Thursday, November 16, 2017

On Sears and Fears and Delusions of Safety

I can't tell you how safe I feel knowing that Dr. James Sears, editor-in-chief of Your Ward News, an odious but wacky rag, is to be prosecuted for airing his pro-Nazi views.

I can't tell you, because Sears's crackpot expressions, while genuinely hateful, pose no threat to me whatsoever; certainly, they are far less threatening than, say, much of what's spewed during an average Al Quds Day, the annual "Let's Get Rid of Israel" hate-fest held on the grounds of Queen's Park. And even though the Khomeinists are every bit as eliminationist-minded as Hitler was, they know that, here in Justin's Trudeaupia, their sort of hate speech can be spewed with impunity. 

In one respect, though, Sears should welcome the prosecution. It will pluck him from obscurity and elevate him to the ranks of other infamous Jew-haters, including Ernst Z√ľndel and James Keegstra. And you just know that a narcissist like Sears is going to bask--no, luxuriate--in his newfound notoriety/martyrdom.

Update: Quel wackjob:

There's a "steering committee" for the "Adolf Hitler Fan Club"?

Hey, sign me up!

Update: While officers charge James Sears with hate speech, and Official Jews breathe a sigh of relief, in another part of the GTA, Palestinians are spewing Jew-hate with, you guessed it, impunity galore (h/t--BS).

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