Monday, November 3, 2014

Sweet Young Things in Western U's Journalism Program Warned to Stay Away from Creepy Q Host Years Ago

Apparently, no one at the Ceeb (including head honcho Hubert Lacroix) gave a damn 'bout Ghomeshi's bad reputation:
Journalism students at the University of Western Ontario were cautioned against pursuing internships at Jian Ghomeshi’s popular CBC radio show Q due to concerns about “inappropriate” behaviour toward young women by the now-fired host, according to a former student at the school and a journalism professor. 
Jeremy Copeland, a journalism lecturer at Western, said the concerns stemmed from a 2012 incident in which Ghomeshi allegedly “prey(ed) on a young grad who wanted to work (at Q).” Because of this, he recently stopped a female student from pursuing an internship at Q.  
Students were told two years ago that internships at Q were “off limits” due to concerns about inappropriate behaviour by Ghomeshi, a former Western student told the Star...
Hey, Hubie, you got some 'splaining to do. (As a first step, maybe you could unredact that door-stopper of a report about sexual harassment at the Ceeb, the one you poo-poo'd not so long ago.)

Update: Poor Michael Enright. As the unhip, uncool host of the Ceeb's Sunday morning radio show told listeners yesterday, he's so very, very tired of the fallout from the Ghomeshi revelations:
I'm tired. Everybody around here, is tired.
I'm tired of people asking, why don't these women say who they are. Why don't they identify themselves. I'm tired of the relentless and shocking revelations hour after hour.
I'm tired of people asking what is going on at CBC.
And I'm especially tired of looking into the anxious faces of young women in this place and not knowing what to say to them.
As a father of sons, I have insisted that they understand that violence against women, that hitting a woman, is violence against us all, literally a crime against humanity, that which makes us fully human.
In this month, officially designated as Woman Abuse Awareness Month, there is both time to reflect and opportunity to act.
We have got to get a conversation going, a national conversation about violence against women.
For us, in this building, it has begun...
That's nice, Mike, but the internal Ceeb "conversation" should have started years ago. If it had, you could have spared a lot of chicks a lot of pain--and maybe even a concussion or two? As a publicly-funded broadcaster that considers itself to have exclusive property rights to the moral high ground, and that is given to heaping contempt at those on the right--like Canada's Prime Minister--who refuse to acknowledge its innate and exquisite moral superiority--you owe it to Canadians, who, after all, pay your bills, to conduct a rigorous internal accounting of your manifold moral failures. And please do so before you hector the rest of us--what flagrant chutzpah you have!--to undertake a "national conversation" sparked by your golden boy's inability to understand what "consent" means: i.e. that he thinks it means "I can throttle any sweet young thing as long as she 'consents' to date me and 'consents' to keep quiet about it afterward."

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