Thursday, January 5, 2017

Homeland's Carrie, Formerly With the CIA, Now Helping Muslims Falsely Accused of Terrorism? Talk About Having to "Suspend Disbelief"

You'll have to do it--big time--on the latest season of Homeland when
a young Muslim is targeted by law enforcement after he posts videos online that are critical of the United States and its policies. He is wrongfully accused of being a terrorist. Given that it is post-9/11, officials want to pre-empt any sort of questionable actions that could lead to another terrorist attack. 
Carrie will be working with an organization that provides aid to Muslims living in the United States. She will handle the case of the young man who has seemingly been pushing the boundaries of free speech. His case will be very relevant as it raises important questions on the limits of the First Amendment and whether his acts are indeed punishable by law.
You know what would be even more "relevant" re "pushing the boundaries of free speech"? A TV show examining what happens when you go off the reservation  (so to speak) and, say, criticize, climate change orthodoxy or mention how by-the-book Islam inspires the actions of violent jihadis.

Tragically, however, Hollyweird, that bastion of PC groupthink, lacks the clarity and spinal fortitude to tackle anything as true-to-life as that.

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