Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Rabbi Who Caved to "Diversity" Enforcer "Little" Ricky Veerappan Clarifies His, Um, Capitulation

He's plenty peeved at Mark Steyn for the write-up, too, leaving this comment:
To further clarify, this was an event that the JDL (Jewish Defence League) of Canada had organized. I was merely permitting them to rent our premises. They insisted they'd find a new location, and that "location" wasn't worth losing a position of extraordinary community service, like my chaplaincy. All of the senior colleagues I conferred with agreed. 
For the record, neither Pamela or Mark (& others who cavalierly passed judgement on & condemned me) ever reached
I'm assuming the final word, omitted here, is "me." For the record, no one had to contact the rabbi to pass "judgement" on him. Obviously, when confronted by the strong arm of the "diversity" thugs, he chose the path of least resistance (and is far from the first bullied Jew in history to do so).

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