Friday, June 2, 2017

Muslims Schmooze With Natives At "Intersectional" Victimhood Dinner

A good argument can be made that, as of now, two groups--Muslims and Aboriginals--sit atop the victimhood totem pole (if one may be so bold as to call it that). So it makes sense for 'em to get together for a joint kvetch-fest. And, no surprise, the Muslims have the "intersectionality"/victimhood lingo down pat:
The event, titled Know One Another, and organized by DawaNet, aimed to explore the question of starting points in response to a growing consciousness among many settler Muslims that our current conceptualisations of justice from the Islamic tradition (“adl”in Arabic) and Canadian-ness needed to be challenged.
Hmmm. Sounds to me like the settler Muslims are looking to recruit a few Natives to the fold.

Update: Another "historic" dinner took place on the same day, this one featuring a groveling infidelle:
Forty influential interfaith, academic and civic leaders were in attendance for the historic gathering that was addressed by the Lieutenant Governor and Doug Sanders, International Affairs columnist of the Globe and Mail.

“People across Ontario have expressed to me that among our most important shared values is a commitment to social inclusion, that we are stronger when we build bridges among cultures and communities,” the Lieutenant Governor told the gathering. “We do our best to ensure that we are all treated fairly and have a meaningful chance to succeed.”

“Although we are justified in taking pride in the richness of this country, we also know that there is much work to be done to ensure that richness, that wealth is shared more equitably among Canadians.”

“And so it is most appropriate to take a more acute look at the nationwide discussions that have been going on for decades – what kind of country do we wish to be? How best do we learn and respect one another’s traditions and beliefs now and during the next 150 years?” she asked.

The Honorable Elizabeth Dowdeswell was invested as Ontario’s 29th Lieutenant Governor on September 23, 2014. Her public service career has spanned provincial, federal, and international borders, and has transcended disciplinary and sectoral lines.
Dowdeswell certainly bows well, no?

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gama said...

There are huge pots of gold in these circle-jerks.....
Izzlam reviles polytheistic & animists spirituality and gives them two options convert to izzlam or die......
Shame izzlamic imperialism hadn't reach the shore of America before European explorers, isn't it tragic ~!?!