum mucky-mucks should have been aware of, but obviously were not), it's kind of hard to see how the Mahatma stuff jibes with a joint where the Holocaust is front and center.

Update: More deep thoughts from the Mahatma:

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