Friday, December 5, 2014

Hillary Clinton's "Empathy" Tripe a Recipe for Doom, Kaboom and Catastrophe

You may have heard by now that Hillary Clinton thinks the best way to bring about world "peace" is to "empathize"--yes, "empathize"-- with our enemies.

That's right. The POTUS-in-waiting wants us to "walk a mile in the shoes" (so to speak) of the likes of Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, the Grandiose Ayatollah and everyone everywhere who is making jihad his/her life's (and death's) work.

How, exactly, one is supposed to empathize with the bounders, scoundrels, megalomaniacs and psychopaths who comprise the US enemies pool is anybody's guess. In any event, her words do help us understand why it was that the clearly intelligent Hillary was such a colossal failure when she was Secretary of State.

"Empathize" with our enemies? Hey, I would, Mrs. Clinton, were I a squishy  Alinskyite wracked by leftist guilt like you are. But since I'm nothing of kind, allow me to observe that, strictly speaking, such a suggestion represents the pinnacle of self-sabotage and insanity.

I would further observe that a call to empathize with those whose fondest desire is to do us in, preferably en masse, falls in line with The World Turned Upside Down as posited some years ago by Melanie Phillips. When she wrote it, I doubt that even Phillips could anticipate that there would come a time when a potential presidential candidate would not only say a thing, but would actually think that doing so would benefit her run for highest office. (I suspect that Hillary is trying to pre-empt hard-leftist Elizabeth Warren from becoming a candidate by behaving in what Clinton believes is a Warrenish way.)

Update: There was no "empathy" for the enemy in this classic cartoon, which was originally titled "Donald Duck in Nutsi Land," and which won the 1943 Oscar for best animated short film. And had anyone back then suggested that Hitler and the Nazis were deserving of "empathy," the person would have been laughed out of the room--or accused of having "empathy" for the devil.

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