Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bad Timing: Website For Toronto Youth Conference Featuring Radical Muslim Preachers Launches on 9/11

One of the clerics slated to speak at the 13th Annual Youth Tarbiyah Conference is Dr. Munir el-Kassem, who "is associated with many other pro-jihad organizations." Another is stealth jihadi Ingrid Mattson, who used to head up ISNA, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate.

In what could easily be construed as an in-your-face-infidel move, the conference website was launched on 9/11 (see the announcement here, under "News and Events").

The conference is completely up front about its' goal. It aims
to provide our youth with the tools required to overcome the temptations of society, while remaining steadfast in faith and introducing positive change in the community.
With folks like Munir and Ingrid to inspire 'em, there's little doubt that the youthful attendees will be able to do just that. Of course, there's a good chance that their idea of what constitutes "positive" community change may be radically different than yours and mine.

Update: BCF has info about another one of the motivational speakers, an outright supremacist with a yen for Hamas.

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